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July 09, 2012


Jennifer Grenko

Your children are getting so big! What a beautiful family! So happy you all had a great time! xoxo, Jennifer

Jullie Joy Dodds

Looks like a heap of fun and that house is to die for,as for me im spending your summer having my Aussie winter and a very cold one this year too.Crafting up a storm to keep warm.Your children are growing up and these are the memories they will keep.


happy pictures full of summery smiles!
wow.. your kids are growing so fast!
happy tuesday
xo vivian

molly knox

your family is SO beautiful!! my mom and lilly and i are headed up to the panhandle for a girls beach trip in a couple of weeks. it is truly one of the prettiest parts of the state, love those sugar sand beaches :) looks like you guys had a great time! miss you!! xoxox p.s. i loooooooove your necklace!!

Natasha Burns

LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo of you and your family! Can't get over how fast the kids are growing up! You all look so relaxed, happy and warm! Send some down our way!!
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your support re the copying/image theft post. It means a lot!
Love from me xxx


So sorry for your loss.

Heidi Meyer

Such cutie pies!! All of you look like you are having a blast. Stay cool! xxoo Heidi


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