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July 25, 2012



Happy blog birthday!!! A lovely and sugary post to smile ear to ear about! So happy you started blogging five years ago so we could all enjoy your gorgeous posts! Hope you're having a fab summer my friend!

Linda P.

I still love reading blogs, Jenn! I haven't taken the blog plunge myself, but I do love checking out others'--especially love yours. : ) I wish you the happiest of blog-iversaries, and I do hope you will stay around the blogosphere! Your sweetheart designs here today (as always!) are so pretty.

Francie Thornton

Happy BlogAversary ! Mine is just over five years too . I check on you when you post because you always do have the sweetest eye candy :) (())


Happy Birthday sweet Jenn, I do understand the demands we all have with just life! And it is hard to visit so many Blogs, but yours is one of my first and favs so keep up the posting...
Hugs & kisses Miss Diane


happy blogaversary Jenn! I always pop over to read your blog whenever you post. theres always something cute to see here. my blogging has slowed down a bit too. but I still try to keep up as much as I can.
have a great day!


Yes...i know your hooked on pinterest....because...i see you there...every day...lol.....darling happy blogaversary...the seals are gorgeous...but the frame ....really stunning....hugs from sunny Puerto Rico


♥LOVE EYE CANDY BLOG FOREVER EVER!♥ Jenn, happy 5 years blog birthday, I'm your huge fan & follower forever ever ever!!!♥x♥x♥


Oh I still love reading blogs! There are so many new ones but I still pop on over to my favorites and you are one of them! Mayeb people are a little busier in the summer and blogging will pick up again in the fall and winter. Happy Blogaversary! To many more years of fun posting! Grace xoox


Happy Blogaversary! You know I've been a long-time fan/stalker...I love your sense of whimsy and the creative things you come up with! It's been a great 5 years - you've only gotten better and your kids have gotten cuter (and bigger!)...I'm coming up on 5 years for my blog, too - hard to believe! Congratulations - can't wait to see what you dream up next! xo, Nan


happy five year anniversary!!!! of course people still read your blog....i love it, it's like stepping into a fairy tale! thank you!


Happy Bloggy Birthday Miss Jenn!

If it were not for you suggesting I do it too {four years ago}, who knows what I would have to do with my days! Always love reading yours even though I really know what you are up to {wink, wink}!

Ciao bella,


I will always be addicted to reading blogs. Have followed, and loved, yours for many years. Look forward to meeting you in Mt. Dora, at Cozy Christmas Cottage.

Dianne C.

Happy 5th Anniversary! I sure hope you continue to blog. I have noticed a drop-off of my pals too. Facebook makes it too easy, but it sure doesn't read like a chapter from a book, does it?
Love the frame you made-very clever and pretty!


Love the blog, as always! Miss Jennifer, I sent you an email through your Etsy shop--a question about a little custom cute creation! Thanks!

jenny holiday

Ohh Hooray Jenn!!! 5 years! Gosh time flies!! You are so so right!...blogging has changed for so many of us. Pinterest and facebook are almost like blogs for so many of us. I myself have really gotten back to blogging...and I'm really happy about it. It really doesn't mater how often you post...it is always such a little gift when you do! Always such happy pretty bits and adorbs family glimpses. I'm so so happy we crossed paths..and Love you to bits!!

XO Jenny

Bohemian Valhalla

Happy 5th Blogaversary! Your Creations are always so Cheerful and Fun!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


happy #5! i'm still here, but you are one of the FEW i check in with. i've kind of given up the ship on my blog since it refused to make me rich and famous! ha!


Great images, and great blog! Thanks for sharing!

Alamgir Hossain

Very nice blog and happy 5 year blog birthday

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