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April 24, 2012


Fleaing France

You lucky girl. I agree...put them where you can enjoy them as you are creating! They will be constant inspiration....

Linda P.

Hi, Jenn! Wow, the box is so pretty, too! I well remember your introducing us to these sweet gals at our Beauty in Blue retreat after one of our Canton shopping expeditions. : ) Oh, yes, DEFINITELY you should name them!


So cute. They remind me of little flower girls so how about Petunia, Petal, Posey, Pansy, Peony & Primrose? Can you tell that I often name things? hmm

Stephanie George

The Dixie Chicks?


What a fabulous find ! As if the dolls alone weren't cute enough, that box is divine, together fabulous, simply fabulous. I rarely buy treasures, I am purging mine, but I'm afraid I would have grabbed that box and run. I say they need a name they're family now :) Enjoy, Elaine


I don't blame you for never wanting to part with them,they are the cutest little darlings I have ever seen! And of course they should have names.

Suzanne Duda

They are so cute, and so perfect, and so YOU!!
Xo suzanne

Julie Marie

Hi Jenn... oooh, the girls are just precious!... I love, love love them, and yes, they all need beautiful names... what a lucky find!... xoxo Julie Marie


Of course they need names. I like the idea of them having names that all begin with the same letter: jane, judy, jenny, jeannie, etc. So sweet! What a glorious find! I would have not been able to continue shopping. Just walked on cloud 9 the rest of the day.


To die for! 'Love them Jenn! I'll help you name each of them over a couple of adult beverages one evening {wink, wink}.

I would have bought them too, just because.

Ciao bella,


Oh, you should definitely name them! What a fabulous find!


Oh Jenn, how I love those precious little dolls! It was so awesome getting to see them in person at the event! They are definately priceless! Yes, they must have names...too bad there aren't 10 of them then you could name them after the beauties ;)...karen, sherry, shelley, stacy, molly, kathy, francie, linda, laura, and of course jenn! maybe name them after your favorite vintage children's book characters? miss you! xoxo, Molly


Those little girls are such a sweet box of Treasures, I love the floral Japan Box as well. And you know what? I had the same
tin, so you know I just love that too! You girlfriend are a girl after my own heart~ Such a special friend~ So enjoy visiting you even if it is only virtual... Hugs from Miss Diane in California~


Hello sweet Jenn! I love your darling girls!!! They are all so beautiful, precious and sweet!!! I love the box they came in too, it is so lovely! What a treasure to find these in mint condition and in the original box! I am so very happy for you sweetie! I would never part with them either! Yes, you should name them! I would give them charming old-fashioned names! I don't think you are off your rocker at all! I love to name things, and when you love something and cherish it, why not give them sweet names! Enjoy your darling girls and thank you for sharing the gorgeous photos! Love, Paula xo PS~ I enjoyed your previous post as well! Everything was beautiful! You are gorgeous and I love your pretty clothing and amazing creations! So glad you had a happy time!

All Things Pretty...

Jenn - your girls are adorable! I'm so happy you are keeping them 4ever and ever! and YES, please name them... they truly deserve it! How about a contest on your blog to have everyone suggest names? :) mercedes

Cristan Lamb

NAME them! Please! What sense is it to love these girls, yet not name them? There must be a story conjuring somewhere in your soul about these sweeties! In that story lies each and every name! Cristan

Anne Lorys-Fiona and Twig

These are too precious!
Oh my goodness yes, name them!



Hi from one of your newest followers. LOVE those dolls (and the box they came in). They are just darling! I definitely would name them. What a find.

I just love your blog, and love to see all your creations.

Heather Wheeler

Yes, of course you should name them. And, if it's not too forward of me, I do believe the name Sophia is suitable for one of the little darlings. Have a wonderful day and thanks for inspiring.

Deborah aka Miss Bee

Oh lucky you!! I would never use them either! ...never split them up!

Eleanor Erickson

These are so you!!!! The dolls are beautiful. Please visit me for a chance to win an Annie Sloan book!are with you.

Curtains in my Tree

The little darlings are wonderful . I don't blane you a bit for getting them. I think anything old with the original box makes it look that much better.
Sure name them one by one

did I ever tell you that if it wasn't for you I would have never met Cheryl & Griff Day in Savannah Georgia , Back In The Day Bakery

I read on your blog where you have an event at their bakery and I just had to go there and check it out , have been back twice now and going in Oct again
xoxo Janice

Erica H.

These are sooo adorable! And I am so jealous that I didn't get them first :)

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