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February 29, 2012


Julie B.

Jennifer, I love your enchanting story! I can see this as a lovely children's book. Thank you for allowing me into the Duchess's world!

Keren Nguyen

Hi Jen.All my favorite are all Jennifers.I love the story is so cute.Is your studio almost done I dieding to see?

Jennifer Grenko

How sweet! I have a soft spot in my heart for little kitties and for classical music. I can't wait to see how the story unfolds! xoxo, Jennifer

Linda Diane

Oh my, I can certainly see why Lady Duchess was considered the cat's meow of her time--good looks and talent, too! Thank you for sharing what must surely be her official royal portrait. It is quite gorgeous.

I was so happy to see a new post here today! Good luck with this venture, and thank you for sharing it with us!

Desi Anne

How precious! I just love this pretty little kitty and her enchanting story. I will look forward to reading more about her wonderful nine lives and hearing all abut those 13 kitties. I can't tell you how much I am enjoying listening to her play her magical flute. Thank you for brightening my day!


How precious and I love the background music! I double love the tiny white paw holding the wand in your altered art!! E


correction: most likely a scepter not a wand :) E


Aww! What a beautiful lovely Lady Duchess fairybtale story!!! Dear gorgeous Jenn please do write more and all you have been dreamed who knows one day may all dreams come true! Heart your lil' precious Lady Duchess altered art piece so adorable and absolutely one of a kind precious:))


Janet Ghio

Oh Lady Duchess is adorable!! And of course being born in Devonshire, I bet she had lots of Devonshire cream as she was growing up. You must write more about her adventures!


Dear Jenn, What a sweet, delightful and well-written story and beautiful photos!!! Your artwork is gorgeous!!!! I adore Lady Duchess and enjoyed reading about her! I look forward to more!!!! I am so happy for you sweetie! Love, Paula xoxo


Oh Jenn, sooooooooooo cute!! everything you do is golden, and this is too!! keep going Jenn!!!


Enchantingly wonderful! Looking forward to learning more about Lady Duchess! Thank you for having the courage to share!!


Jenn - Don't let fear keep you from chasing and capturing your dream! This is a delightful beginning to what will surely be an adorable children's tale - so keep on it! And good luck! xo, Nan


can't wait to see more of her


Oh Jenn, Duchess is just absolutely precious!!! The whole idea from your story to your darling artwork is so perfectly whimsical and special. I had just mentioned your book to Christine today and when I did, I realized that I hadn't been to your blog in a while... so here I am! And what a lovely surprise. I hope you're having a great weekend Sweetie.
Big hugs,


She is adorable... I love her and the story =)

Dianne C.

How sweet! I think you can really add on to this and make a full fledged book. Adorable. : )


Such a beautiful introduction to "Duchess"!! I am so happy to see those earlier fears have been tossed out the window of your New Studio!! I just know this is going to be a wonderfully successful Children's book, it has your golden touch and the heart you put into making all your Dreams come to life! I don't know much about self publishing, but I will certainly be first in line when it comes to promoting and marketing this special Gem!

Huggs Sweet Friend,



Awwwww LOVE your creations, the kitty is Darling!.....Love the Lady Duchess story!!!~~~ Wanted to stop by to say hello, hope all is well with you!!! xoxxo


Lady duchess is the most fabulous! I am so happy to see her , I hope to be able to buy your books soon! You are so talented my dear!
Can't wait to see you soon!


Dear Jen,
A really lovely little story just how stories for little one should be. Not far from my house in Derbyshire is Chatsworth house where my great-uncle was head gardener many years ago. Chatsworth house is were the Duchess of Devonshire lives who i meet a few years ago a very grand older Lady. If you google you will see just how beautiful this house and grounds are. A very fitting home for your beautiful Duchess x

Bohemian Valhalla

What a charming Story this is and the Images are Enchanting! So glad you have decided to step out in Faith and follow your Dream and make it a Reality! The Photography is as much a feast for the eyes as the Beautiful Creation!

Dawn... The Bohemian


Hope we'll soon see more of Lady Duchess - in a published book! So precious!
xoxo Jane-Jacksonville

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