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January 04, 2012



The Happiest of Years to you as well, Jenn!!! I just know you will succeed in launching your first children's book and I can't wait to see it. I have so many dreams that I have been letting fear squash and I'm hoping that this year is MY year. Can't wait to see the sneak peeks...I may have to just drop by, :))!

Heidi Meyer

2012 is going to be a GREAT year!! Push aside those fears and GO FOR IT!! Just the sneak peek at darling Duchess the Kitty Kat is as magical as the many things you have done in the past. Blessings to you and all that the New Year holds! xxoo Heidi


The very best to you on your endeavor of creating a children's book - i'm sure it is going to be just lovely (like all your creations!). I look forward to meeting you at Kim's event in May!
Cheers and Happy New Year!


Hi Sweetie!
I'm already IN LOVE with Duchess! I am so excited for you and can't wait to find out more. Also very happy that we'll be sharing a table at Tiffany's (my little request to Kim)! Can't wait to see you and get caught up. Happy New Year my friend. It looks like everything is wonderful in your part of the world.
Lot's of love,

Jennifer Grenko

I wuv widdle Duchess... she is so cute.. Have a sweet spot for kittens... I know your book will be beautiful! I have faith in you girl! Happy New Year!! Jennifer


I think it is fantastic that you are going to really get down to business and write your book! Ok this time when you are in LA for Kim's Event
we have to meet.... I would love it. Looks like you have a very busy 2012 ahead of you. Wish you the very Best! Hugs from Diane


Oh Jenn, i KNOW your book will be a HUGE success, you are TOO talented and have so many people that just adore your work!! i can't wait to hear more about Dutchess and..... see those studio peeks!!! Eeeek, i've been waiting forever :)

Linda Diane

Hi, Jenn! The one photo you shared of Duchess is stunning! Since you created that one, then I have every confidence that more gorgeousness will follow. I'm also really looking forward to seeing your studio reveal! Total pink lemonade goodness 'twill be, I'm sure! Happy New Year to a lovely lady.

cindy craine

Way to go Jenn! Dutchess sounds like a wonderful book! I love buying children's books! I like taking books to showers and parties because most children have way to many clothes and you can never have to many books! Congrats to you pretty girl! xoxo-cindy

Christina Vandoren

Jennifer, I am so happy and excited for you to hear that you are going to be publishing a children's book! This is a big proclamation but, I mean it from the bottom of my heart...I see such big things ahead for you! You have such a unique and special creative vision that I just know that there is a tremendous audience out there who would be smitten with your "brand." Your art really lends itself to being a "brand!" Your book could be such a great launching pad for this. Have you thought of licensing? Your artwork could be amazing imagery for paper goods; stationary, diaries, party supplies, etc etc! Imagine party hats with images of your artwork on them? And, baby layettes like onesies and blankets. I remember a long time ago reading on Mary Engelbreit's blog about licensing, she had a wonderfully informative post which I bet you could hunt down if you happen to be interested in going that route. I am a big fan of you and your work! It is exciting to see your creativity unfold and blossom!
Best wishes from California!
PS I dream of being a illustrator and doing a line of cards but until I find the courage and time to do it, I fancy myself a doodler. :)

Christina Vandoren

Christina again,
I read a article by Susan Branch where she expressed the trepidation she felt when writing her first book. She actually abandoned the idea for awhile and later resumed when she recouped some courage. And look at her now! You can do it! It is going to be fabulous and bring much joy to so many ladies and their little ones. :)

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