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January 31, 2012


C'est moi Claudette

Ok, you have me over the moon happy for all your sweetness Jenn. I especially LOVE those poodles on your table, lol. Lamp is adorable and that pillow OMG.
Vintage paper and that truly lovely pie table for the kids is perfect. I can't wait to see your studio.
Happy Tuesday Jenn.

Julie Marie

Oooh Jenn, I love, love love all your treasured finds!... I need to go back and look at them all again... I can't wait for you to write your own book and name all the little critters!... I will order the very first one... and like you, I say pooh on them, who says we cannot name the little critters... I am sick and tired of anyone who tries to take the joys and innocence away from children these days... I name all the little critters we see on our Nature walks, and make up little stories about them as well... many I have posted on my blog... how sad some people have no imagination... my mama always encouraged us to let ours flourish and my sister and I are free spirits to this day... ok, I will get off my soapbox now too!... love to you, xoxo Julie Marie

Jennifer Grenko

Such fun finds!! Yeah, pooh on that naming rule! Do what you like. You have a knack for drawing people in with your world of cuteness anyway!! Oh my goodness! You know I love the vintage apron. See you soon dearest! xoxo, Jennifer


What a fabulous post filled with lots of treasures. How exciting!! No such pretties here so thank you for sharing. I love what you did with those feathers...too cute! The Breakfast at Tiffany Girls are going to luv them! Hugs Grace OOOO

Thespoena McLaughlin

Oh you got the goods girl! Love it all! Especially drooling over those sillhouette trays, yummy!


My mouth is hanging open- my mom still has her original copy of... Miss Sniff!! I have wonderful memories of her reading me that book when we would stay at my grandma's (where the book always stayed). I always loved petting those velvet pages :) Someday that book will be mine, what a treasure! So glad you also have a copy :)

Linda Diane

This post just begs the reader to "stroll" back through it again and again. So many pretties to see. I'm loving the aqua tulle apron, pink flower earrings, and the Miss Sniff book. You got some great treasures. : )


pooh indeed!!!! that's just what modern children do need.....darling little books to promote gentleness, kindness and innocence!! go for it! i can't wait to see/read your books! ;)

Katie Posh Totty Designz UK

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous finds Jenn x


I need to spend more time in your sweet eye candy wonderland it simply makes me smile !! :)


Dying for the powder puff pillow! And I luv the For Mother paper!

judy stafford

I received your lovely little gift at the Queen of Arts event. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness! I already gifted a friend with one of your cute cards the other one's for me to keep because it makes me smile!!!!

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