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October 03, 2011


Janet Ghio

Wow=the appearance of the fairy ring now--how magical is that! Wish I could attend your wonderful event!!

Karla Nathan

What wonderful wings!!

Jennifer Grenko

I swear if anyone could figure out how to plant a fairy ring it would be YOU but I'll choose to believe in the magic! Love the beautiful lace wings too... so creative!



I know you & everyone attending will have a marvelous time!!! I am pouting & having a Boo Boo Face about not getting to join you. Bummer that my 41 anniversary is the same weekend... I don't think "Honey" would be too happy if I left him but, KNOW that I am there in heart & spirit just waiting to see photos & hear all about it. I KNOW YOU WILL MAKE MAGIC HAPPEN!!!! HUGS!


i'm SURE your art event will be nothing less than perfection!! i have never heard of that fairy ring, amazing!!!!

Julie Marie

Oooh Jenn, how magical, your own mushroom fairy ring in your backyard!... that is surely a sign that your event will be most enchanting and dreamy... love the beautiful woodland fairy wings too, ooh, I would love to order some from you!... here's wishing you have a fabulous time... one day, perhaps I will be able to attend one of your events... until then, I will dream about it... xoxo Julie Marie PS Maybe the fairies in my garden shall spirit away to your event and return to tell me all about it...

C'est moi Claudette

Oh I want to be in that magic circle. To me they are like friends gathering to celebrate.
LOVE your wings Jenn.
Wish I could use them to fly to Asheville right now ; (
I came home today for a little TLC.
I pray that now that I am here, my mom will let go. Maybe she was just waiting for me to be home safe in Randy's arms, I just don't know anymore.

C'est moi Claudette

P.S. Did you get my fb note?


Amazing! The fairy ring and the wings!


Hi Jenn!
I've enjoyed getting caught up on your beautiful blog. Wishing all the best for your upcoming event. You girls are going to have a ball! Can't wait to see all the pretty pictures.


I never heard of fairy/pixie rings...very cool! Great lacey wings, too...can't wait to see pics of your event!


Have a wonderful event Jennifer..thinking of you all :))

BTW wondering~~~did you sealah tape those wings? They are adorable!!

Kay Ellen


The lace wings are gorgeous and the fairy ring is most magical, indeed!!! Wish I had one in my backyard!!! :)

Miss Cherry Heart

Looks like there is lots of magic going on over there.
Not only inside your home but outside the fairies are creating their own magic!
How exciting!
Jenn do tell how you made the wings...pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!
I would love some for my precious grand angels!

Hugs, Dolly

Jennifer Hayslip

Hi Dolly, Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Im actually thinking of doing a tutorial post on how to make the wings.
Arent they gorgeous???? If you give me about a week to get settled in from my event Ill be more than happy to email you the directions.
Its actually fairly easy. ;)

Big hugs,

Jennifer Hayslip
Eye Candy Creations
Artist * Fanciful Events * Vintage Girl At Heart
Website ~ www.jenniferhayslip.com
Blog ~ www.sweeteyecandycreations.typepad.com
Flickr ~ http://flickr.com/photos/twinkleshabbystar/


Oh I really would love to know how you made these beautiful wings. I'm pretty creative, but I would like to know your take on the technical aspects. My granddaughter would love these. Heck, I love these!

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