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August 30, 2011


scrappy jessi

hey boo,
yummy is right.
so you!!!

Maija Lepore

Exquisite and so perfectly you!!!

C'est moi Claudette

OMG Jenn. I'm not a hat girl, but this one would surely make it on my cake platter for sure. I can just see it on your pretty head with all that lovely dark hair and your pretty eyes. Great find. I'm also taking it easy on my shopping habits. It's hard, but I'm getting it.
That one is a show stopper ; )


You scored a real beauty. I also love vintage hats. My favorit is shown on my header of my blog. Always so enjoy your beautiful blog. Yes Karla must have the record but isn't her display just beautiful?


What an adorable way to display your hat/cake!


This hat truly is yummy and poofy!! I love it!!

I splurged on a hat too about two weeks ago....a little cream colored top hat with copper silk roses and a copper rooster plumes on the side to wear at my art show next Saturday! I LOVE hats!


Jennifer Grenko

Darling, Jenn! You should really link up to pink saturday this week with this! It reminds me of an actual ruffled cake I've seen on Pinterest! Let's see.... splurged on makeup last night, but that's a necessity! heehee....


How fun! I bet your little girl loves it, too! When I saw the opening pic, I thought it was the yummiest cake I'd ever seen. :)

I splurged on a Macys top recently to celebrate my 21 pound weight loss! ♥

Julie Marie

Hi Jenn... oooh, I am so happy you won the bid, I always get so nervous when I bid on something I want that bad and I keep watching, hoping I will win. That hat is just gorgeous! And yes, it does look like a stunning cake... I can't wait to see you wearing it with one of your beautiful outfits!... now, as for have I splurged lately?... yes, I had surgery week before last, and kind of got a case of the blues after, so, I splurged BIG... I am half French and have always wanted and authentic Louis Vuitton handbag, not a replica... so I went for it and got one!... I think we all deserve to splurge on ourselves sometimes... much love to you, xoxo Julie Marie


It's so fabulous, Jenn!!! I love it and it truly does look like a delicious confection! I can see why you needed it!!! :D So glad you won!!


That luscious pink hat/cake is simply divine!


It's beautiful Jenn, love the color! I have about 14 vintage hats, I understand : )
Wishing you and your family a beautiful week.

Linda Diane

Oh my! What ruffly pink lusciousness! Will you wear it sometimes or just display it? It looks scrumptious displayed as a cake. Congrats for winning the bid. : )

Ruth Miller

Too Cute Jenn!!! I agree-it does look like a pink cake!!! Too Funny! I also love vintage hats, have about two dozen! Several are displayed along with a row of vintage prom dreses in my master bedroom-right below the flat screen tv on the wall! Love them!!!!


i have a whole cedar chest FULL of my grandma's hats!! my gram is now 102!!!!!!! nothing pink and fluffy though... Your cake-top hat is adorable and YES, it does look like cake!! Mmmmmm, cake!

Curtains in my Tree

sorry Trina Turk dress

Curtains in my Tree

I thoght i left a message about your great find on the Trina Turk dress. I had also said Penny is as talanted as you are and I always enjoy your posts

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