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May 09, 2011


Natasha Burns

oh what a beautiful time you had!! That water is SO blue, like the pacific ocean tropical islands blue! amazing! loving that aqua house, and cracking up that you took so many photos when you were supposed to be riding your bike, heheheh! i can just picture it!
congrats on 9 years, you guys are awesome xoxoxo

Janet Ghio

What a beautiful place to spend your anniversary! Wonderful photos you shared!

Julie Marie

Hi Jenn, what a fabulous vacation!... Happy Anniversary to you and also Happy Birthday coming up to your hubby... your bike ride looks so fun, I love that little pink tricycle too!... and the seafood, YUM!... Ooooh how I would love to own one of those pretty pastel colored homes by the sea... sigh... a 50's party sounds like so much fun too, can't wait to see more photos!... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

Jennifer Grenko

Enjoyed this virtual vacation. Your pictures are so good and the art work is very cute! J.

Linda Diane

Happy anniversary, Jen and Curtis! Jen, what a fantastic job you did chronicling that trip. I felt like I went with you! Wow, beautiful water, beautiful houses. I loved those. I must say you looked gorgeous (as always)! Oh, I can't wait to see your studio all set up. I remember when you first posted about it a while back. What a beautiful space. Hope your hubby has a wonderful 50th bday, and you have fun planning the celebration, OK?


Congratulations and here's to MANY more happy years together!!! Your photo's are gorgeous-thanks for sharing!! Can't wait to get a studio tour!!!!!!!!!!!! I gave my hubby a 50th party (2 yrs ago) and had so much fun! I did a 70's theme-so fun! Hope you guys have a great time!!

scrappy jessi

hey sissy
eeekkk what a fab weekend. i want that pink golf cart!
woo hoo Curtis is 50. cant wait to see all thew pics from the party.
love ya

C'est moi Claudette

WOW Happy 9th you two. Randy and I celebrated 23 yrs. OUCH!!!
I've never heard of this Seaside beach? Was that on the gulf side? Now I'm very very curious. Always looking for some new places to go. LOVE the pastel homes and the airstream hot diggity stands.
Happy 50th to your beau sweet Jenn.
Love your new way of writing too : )
and you


Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Jenn (and Curtis)! Looks like a wonderful getaway. Seaside has been on my list of places to visit for quite a while and I'm starting to get a bit restless. Could be the string of overcast, 50 degree Spring days we've been having here...Enchanting pictures as usual, you'd make a great spokesperson for Seaside! Love the new fonts and word art in the post too :-)
Have a great time this weekend, enjoy!

Christine Rose Elle

What gorgeous photos Jenn! You have me craving the beach! Happy Anniversary!


Weeeeeeee! Thanks for the joyful ride! You know I LOVE your photography. You are sooo good! Loved seeing all your vacation pictures. Looks like the best time Jenn! And just loved all the signs and shops so much. Fun! Have a great party this weekend. Can't wait to see pictures.


Congrats! Beautiful photos, I love the pink trike! I'm off now to to do a Google search on Seaside, FL.


It looks like a PERFECT weekend. LOVED all the photos of sooooooo many different things! You looked so cute in that first photo! Loved the colors on those houses. Soooooooooooooo different than most we see today. I know you had a wonderful get away! Can't wait to see the photos of your new studio. HUGS!


Happy anniversary Jenn! looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I'm glad you got home intime to spend mothers day with your babies!! YOu are such a busy girl! looking forward to pics of the party, and your new studio too.
have a great weekend


That looks like such a charming place...just love the look of that little Shrimp Shack, well, all of it is so cute & that water! Here we have an ocean but it is always gray colored. I've never been to FL so thank you for the "postcards". :)
Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to your husband...I absolutely love the 50s & have made a few poodle skirts for my girls for Halloween costumes...can't wait to see your pics.

Torie Jayne

Congratulations! What a beautiful place, I love the candy colored homes, Have a sweet day!

Heidi Woodruff

hi Jenn! I loved every photo---almost as if I were there! Thanks for taking the time to photograph your vaca! Hugs, Heidi


Dear Jenn, My name is Cece. I have been visiting your blog for a long time. Years I think? I don't presently have a blog but I am writing to say "thank you." I have reaped so much enjoyment from your blog and, your blog has helped give me the confidence to be the girly girl that my heart pines to be. I live in Northern California and have yet to find very girly or crafty friends. Your blog has helped give me confidence to embrace being the girly girl that I truly am! Thank you Jenn!
Hugs from California,

Pansy Cottage Girl

Wow, what great pictures. The colors are so bright and rich. You should be the town's PR person. looks like a heavenly time!


I love the Gulf side of Florida we lived on Anna Maria Island years ago and I just love the white sand in between my toes! It's the best!
oxox, Diane


What a beautiful place to celebrate! I love all the photos, so peaceful and perfect. I now want a pink golf cart, and no I don't golf, LOL.

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Congrats on NINE years! It looks like a fabulous getaway for the two
of you. I love your photos, Jenn. Just perfect and I felt as though
I was there. May I ask what kind of camera you have? LOVE the homes,
too. May I have the aqua one?

tee hee.



Hi. I was wondering if you could help me? We are planning to take the kids to disney world this October and I was planning to get married at the beach but after seeing your photos...I want to go there to get married. Could you tell me a little bit about it...like if you think this would be a good place, what's the weather like, any good shops...places to eat I need to check out? Also, Someone was talking about the oil spill being in the gulf and that the water might not be very pretty......I told them your photos were posted in May and the water looks beautiful....so I was just checking to see? Thank you so much!

Nadine Shepard

I'm loving the first photo! The path looks so inviting, and the sea and sky seem so wide. It's like they’re telling you "hey, it's a beautiful day, and you have a whole day to enjoy all of this!" It's the perfect background for a day filled with fun and R&R.

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