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June 01, 2011


Linda Diane

I am so excited for you, Jen! I was wondering when this space might make its appearance again in your blog! I eagerly anticipate the revealing of the fully decorated space. Oh, and that chandelier is wow-worthy. So sweet to see your kids wanting to be helpers.

Karla Nathan

I'm so happy for you, this is just gorgeous!


Hi Jen!
Just wanted to say congrats on your new studio!
I recently discovered your blog and it has been so inspiring! Not only with your gorgeous home and artwork, but with your sunny outlook on life! I'm not an especially "crafty" person but you inspired me to do some painting and pick up the glue gun! :)
I live in a tiny (prob about the size of your studio) city apartment but I have been trying to make it eye candy!
Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see what you do with your new space!

<3 Megan in Baltimore

Maija Lepore

What a beautiful place to unleash your creative genius!! It's fabulous!
And those 2 littles are just to die for!!

sweet cottage dreams

Jennifer! I am so excited for you that you have your OWN space that you can create in -
and yes, close the door to the mess and being able to walk away. This is my very dream -
to have a place to go to, undistracted from the haps at home (laundry, dishes, cleaning)
and be able to create with ease. Way to go!

Enjoy your gorgeous space!


sweet cottage dreams

ps: Vivian and Grant - you are super helpers! You rock! tee hee! hugs...


Wow Jenn, it looks beautiful already! I love the sky blue ceiling, can't wait to see what you do to the space and what wonderful eye candy you create in it!
xo, Jen


Oh My Gosh!!!!! I can not wait to see the finished room!!!!! You will make it a showcase of beauty!!

Rose Brier Studio

Congratulations! What a lovely space. It reminds me of our first apt in Boston (I loved that apt!). Can't wait to see the pretty new things you make in this inspiring space!

ps great helpers you have there!


This is the first visit of your blog........this home is AMAZING, so very beautiful,
if you need a maid, call me in Ohio. I will be back oftern to see the deorating begin,
have fun.

Jennifer Hayslip

Thank you sweet Jen! Xoxo

Sent from my iPad


My computer blew up and I had to get a new one. Which meant I lost all of my favourite blogs and have had to trawl around trying to find them. Then I thought 'google, you idiot' so I did and that's how I found you again! :O)

Love the Bumble Bee. When my little Miss V saw your little Miss V dressed as a bee, she went off and got her bee dressing up outfit! Congratulations to your little ballerina, she looked beautiful.

Congratulations on your anniversary, your photos were fabulous.

And how much do I love your space to create? It's perfect, and that chandelier is just divine.Love it.

so glad to have found you again and had a catch up.

Enjoy your new creating space!


Katie Posh Totty Designz UK

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! They got another room going...ha ha!!! Think its a bit of a stretch to fly in from the UK every day tho don't you!!! Jenn..........I can only dream of the delights you are going to create from this fabulous room.......and I cannot wait to see how you dress it up.
Congratulations on such a fabulous fabulous find. You deserve it!!!


congratulations Jenn!!! the space looks amazing and i can't wait to see it when you are finished unpacking!!!

Katie Pridemore

Can't wait to see pictures of it all set up! What a beautiful building!


Yay!! I can't wait to see the finished studio! Now that we're moving, I finally get to have my art room upstairs-instead of the cold basement. Have fun!

Sandy :)

corey moortgat

Wow, just gorgeous! You're so lucky to have found it! Can't wait to see it all decorated! BTW, my kids love to wash windows, too. I need to take advantage of that more often, since they're the reason for most of the fingerprints!


merhaba jennifer..
ev müthiş mutlu ol.çocukların çok şeker..

Mrs. Tricia K.

Conrats to you Jen, What a lucky girl you are!!! From what I can see it looks like a beautiful place to start with let alone how incredible you'll make it!!! I am happy for you!!!
Have fun and enjoy. I can't wait to see all of the spectacular creations that will come out of your new beautful space!!!!
Have a wonderful Suday Jen ~ Hugs to you my freind, Tricia K


That house is gorgeous and your space looks amazing! I am jealous....I want a big studio too! Oh well, maybe oneday!

p-100 respirator

Looks gorgeous. It is perfect place for live. I like your decoration of windows, and the front door of design is very unique.

Tiffany ~ The Fancy Farmgirl

wow!! the building looks so great!! It has changed so much since I saw it last!! Can't wait to see you all moved in!!
xoxoxo, Tiffany

Madison Rose Vintage

Oh wow! What a beautiful space. I can't wait to see an update once you have it all filled up.

Ruth Miller

Absolutly love those cupcake tags, Jennifer-just plain good enough to almost eat!

Wanda Eash

So beautiful! Congratulations!!!

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