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June 01, 2011



Jennifer ~
That is absolutely gorgeous!!! Is that your home too? AHHHHHH!!!! It is a dream :)



Beautiful for a beautiful lady... I think you and this place match well... enjoy your time in there..and it has adorable kids in there too... :D


So proud for you Jenn! And OMG how beautiful is the space? So much gorgeous natural light to create in:) The kids are darling:)
Hugs, Carol

Natasha Burns

Eeeeeeeeeek!!! I wanna move in and live there! It's beautiful!
Love so many things about this.
1. the floors
2. the walls
3. the view
4. the way you painted the ceiling blue like they sky
5. the CHANDELIER!!!
6. Vivi dancing there
and lastly, 7. Grant playing Angry Birds!!! Wish we could get our boys together for a play. They'd angry bird away all day :)))
Congrats on the new space, it's gorgeous. Enjoy the process of moving in, and being super organised. Love that you can just lock away the mess when you're ready to! xoxoxo


Super fabulousness!! a studio away from the house is such a dream. Just close the door walk away leave the glitter and mess for the next day. It look gorgeous already I can't wait to see when you have it all set up. Enjoy and Congratulations on a dream come true! Grace xoox

Jennifer Grenko

This is an amazing space. It's going to be gorgeous... so excited for you!! xoxo Jennifer

scrappy jessi

hey sweets,
eeekkk i cant wait to see it all finished.
what great little helpers you have.
so sweet.
love ya bunny

Julie Marie

Hi Jenn... congratulations! I can't wait to see it when you are all moved in... your little ones look so cute helping you and dancing around in there... have a happy day moving into your own "playroom"... xoxo Julie Marie


I have been anxiously awaiting this news!!!! I can't WAIT to see it full of your goodness!!! What a wonderful place, you are blessed- I am so happy for you sweet lady!!


Jenn, I can't wait to see the transformation as I know it will be stunning! Everything you do always is!!!! Have fun & keep the photos coming. I am anxious for you to tell me what you think about having the studio away from the house. I have thought of this but, then I wonder... will I be able to do what I want when I want... you know those times that you run in to create while still in my jammies. HUGS!


Jenn you are truly living the dream that so many of us have..... having our own big separate studio space. I cant wait to see what you do with this blank canvas, enjoy and savor the moment!


Have a ball setting everything up - looks absolutely amazing, and I can tell it will be soooo you! Hugs - xo Heidi


OH Jenn!!! It's such a gorgeous space!! I LOVE that amazing chandelier and the blue ceiling! I'm so very happy for you!!! I can't wait to see it when it's all finished!!

Christine Rose Elle

Gorgeous space Jenn! I can't wait to see how you put your stamp on it! Love you!


That is a dream! a beautiful space to work and create, cant wait to see it all set up. I'm thrilled for you Jenn, enjoy it.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home and Lavender Hill Studio

How exciting! You are going to have an amazing time in your new space.

Pansy Cottage Girl

Its beautiful! You will surely have a blast adding your own personal touch to it.


Oh Gorgeous!! I understand why you are excited. The kids are adorable!! I love that window cleaning actually beat a game of angry birds, lol.
Have fun, Jannet

C'est moi Claudette

Happy Space playing Jenn. WOnderful to have your own studio to be able to create. You're so darn good at all of that. You really are.
Now about those swaps. I'm not much of a swap gal. So do these swaps all happen at one time? At different times? I'm not sure how all this works other than the hostess picking names for each other. If I don't participate will I be out in left field? I know Claudia isn't crafty, nor is Jeanne and Deborah, so I'm not sure, but I thought we were going to swap in our foursome group. No theme, just know what we all love. I hope that's ok Jenn, I'm feeling bad not knowing what was involved.
Please email me if you can. Thanks sweet Jenn.
Happy June 1st.


Huge congratulations Jenn! It's a beautiful space that you will make a home away from home. Can't wait to see how gorgeous it is!

britt-sparkled vintage charm

oooh!!! sooo excited for you hun!! I am sure it is going to look DARLING when you are done decorating!! So happy for you! hugs!! Britt :-)

Sandra Evertson

Your babies are too adorable and your new space is divine... I know you will create wonderfully delicious art there!
Sandra Evertson


its a beautiful space Jenn! How far from home is it? Youre goign to have a great time there! cant wait to see what you create!


This space is gorgeous! What a perfect place to dream and create. Good luck with the decorating. Enjoy every second of it! Very happy for you. I love your blog. Thanks for the inspiration : )


OMG! Your studio is already beautiful! Love all the windows, and that gorgeous chandelier!

With your two wonderful helpers, it shouldn't take much time at all to be moved in. They're adorable!!

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