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April 10, 2011



Chills!!! Oh wow I am so excited for you Jenn! I am just loving all these pictures and can't wait to see all your after photos. Totally thrilling my dear!!! Wheeeee! Your adorable swap looks like so much fun too. You always make the sweetest pieces of art.
Big hugs,


Can't wait to see the AFTER pics! Visiting your blog always makes me feel happy.

Janet Ghio

Looking forward to the finished kitchen--the pale blue and white is so pretty! Love the photo of your little dog!!

Julie Marie

Hi Jenn... can't wait to see your kitchen all redone!... I know what you mean about wanting it NOW!... I am the same way, not patient when it comes to getting my projects done!... your little Spring swap items are sooo cute!... Happy Spring to you!... xoxo Julie Marie

Ana Maria

Hi Jenny!
I´m member of the Club "many projects at once" :) :) :)
My husband help BUT don´t understand..."men´s things"!!!(reason why women are so different from men!) LOL!
Can wait for the final look!
Have a spring week and nice work.
Ana Maria

Cheryl F

Hi Jennifer!
Your kitchen is beautiful. I absolutly love the blue in the cupboard!! Hmmm, now I might just have to find a project for myself painting something that color!! ;p You have inspired me!!
Have a wonderful day!!!


Hey sweet Jenn
Happy Spring to you my friend. You are one going concerned gal after my own heart. Isn't life about multi-tasking? It's the way I've worked for many yrs.
LOVE you new kitchen look. Good for you for tackling the kitchen. Big job, but well worth it. Can't wait to see your studio. OMG.
That chandy, well what can I say. If I wouldn't have bought mine a few months ago, I would have DEFINITELY wanted yours. Darn. Perfect colours for my little pastel cottage.
Ok must be off and shop. Today's my day to find treasures too : ) oh and groceries I guess, lol.
Love you dear friend. Give French kisses to your sweet children for me and an extra little squeeze.
Love You
Love Me.

Dollys' Cherry Heart

Hey Jenn, Looks good so far, I am excited to see what you do!

I always tell hubby redecorating is easier then moving, you get a new room with paint and a few new pieces!




Looks like you are working hard but, it will be worth it. I NEED to re-do my kitchen & Master Bath. Both expensive & time consuming projects. I have been gone pretty much non stop (LIKE YOU) for the whole month of March into the first week of April. I can't seemt o get caught up. In fact, I haven't even finished my Moulin Post much less the week at the Round Top Antique Festival. Good luck & I can't wait to see it finished.

Sherry Williams

Wish I had your energy! I want to change things, too but don't have the spunk you have!lol I can't wait to see the after pictures! Let me know if you want me to take anything off your hands...teeheee or if you need some help with anything.



lol Jenn, youre like a whirlwind! I bet you keep your hubby on his toes! good for you. looking forward to the after shots.. I know it will be beautiful!
have a great week

Michelle Evans

Love the kitchen redo, but I would love to know how I can find out about one of those swaps. Is there a place everyone goes to join a swap? I usually see the finished projects on someones blog or flickr but I never see how to join one.

Debra Ganas

Hello Jenn

I enjoyed chatting with you at "The Antique Mall". I can't wait to see what you do with all of your finds.
Especially that huge shelf. I can just visualize lots of pastel goodness in it.
My yorkies ae loving the outside now too. But then again so am I.



hi jenn,

looking forward to the big reveal. i think we're all inspired by maria's dreamy blue hutch! i am hoping to paint my living room armoire. think i'll actually write that on the calendar to-do next week ... in pen!


Karla Nathan

That is such a beautiful blue, it will look perfect on that great piece of furniture you are redoing! And the mayo color is such a good choice, your kitchen is looking great already, even before its all finished.


Mine is a huge spring project....I'm moving to Colorado on June 4th!!! A whole new house to decorate!

corey moortgat

OH, cannot wait to see your after photos! I'm sure they'll be lovely! That blue hutch certainly is the perfect shade of blue, isn't it?


Your new kitchen is going to be amazing.....I can't wait to see more pics as you progress along!

Deb From Across The Pond

Jen...I am a 'newbie'to blogs since the beginning of this year, and fortunately stumbled across your blog which I LOVE to follow. It always cheers me up in my hectic life, but makes me envious that my own home is not as gorgeous!!! USA seems to have such choice of beautiful items,at great prices whilst UK is so expensive!! However I am addicted to following your blog which is true 'Eye Candy'..so HURRY HURRY and get that kitchen and studio finished so I can see em!!!!Thanks again Jen for making me smile and sharing your beautiful treasures/home/family/friends/ideas xxxxxxxxxxxx


Oh my goodness Jenn I laughed when I saw this, because this week I have spent a lot of time home dealing with the potty training thing. And I sat my husband down two days ago and said, "hunny I am painting all our furniture white!" lol So when I saw this post I about died. lol I was taking a trip to the hardware store tonight. Can't wait to see your finished project! It is looking great! xox Cassandra

1 Funky Woman

I'm so glad you friended me on FB because I knew you seemed familar! Maybe its because I know scrappy J and I love her. Anyway how much are you selling your chandelier for? Its gorgeous!

Love your blog so much do you have a follow button? Your kitchen is gorgeous. Can't wait to follow you!



I love that shade of blue, can't wait to see how the kitchen turns out.

Katsui Jewelry

Amazing. You got a LOT done! I love your Pinterest-inspired shelves. Isn't that the most fun thing to do? (next to blogging!) I also thoroughly enjoyed the pictures and story of the trip to Karla's. What fun for a talented group of women.

Keren Nguyen

I love all the pictures there so pretty.Can you make me a springtime welcome spring?

Rita @ TesoroFino.com


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