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March 25, 2011


Karla Nathan

I'm so glad you got such good photos of the bus trip, since I missed that part. It looks great! And not wet!! I thought it rained all day.

Kim Caldwell

Thank you for such a wonderful post about our weekend Jenn! You are a doll inside and out! Can't wait for October. . .




Serious! WOWZA!!!!!
Lucky ladies!

Bunny Rose Cottage

I am soooo green with envy right now, lol!! I cannot even stand it!!!! I want to go next time!! You are all sooo gorgeous Jenn!! You should be in magazines and on tv, your stunning. I love that ruffled jacket! And of course your dress is to die for. I have always wanted to wear something from that era :) Everything is so beautiful, I cant even comment on any one thing, lol! I love that clock you made!!
I hope you and your beautiful family are doing well!
Love ya,

Janet Ghio

Looks like a fabulous time! you always have the best outfits!


Jenn, WOW!! what a great time you all had. LOVE the pictures of everyone. and I'm so JEALOUS that you all got to hang out together. dont you love Jennys pink hair. one of these times I will make it to something! all the photos are great.. I especially LOVE the ones of the can can girls! the projects look like so much fun too. I'm glad you took the time to upload all those pics to share with us!
have a great weekend!

scrappy jessi

Hey boo,
what a spectacular, spectacular weekend we all had.
Thanks for being a super fabulous roomie.
Thanks for my paper doll too! love all of them!!!
see ya soon peach!


Hi sweet girl, I was really sad when the post ended...lol! What fun you ladies must have had. I adored the Charlie's Angels-like photo you took...so sweet!

Deanna :D


A fun post Jenn~~you took some great photos...I was to busy chatting lol
It was an amazing weekend away:))

So glad I got to visit with you too!

Kay Ellen

Julie Marie

Oooh Jenn, this is a dreamy post!... I can't begin to know where to start commenting... you girls have so much fun!... love, love love all the gorgeous clothes, shoes, jewelry etc... you look absolutely stunning!... the garment district looked like alot of fun!... I can't wait to see what beautiful treasures you create with all of your finds... and it sounds like there were plenty of yummy treats too!... thanks for sharing your good times... xoxo Julie Marie

Helle Greer

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you so much for your kind words.
It was so nice to meet you, and i would really like to see Savanah one day, so if I some time soon get to go , I will contact you for all the secrets places.
Again it was a blast having all of you coming to Paper Tales, any excuse to party, I will be there, ha ha
Helle Greer

Jen B

Jenn, I so enjoy looking thru all of your incredible photos! What a wonderful event and weekend, I'm overwhelmed just looking--hope you've recovered :-)! Thanks for a great recap once again, can't wait to see more! xo, Jen


Wow! Looks like you had an amazing time.


I have been waiting on you to post abt. this, I couldn't wait to see the shopping adventures. Y'all are so pretty in your lacy frippery and I know you had so much fun. Can you imagine if I had worn lace and such at 9 months pregnant?...what pics those would be, haha. Love the post, miss seeing you and wish I could go to NC for yours. Hope to see all of you soon!
love, angela

The Vintage Rabbit

Wow ...what an Event!!!
What a treat to get to see it through your eyes!!! You girls always have so much fun!!

What a Treat to get to Finally meet you in person!!!!

Thanks for the Shout out!!! Vignettes LOVED having you and all the girls!!!

Thank yOu again for sharing ally your fun pictures!!!


Jeni Carlson

That all looks amazing and I love your photos! Thanks for sharing!

Lasik surgery

Lovely hostess :D I would love to participate someday, I'll bet you have so much fun. I love vintage stuff and as I see in these pictures there are lot of them :D

Pearl Maple

Fabulous photos, thanks for sharing a peek into your fun creative event

Debby -- Romancing the Bling

Jenn...thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind words of congratulations ~ You are so sweet!
Your post is amazing! Thank you for sharing your photos of Moulin! It really was wonderful to meet you and so many amazing women!


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