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January 09, 2011


Naida Rivera

never had an idea of how your dining room looks without your "sugarplum"...Here in Puerto Rico Christmas hasn't ended yet but the final official party was on Jan. 6th... so as I have a new pile of images of ideas I put the decorations down too. and begins to incorporate some Valentine's...I have to tell you I'm so in love with your gumball machines...so I have to tell a secret...I found a jellybelly vintage candy machine at Marshall's for only $12.. is a lovable piece..And it cames in gold so when Christmas arrives again I'm ready to copy&paste yours but I'm not gonna change the color...Well that's all by the time letting you know your dinning room looks yummy anyway without the Christmas decor....Thanks for sharing sweetie.. Wishing you the best in the New Year

Michelle Duke

Love it! A fresh Spring time look!

Jennifer Grenko

Hey Miss Jenn! I love what you did! Your dining room is stunning! Enjoy your hard work and your party!! xoxo... Jennifer


Confession is good for the soul and oh so good for me!! I cannot tell you what a relief it was to read about your Christmas decor being up all year!!! You and your blog and home always are so put together- very unlike me- it was so nice hearing that you do things like that too! I still haven't begun to get Christmas down- think it will be a snowed in day so am hoping tomorrow with be the day!

Love your blog!


Your dining room looks beautiful! It always feels good to clean and stand back and admire your work...to bad it cant last forever.


Hey sweet Jenn
We seem to have the same dust bunnies lol. I used to take weeks taking all my deco. down when we had the big houses, now don't blink cuz bang it's gone. That's what downsizing does to you.
I bought the pink ruffled shower curtains you showed us from Urban Out. I LOVE THEM. I bought 2 more to make curtains. I was actually thinking of having a dress made out of them... kidding.
If I come to GA. this year, after or before your event in N.C., I want to stand in your beautiful dinning room ok? We could sip some of that sweet tea you all love so much.
Here it is, nearly 3:00 AM & I'm texting this message under the covers lol.
Time to go dodo.
Love you
Love me

Julie Marie Vicknair

Oh my goodness Jenn!... what a beautiful room!... I love each and every little thing in it... you certainly worked hard!... I don't even know where to begin, you have so many beautiful collectibles. I love your fireplace cover that I believe you won something from Fifi for creating, and your centerpiece is so pretty. Everything looks so inviting, how fun to be one of your dinner guests!... I am going back now to look at all of it again... xoxo Julie Marie PS I know you love bunnies like I do, did you make anything out of the dust bunnies?, tee hee hee!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home and Lavender Hill Studio

It looks beautiful Jenn all cleaned and fluffed! Those ruffled curtains are 2die4!! I always enjoy seeing your dining room and love getting peaks of the mosaic buffet I created. It looks sooooo perfect in your home.

Janet Ghio

What a gorgeous room! Looks like something from a magazine!

Christa from Chloe Rose

I always enjoy looking at your pictures. Your dining room looks beautiful. I love the buffet and the new table arrangement.


Can I just move in? It's just gorgeous!! I've been on a cleaning frenzy too, but my tree is still up and NO motivation to take it down even though it's starting to BUG me!!
xoxo Happy 2011 Sweet Girl!!


So beautiful. My eyes always enjoy a nice rest everytime I see your home photos.


You have such beautiful decor. It is like looking at a castle, so awesome. I so love the pink crinoline on your fireplace. I had one that looked like that as a child. I so wish I could find one to buy. You did a lot of work, but the payoff is delicious!!



Jenn - It sure does sparkle! I know about closing the door on those BIG jobs - I just cleared out my studio and now I'm working in there once again! Your guests are going to shower you with lots of compliments I'm sure ~ I could just sit in there all day long...

Hugs ~
xo Heidi

Heidi Meyer

Bavarian dishes make me weak in the knees, lol! Everything looks dreamy!

Sherry Williams

Everything looks beautiful...so shiny & clean! Enjoy!


OMG your home is Beautiful!!!! When can I move in?? LOLOLOL I love love love everything about it. Please please please stop by my blog and sign up for my give away, the gifts are a surprise but will fit right in with your home. I am so excited about it and can not wait to pick the winners there will be 3 chosen. I will be back often to visit your beautiful blog. It was a pleasure finding it today.

The Gilded Cherub


It Looks so Beautiful and fresh to greet Spring and your future Guest!! I am just sure your dinner party was a huge success!! I just finished spending 4 days doing the same thing to our Master Bedroom, Bath, and the closet. What a chore!! I was just exhausted, but I love the feeling of it. I am sure my housekeeper will Thank me too!!

Huggs, Nancy

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sweet cottage dreams

jenn, your room is gorgeous and everything looks fresh and beautiful!
i am in love with the mosaic piece that penny made. i can really see
all of the details in your photos.

thanks for sharing!
doesn't it feel great to have things all spiffed up?


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