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November 08, 2010



Hi Jenn,

Gorgeous and sweet post, I too have a love for rabbits, but I must say I haven't collect them for a very long time, and alot of the soft toys have been lost in the many moves we have had, I am loving the bunny lights, they are adorable. I also love the tin book, anything vintage and Christmas melts my heart, which leads me to ask, today I was reading my Romantic homes magazine, your image on page 8 is beautiful, now to the asking part...you know your little christmas book in that image, would it be possible for you to scan it and for me to buy the image from you, would love to use it as part of my christmas tag collection...pleeease Jenn with cherries and bunnys on top.



Oh my goodness, Jenn!!! There is always SO much eye candy in your posts!!! I LOVE every single things so much! The bunnies are so adorable! The one with the drums is such a fabulous find!! I love him!! I found a bunny like one of your cute little stuffed ones a few months ago and have regretted not getting him ever since. The bucket is the cutest thing! The graphics are too sweet! And the book tin- more sweetness!! You find the best stuff! The pillows are wonderful. I especially love the one with the lady on it. The top is over the top gorgeous!!! What a find!! And the lavender velvet flowers are so lovely!

Jennifer Hayslip

Thank you sweet Michelle! You are an avid collector like me. Its fun to share my new lovelies with you ladies that appreciate them as much as I do. ;) XO,Jenn

Jennifer Hayslip

Hi Kirstie! Thank for your lovely compliment! SURE! I have no problem selling the image to you. Let me dig the book out of storage in the next few days and I will scan and email it to you. The photo in R.H. was taken last year. ;) Glad you like! Its a gorgeous book!!! XO,Jenn

Michelle Evans

Hi Jen, the post is wonderful!! I love the aqua elves the most, I fell in love with them when you sent the tag with my last purchase!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, can't wait to see your house decorated for the Holidays, the Halloween village was awsome, my husband loved it! Take Care, Michelle from Manteo...........There are way to many Michelle's in this world!!

Christine Rose Elle

Gorgeous collection of goodies Jenn! Would LOVE to see you in the pink top someday! You are the prettiest model ever!

Jennifer Grenko

Oh my gosh Jenn... We DO like the same things! I got a little rabbit fur muff with a doll head as well.... check out my flickr pics! Love the tin and the bunny lights... too precious! Thanks for sharing with us! xoxo Jennifer


crumbs. where to start?!

I LOVE your posts, they are always filled with so much scrumptious prettiness! I used to have a doll when I was little with a smilar face to that of the one in your first photo. Thanks for bringing back the memory of her :o)

Love all your goodies, and that top is just fabulous. YOu know I'd just adore those velvet violets ;o)

Had a quick catch up with your Halloween post too. Wow is all I can say. I can totally believe it would have taken hours to set up the Halloween table. Worth it though, it looks utterly brilliant.
Your children also looked utterly brilliant :o)

Such a lovely time here, catching up and 'oohing' and 'ahhing' over the photos!

Kay Ellen

Love that bunny~~~I remember when you showed it too me on our mermaid weekend!!! Such a great find!!
Well, you hit the jackpot that day~~~All your treasures are fabulous!!

Take Care,
Kay Ellen


Hi Jenn
I tried to click on Miss Christine Role Elle, but it didn't go anywhere. I would LOVE to visit her shoppe.
I adore all your treasure yet again. The little muff is precious. I could see Miss Vivi with her hands in there for a Xmas photo : )
Just email me the link or her web site.
Sweet finds Jenn.

Karla Nathan

What a treasure trove! Everytime I saw a favorite, the next thing was even better.

Have a great trip this weekend, we'll miss you in Omaha, but your trip east sounds wonderful.


Hey my comment worked. I'm on FIREFOX browser this time.

Jennifer Hayslip

YAY!!!!!! Finally!!! :) XOXO

Dollys Cherry Heart

Oh my sweetness my heart skipped a beat when I scrolled down and spotted that precious pink drummer bunny!
I played the drums in high school band and loooooooove pink bunnys!
She is just way too sweet! What a gem!
And that white fluffy muff brought back many wonderful memories as I had one just like it when I was a wee one.
Mum always had me dressed in the sweetest ruffly dresses and I do remember keeping my hands warm and thinking I was the luckiest girl in church with my furry white muff and matching coat and bonnet!
Thank you for sharing all your treasures with us!

Hugz, Dolly


Well you sure do have a wonderful collection of Vintage plush bunnies, I love them all and the drummer is just darling have to agree the smile is just the sweetest!
The string of lights are very sweet and all the pastel colors make them even more yummy! Thanks for sharing some of your delightful treasures! oxox, Miss Diane ox


Jenn, I Love all your heartfelt, adrenaline rushing treasures!! I collect Vintage Bunnies too! Pretty soon will need to start building fancy Huts in the Backyard!! Pink ones! he, he
Huggs, Nancy


I had that bunny when I was little - drove my parents INSANE.

Natasha Burns

Eeeeeek!!!! adorable radar is going nuts!!! love it all Jenn! Those bunny lights are incredible! loving your happy collection!

Jennifer Hayslip

Thanks Miss Diane! So happy I have you ladies to share and appreciate my treasures with. ;) XOXO,Jenn

Jennifer Hayslip

Awwww..your comment is so sweet! I love the fact that your Mom dressed you in ruffly dresses and you pranced and felt pretty wearing your bonnet and muff. tee! hee! So sweet!

gabrielle messina

Jenn, you really found the sweetest treasures!! Love the book tin! The bunny lights are so fun! On another note, La La Lu brings back memories from when Francesca was just a baby! I used to sing it to her to sleep!


Now those are treasures! I do love your stuffed animal day care! hehe... I can not believe it... I have a couple of those angels.. mm just two i thing=k. I did not know anything about them though except that I LOVE EM! I have never photographed them. I will get that done and over to you... maybe yo can tell me more?
Tahnk you for sharing all of your new finds.


Rochelle Gaukel

Thanks for sharing your finds! So adorable and such treasures for your studio! I especially love the little girls winter muff!
Happy Creating!


Oh goodness - such yummy finds!! Anything with the word millinery in it makes me faint with joy, lol! xoxoxo Heidi

ugg uk

I had to refresh the page 2 times to view this page for some reason, however, the information here was worth the wait.

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