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October 28, 2010


Bunny Rose Cottage

WOW!! Jenn, your Halloween decor is so amazing!! My boys would flip!! I wish I could come trick or treat at your house :) I bet you give the best candy too! Cant wait to see Vivi and Grant's costumes. I have missed you so much and hope to be back visiting regularly very soon!!
Big Hugs,

Andrea Harris-Jacobs

Whoa ~ This is such a wonderful creation of vintage halloween spirit ~ Nicely Done I love it.


Great photos! I think trick or treating at your house would be a blast. Love the Halloween Village. There is a boutique near me that has one - they keep it up year round - very cool!

But you didn't share what your kiddies are going to be for Halloween????


jungle dream pagoda

Delicious!!!!!! I wonder...do you allow your little ones to play with or just look at all the pretties?
I would be hard pressed to keep my 7 YO's hands off of them!
Your little fam is very lucky!


Hi sweet Jenn,
It's been a long while since I've had a chance to visit you. What a treat to see your village. I don't think I would have had the patience to set it up but it is really something to behold!

I'll have to go back in to your archives to see what lovely creations you've been working on. Have you proceeded with your story book writing?

Glad to see you are blooming and doing well.

Deanna :D


I love your village, makes my mantel look really sad!! Happy Halloween to you family!


Hi Jen, it's me again I wanted to let you know Asia has a blog now that features her Art and books, please stop by and have a look. I think you would really like it!She is working on her Alphabet book now!



Oh Jenn, I love it!!!Out of all the villages I have always liked the Halloween one the best, unfortunately/fortunately no room! The door is a brilliant idea! Can't wait to see the little pumpkins costumes!! Love to you sugar, Lori

Heather Kowalski

Wow Jenn, you have the most amazing halloween decor I have ever seen!! What a fun holiday for your little ones.. xo Heather


Oh My Gosh Jenn, I want to come Trick or Treating at your House !! It all looks like so much FUN!!
Huggs, Nancy


Stunning and sooooo amazing...Thats fantastic..
Makes me wonder if you ever seen the movie "Beetlejuice" ;)
Beetlejuice-Beetlejuice- ....and .....no I'm not going to say it 3 times;)he..he
Happy Halloween;


How many tickets for a ride on the scary ferris wheel? What kind of fare are they serving at the Black Cat Cafe?
Love the town Jenn!!! It was soooooooooooo worth the eye candy of dragging it all out and setting it up. I bet the kids were in awe!! Priceless!

Happy Halloween!!

Christina Pohl

Can I live in your Halloween village? I soooo enjoyed this post and intend to show it to everyone! I aspire to have a blog this wonderful someday and a business to match.


WOW!!!!!!!!! I started decorating Oct 1st because I couldn't stand the thought of ALL that work for only a week! It is SO much work but so nice when it's appreciated by our little ones, isn't it??!! It looks gorgeous AS ALWAYS!!! LOVE all the Halloween decore, I never use to be into Halloween AT ALL, but thanks to my daughter we're busy adding to our collection every year! :)

Jennifer Hayslip

Thank Miss Roxie!!! The village is SO much fun! I would just love to jump in and play!!! :) Happy Halloween! XOXO

Jen B

Oh Jenn, I totally want to come and trick or treat at your house!! You have such a great variety of wonderful decorations. Your village is awesome but I also love seeing all the handmade decor. Such talent! Such spookiness ;-)
Happy Halloween, hope you and your family have a wonderful time,

Jennifer Hayslip

Michelle, I just left your beautiful daughter a comment. She is sooo talented! I know you are proud!!! :) XO,Jenn

Jennifer Grenko

Jennifer, Your decorations are awesome! So much fun to look at! Happy Halloween to you and the kiddies! xoxo, Jennifer Grenko



This is amazing! You must have endless energy. Thanks for the beautiful pictures of your spOOOOOOOOky home!


 cedar chests

The spider photo was really creepy! I just can't take staring at it. Happy Halloween everyone!

Natasha Burns

OMG Jenn!!! This is INCREDIBLE!! Your village video had me shreiking! I couldn't believe how much stuff and how much detail and the cool music and sounds they all made~! You really went all oout, and I bet the kids just LOVE everything!!!
Can't believe this time two years ago I was there, trick or treating with you! xo


Jenn! every little bit of your Halloween decor is awesome! Loved getting to see it!
have a fun night with your kiddies tomorrow! xo natalea

Natasha Burns

I came back again, this time with Leroy. He loved everything! Each photo he was making excited sounds - then the photos of your village had him yelling out WHOA!!!! The video was the icing on the cake. He said he wants to get on a plane and come to your place, right now.LOL! Your village would keep him entertained for HOURS on end! Oh and he said "wow, she's done a lot of effort"" (exactly his words, lol)

Jennifer Hayslip

Awwww....I *WISH* you guys were here!!!! The kiddies had a BALL Trick or Treating tonight, and the village was a HUGE hit with the kids!!! Tell Leroy he is with us in spirit!!!! :))) XO


Your Halloween town is AMAZING! Of course it put us in the Halloween spirit O_o And other decorations are just...soo...great!
Happy halloween! =*

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