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August 26, 2010


Valarie Kraft

Oh my goodness....she is the sweetest little ballet dancer I have ever laid my eyes on. How proud she looks!! I hope she has a fabulous time...
xxoo Valarie

Beth Leintz

You aren't biased at all- you're right- Vivi is the sweetest little dancer-it will be so much fun to see her in her recital costumes.


Little miss Vivi is a beautiful little ballerina. YOure going to have so much fun with her!


Awwww!!! ViVi is such a little cute ballerina! So adorable for all of them and ViVi does make lots of attention in front of her friends*teehee* How i wish in the future i have such little baby doll like ViVi!!!
And so sorry for so long haven't been visit your blog my girly Jenn, it was so nice and lovely to stopped by today:)

Brightest Blessing

Lori Oles

OMG....she is too cute! I love her little pink ballet outfit. Gees, she is also getting so big! WOW.

andrea singarella

Vivi is too cute for words! She is absolutely PRECIOUS!!!

Julie Marie

Oh Jenn! She is so adorable I can't believe it! Looks like a Prima Ballerina for sure! xoxo Julie Marie


Oh Jenn, she is sooooooooooooooo beautiful. I remember when Brittany started ballet classes. She was Vivi's age. That was 17 years ago!!!
She went on to LOVE acting. She was in an Art's high school. She could sing like a bird, then POW! She gave it all up for law, I'm still baffled. She could have been on Broadway. You just never know do you?
Enjoy every minute dear friend.
Love Claudie


Not sure how that worked, but it did. I could post my comment. The POST button was finally in the black LOL


ah she is soooooo sweet, takes me back to when mine were little ballerina's, we were not allowded to watch either ... sooooooo annoying ... you have many heart melting moments a head of you. make sure the camera is powered up :-)))

best wishes to you always
Ginny x


Oh sooooooooooo sweet!!! I wish my daughter would take dance but when I asked her if she wanted to she said "and dance in front of all those people? ARE YOU KIDDING??" haha!


She is so adorable! Quite the little ballet dancer in the making.

Katie Pridemore

Precious! I loved Ballet! Pricelss memories & pricless lessons! Nothing can replace the feeling of dancing on stage :) Best wishes to Vivian in her pink shoes :) Congratulations on your family trip as well!

P.S. My reason fr visiting your blog today was to gain inspiration for an upcoming Bachelorette/Lingrie shower/weekend I am co-hosting, you always help in bringing out the best ideas! So, thanks! :)


Too cute Jenn!

I LOVE the photo of her with all the girls looking in her direction. That is such a "Kodak moment!" Now we just have to get my Karate Kid hooked up with her!

Ciao bella,


Hi Jenn! Viv is the cutest ballerina ever! What a sweetheart! Those are some great photos you have of her in her little costume. I remember taking ballet and tap lessons about her age and it was so fun and exiting and the costumes were the best part for me! I hope she loves it!!!


OMG Jenn! Miss Viv is the sweetest ever!
She definitely has ALL the right moves!

Gerry Kruse


jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas

Tooo precious! My little angel is a tiny dancer, too! What a sweet time!!

And, I've been reading your whole story of finding your birth father. All I can say is "wow." How neat God led you to each other in such a positive way!!!


She is soooo precious!! What a cutie-- I can just see her twirling around the house!

Natasha Burns

oh my gosh Jenn!!! she has grown up SO much!! Vivi is absolutely stunning! I am so glad she liked her class. Loving the shot of her capturing the attention of the other girls. you must be so proud xoxo

Jennifer Hayslip

Thank you Gerry! :)) XO,Jenn

Jennifer Hayslip

Thanks Michelle for stopping by. Yep! I cant wait to see Vivi in her first recital and costume. Oh to be young again! ;) XO,Jenn

Jennifer Hayslip

Thanks sweet Katie for your lovely comment. :) Yes! I would love to help you with Bachelorette party ideas. Fun! Fun! Email me!!! XO,Jenn

Heather Kowalski

Miss Vivi is just TOOO cute Jenn! I love them all dressed in pink... what a beautiful moment. Hope she had a wonderful day!



soooooooooooooooooooooo cute~!!!! my granddaughter, maddysen is going into her 5th year of dance...and each and every recital...the tears come...

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