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August 23, 2010



Ohhh Jenn ~ I have tears streaming down my face and chills reading your post ~ What a joy !!
It really is what life is all about ! It is wonderful to hear that you all bonded so well like you had always known each other ~
Thank you so much for letting us share a piece of your life with you ~

Valarie Kraft

Jenn....I read this post with tears in my eyes. I often take for granted the love and support of my sister, well never again!! Thank you so much for sharing such a special event with us. It looks like you have been a part of each others lives forever. All my love.
xxoo Valarie


Jenn, so happy to hear about your incredible reunion and to see all the love and joy and everyone's eyes in the photos! xo,Jen


What an amazing post...thank you so much for sharing this with us, Jenn. I'm so happy for you! And your pictures are utterly gorgeous!!!!


oh jenn!!! thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story...i am so so happy for you and how wonderful this is for all of you...a perfect happily ever after ending! ann


This account of your trip is so heart-warming. Congrats on a happy ending to your search for your father...you not only found him but also a whole new family. That is so cool.
Thanks for sharing your story.

Jennifer Hayslip

Awww...thanks T!!! I really appreciate your sweet comment!! Its pretty cool and surreal! ;) XOXO,Jenn

Dollie's Daughter

I am so happy for you and your entire family. It is such a blessing that you found each other.
Lova ya,

sonia audelo

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am very happy for you. I am so touched by your reunion. It is always a blessing to find loved ones.

scrappy jessi

hey sweets,
aaaww this was fantastic.
i'm so so happy you got to meet and bond with your family.
i know how much this meant to you.
you are a special treat and im sure they just loved you.
see ya soon

Jennifer Grenko

Hey Jenn, Thanks for sharing all of this with us. You deserve all the happiness and love you can find! So glad you found your other family! xoxo... Jennifer


I'm so happy for you Jenn. What an exciting trip this must have been, one that will be in your memory forever. Gosh, the photos are gorgeous!! Breathtaking actually.
You have a lovely extended family Jenn, one I'm so glad you got to finally meet. I bet your heart will stay full until you can go back again.


Gerry Kruse

Oh My! I rejoice with you! I absolutely LOVED your pictures! It told of your special time together so well!. It was so beautiful! Both the scenery and the pictures of your family getting to know one another. Loved the bonding day with your sisters. You are so blessed to have found your family and to be able to have it be such a GOOD experience. I imagine their were so many different feelings going on between all of you as you spent your time together. I look forward to hearing more .....I feel as though I have just read a very good book, and now am waiting for the next one to come out in this series! :))) May God bless you as you come home to your other family and spend time and make more memories with them!



I felt as though I was with you on your wonderful adventure. This was an awesome post. How wonderful to meet your Dad and your new extended family. In Hawaii no less. I bet you have so many more stories to tell and pictures to show.

I hope you had the best time ever and you get to visit them again soon. Now you need to get ready for CC. Wow, you are one busy lady.

Get ready set go! Good Luck in MN.

xo Cath

Sherry Williams

I can't wait to hear more about your amazing adventure! You fit right in with your beautiful new family! I know you must miss them all! The story of your father and the deodorant is hilarious!!lol
See you soon sweetie!
lots of hugs,


Wow, what an amazing trip! Thanks so much for sharing it with us:) So glad you were able to connect with your family. What a blessing!!

Sara's Sweet Surprise

Jenn~What a glorious reunion! This is a wonderful start to many more cherished memories for you all.
You can definitely see the family resemblance.
The generous treats left in your suite by your sis Kuulei reminds me of something you would do too.
The photos captured the breathtaking beauty with the surrounding joy.
Thank you again for sharing your precious family.

Sweet wishes,


I was so excited to see this post! I have been waiting to hear everything! First off, you and your sister Kuulei definitely look alike! You dad looks like such a fun guy and your island photos spectacular. Hon, I bet when you came home and laid down in your bed the first night you probably thought you just had experienced the most fabulous dream! I know your heart is overwhelming with love and emotions you long thought would never be there. I couldn't be more happier for you! Thank hubby from all of us for babysitting and sending you to meet the family, he's such a good man to do so! Love to you, Lori

Katie Barker

I have checked back so many times to see how your holiday in Hawaii went...so very brave of you and so incredibly rewarding. You opened your arms to a fabulous chance of extra happiness and by the looks of it - it was well worth that brave step. So incredibly happy for you. I actually think your Dad and half siblings are incredibly lucky to have you in their lives. You are so open, warm and giving. Its a win win situation all round. And as for that lovely husband of yours....looking after the kids all week??? My goodness....you have a wonderful one there. Hold on tight to him. Big hugs



oh gosh Jenn, I have tears stinking my eyes. What a gorgeous, beautiful post. I am so, so happy for you, and that everything didn't just go well - it went fantastically!

It was bold and brave to go and meet your family, I'm so glad you did it.

Thank you for sharing such an amazing time with us, and for all the beautiful photos. It's really grey and rainy in England right now, but I feel as if I've just been on holiday! :o) xx


I am so happy for you Jenn that this trip turned out to be as beautiful {in every way} that you had hoped. Your new family is so fortunate to have you in their lives, and I know you feel the same way.

Your heart must be so full right now.

Happiness to you always,

Jennifer Hayslip

Sadie, You are such a sweetheart of a friend. I could just hug you!!! Your lovely comment really made my day! ((HUGS!!!)) XO,Jenn


What a truly awesome post. I am so happy for you and your 'new' family. Your photos are amazing. What wonderful memories. Thanks so much for sharing. I know many of us were waiting to hear and see all about your week.

sweet cottage dreams

hi jennifer! i was just thinking about you last night after reading the most recent where women create issue. jo packham mentioned "southern jennifer" and i had a hunch it was you and then i looked down and saw the photo of you with her.

i am so happy i stopped by today to catch up and to read about your incredible and heart touching story. this is truely sweet and the work of our Lord!

you have an amazing family! there is no doubt in my mind that you will be enjoying many more sweet island times together as one big and happy family!



This is the first comment I have ever left on your site, although, I have watched it for many months. Just needed to say thank you for telling your story. What a touching, beautiful journey you shared with all of us! This has inspired me in so many ways....I know my father had another family long before I was born...I was always told it ended badly and his former wife who did not want to be in contact. When he passed away years ago, I thought it was time to get in touch, but I didn't have the courage. Now I think it might be time. Thank you again for inspiring me, not just for this, but for all the wonderful, creative ideas we get to share with you all the time!

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