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July 21, 2010


Natasha Burns

Holy Sheet Jenn!!!
I don't know where to start!!!
Love everything here....
-you girls are so gorgeous
-you're right, Kim has awesome details
-loving the creations you guys made
-holy sheet #2 that ship is out of this world!
-wow look at those costumes!
-of course champagne at lunch time is perfectly acceptable :)

thanks for taking us along with you on this magical photo tour!
i hope your table did well, i am sure you were a total hit :)
love ya xoxo


Oh my goodness that photos are just fabulous. I only dream of attending such an event, THANK you for sharing this special time with all of us. I almost felt like i was there with you all. I could hear and smell and ALMOST taste those cupcakes.
Hugz sweetie

Theresa Walsh Giarrusso

I am always fascinated by your projects. You are so creative! and you put my Southerness to shame! What a belle you are!! Enjoyed your photos very much. Take Care


wow! beautiful and fun-filled post packed with details about your amazing time. thanks for sharing!!! how FUN!


Diana P.

Looks like it was a fantastic event! I would have loved to have been there but I was in the process of opening my studio. BTW, I love Jenny Hernandez. Her little mermaids are the sweetest. I took her bluebird class at Art Opera and not only is she a great teacher but she's sooooooooooo sweet! Hope your table did well!


Oh my gosh! What fabulous fun and such a perfect setting. Absolutely love everything - and you and Miss Jessi are two of the best dressed ladies around!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home and Lavender Hill Studio

Jenn, that looks like so much fun! Hope your vendor table was a huge success! You gals are all so gorgeous!

Julie Marie

Hello Jenn... oooh, you and all of the ladies look so beautiful! What a wonderful retreat! I love the sea and everything to do with it... all of your creations out of shells and such are so pretty... it looks like everyone had such a good time... and the food and drinks look super yummy! I can't wait to see what all you bought at the flea market... I need to go back and look at the whole post again so I don's miss a thing... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

scrappy jessi

Hey sissy,
eeekkk what a fantastic weekend we had.
i miss you all ready! great shots. your table was amazing!
your bottle was fab. my roomie gifts are over the top perfect! just love ya doll.
see ya soon

Kim Caldwell

Thank you so much for coming to Cali and joining in on the mermaid fun! It was a pleasure to have you Jenn. You are always a breath of sunshine. Loved the pictures ~ so many wonderful memories we all shared!!



Jenny Doh

Thank you, Jenn.

Jennifer Hayslip

I had the BEST time!!! Cant wait for your spring event! :) XO

Jennifer Hayslip

I love you too Sis! I always have the *BEST* time when Im with you!!! :)) See u soon! YIPPE!!!


Such beautiful women, everyone looked in their Mermaid 10's!! What a darling theme.
Thanks for all the darling snaps of everyone and everything so cool! oxoxo, Miss Diane


You write the best blog posts Jenn! I hadn't seen the treasure box you made for Cynthia! It is stunning... and it's so HER! The whole event was so much fun - my favorite one yet! It was lovely to spend time with you, Jessi and Christine.

Gigi Minor

What a wonderful trip it was for all of you ladies! The crafts, the colorful photography! All the girls having fun! What a great time and unforgetable memories to cherish!


Jenn, Thank you for helping me relive the MAGIC of our Mermaid Weekend! You are such a sweetie & I enjoyed seeing you again & spending time with you. By the time I got to your table on Vendor Night you had SOLD OUT of so much stuff. Oh that blue bottle seaside cutie I would have bought her in a minute. HUGS! Charlene

Jennifer Hayslip

Oooh Charlene!!! The feeling is 100% mutual!!! I absolutely adore you and truly grateful for the time we get to spend together. I look forward to many more fun times ahead with you!
Sorry you missed out on the bottle. It was one of m favs!!!! :) XOXO

Christine Rose Elle

You really do take the most gorgeous photos Jenn! Everything looks so pretty!
I love the VW shots! So campy and cute! And the cupcakes, and everything! So glad we were roomies! Love you!


What a fun looking event. It reminds me of the Petticoats one you put on in the Spring. I would just love to go to one of those! Everyone looked so pretty all dressed up! Look at you right down to your toe nails matched!! Love the tiered skirt! And Cynthias dress was amazing too! Love the bottles all done up in your own unique style. The glass blown bowls on the wall behind looked awesome too. What I really loved was the colour scheme of the Cupcake Shop. What a beautiful combination of black, white, and Tiffany Blue! It really looks great together. Now that's got me thinking of re doing my bathroom!! LOL!! Great post I just loved all the pretty pictures!! Have a wonderful weekend!!


Oh Jenn If I just would have had the time! Looks like so much fun! What an amazing event! You look divine as always! I missed petticoats too :( oh well maybe next year! The kids are getting so big and more and more precious.

luvs and glitter

Sherry Williams

It was a magical time and you captured it so well with your gorgeous photos. I can hardly wait until Kim's next event!



oh what a delicious post! Thank you so much for taking time to upload all your piccies. Loved it!

You look like a mermaid yourself, you too have lovely long dark locks :O)

Jaime Compton

My goodness such beautiful ladies and such beautiful things! Looks like such a blast and your vendor table was MAGNIFIQUE! What a great thing to do in the summer but create mermaids!


WOW!!! Lovely photos! What a fun and creative event!!! Thanks for sharing the fantastic photos to be oogled over! :)

PS--gorgeous dresses! where are ladies finding these at?


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