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May 23, 2010



my goodness.
that is a room that every girl dreams of!
and that every mommy dreams of putting together for her little girl.
you did a fabulous job.
just fabulous!


How precious and how positively gorgeous!!! A room definitely fit for your little Princess! You have created a wonderful effect with the entire room! Congratulations!! Every little girls dream! Just beautiful!!

Linda Lilly Cottage

Oh my goodness, is that not what little girl dreams are made of? The most divine room, beautiful decorations, wonderful tea treats but most importantly gorgeous parents who take the time to play with their children and encourage make believe....they will grow into amazing adults.
Kiss Noises Linda (thanks for sharing)

Queen of Dreamsz  ~ The Art of Stuff


The bedroom is fabulous...I want that tulle bed skirt for MY bed now! hee hee...I guess the little girl [our inner child] is never far from the surface..thank goodness.

You did a wonderful job of creating a joyful and enchanting space for your daughter.

Are you adopting?! :0)

Have a wonderful day..
Stephanie ♥


"Cupcakes and TeaParties" is one of the sweetest,most loving and beautiful posts I have ever seen. The newly decorated room is adorable. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home and family.


Your daughters room is absolutely the stuff that fairytales are made of!!! Gorgeous!!! And what a beautiful family you have...!!! I loved this post!!


Viv, cutest post ever!!! ViVi's room is totally adorable...i love the cupcake makeover...total bummer the bedskirt doesn't come in bigger sizes, i about fell over when i saw that...it is stunning!!! ViVi {and friends} look like they are really enjoying the makeover too...that is one gorgeous tea party!!!


i think i just called you Viv??? i meant Jenn of course...i just woke up...and i didn't sleep well last night...so, don't hold it against me...LOL...plus, i was be~dazzled by the cuteness of your post!!!


I want that room! I could live and play in there....what a dream! You've done an amazing job of creating a beautiful, magical place. Spectacular!


omg, this has got to be the dreamiest room in history. all of your loving and frou-frou touches are wonderful. the bed ruffle was a worthy splurge because it is just amazing. the petticoat chair skirts are a sweet touch. what a lucky little girl!

looks like a wonderful first tea party was enjoyed by all!

i am sensing this pretty room will be published somewhere soon.



what a perfectly delightful little tea party! Im so glad I stopped by, now I can leave for work with a smile on my face after attending the sweetest little teaparty! Jen, I wish you were my mom!! lol.. Well, yeah, so I'm a little older then you.. but you are the bestest mom.. I'm sure your kids would agree. and, do you dress your husband, or do you just have him trained to dress in just the right colors to blend into your home so well!? lol!
have a great week.


This is so sweet! I just loved that table! So sweet! Thanks for sharing! xo Cassandra

Jennifer Hayslip

Vivian, you tickle me!!! Can you honestly believe that I did NOT dress my hubby and I actually had to beg him to come upstairs to Vivis room to see the party. He was busy working outside and I made him come visit us for a minute. So glad I did! :) Thanks Vivian! XOXO

Jennifer Hayslip

Thank you Elyse! Decorating Vivis room has been so much fun!!! :) XOXO,Jenn

Jennifer Hayslip

Hee! Hee! Thank you Lori!!! Im glad you enjoyed!!! :) XOXO,Jenn

Shelley Overholt

How beautiful is this post!??!? I love it how sweet is EVERYTHING!!!:) What a sweet daddy playing tea party:) ~Shelley

JUlie Marie

Hello Jenn... Vivi's room is just precious, every little girls dream room... how sweet of you (and Vivi) to invite me for tea and cupcakes... they were yummy! I must go back and look at everything again, it is all just sooo lovely! xoxo Julie Marie

Heidi Meyer

Her room is sweet, sweet and dreamy! So sweet that Dad and brother joined the fun too! I love the ruffles and fluff on her tea table and bed skirt - what fun! You did a wonderful job creating such a magical room for her! xo's Heidi

Valarie Kraft

Jenn....I agree with everyone...You truly are the best mom a child could ask for. Sweet Vivians room is absolutely gorgeous. Can I please move in when she gets tired of it? The table and chairs are beyond magical. You rock!!
xxoo Valarie


I want this for my big girl room, not sure my husband would appreciate the scheme.
Just simply adorable.

Ann-Denise Anderson

Jenn, I think you did a fab job.....beautiful!

Kay Ellen

How adorable! A fairytale in the making!!
The teaparty table is very pretty and your family ahhhhh just precious!

Just curious ~~~Jenn did you use the Sealah tape to attach the tutu or trim on the chairs or table?

Thank you for sharing your daughter's magical room:)

Kay Ellen

Michelle Evans

Hi Jenn, this post makes me want my little girl back so badly!! They grow up and leave so fast, we always had tea parties and teddy bear picnics,now she is a grown up married lady!I have to admit she lives across the street from us so that helps a little!! Enjoy every minute with Miss Viv and Grant they will be grown ups in a blink!! Have fun, Michelle E.

Jennifer Hayslip

Hi Kay! Thanks for your super sweet comment! YES!!! I did use the Sealah tape! Its fabulous! I should become your spokesmodel! hee! hee! XOXO


Possibly the sweetest post of the sweetest kids in the sweetest room EVER! If I EVER get a grand-daughter I'm going to make her a table like that...or else, you could make them and sell them!! Love it all! xo, Nan

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