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April 28, 2010


Valarie Kraft

Jenn....just when I thought I couldn't be more jealous. Everyone looks so beautiful, and you captured it all so fabulously. I cannot believe how wonderful all of the vendors tables look...the goodies everyone must have come home with. YOu look magnificent, a true southern belle.
xxoo Valarie


I had so much fun this night and one day I will get to participate in the whole event. Thank you for letting me be a part of this Friday night and I can't wait for Creative Connection! Is there anyway you could post a list of the vendors..I know you are trying to get it all in and take care of those sweet kiddies of yours but I didn't know some of them and there were several girls asking if there was a list posted somewhere.
Thanks Jenn!


What fun! Everyone looks beautiful.


Well, thats what I call eye candy! You girls look an absolute treat, just stunning!

Karen DeCapite

Jenn, your wonderful photos took me back . . . and I wondered why my suitcase was overweight! Could it be all the wonderful things I purchased at Vendor Night?
Such fun - but it went by waaaaayyyyyy too fast . . .
Hugs! Karen


I'm so sorry that Rosalyn Sue is so poorly. I don't know her but have seen her name menioned on a few blogs, so I hope and pray she is better soon.

What a wonderful post. I love all the ruffles and pretties, everyone looks so fabulous. You can tell a good time was had by everyone, because if you look at the faces in the backgrounds of all piccies, everyone is beaming as they walk around!

Thank you so much for taking the time to share all of the photos. Much appreciated :O)

You look utterly Divine Lady Jenn, your dress is just gorgeous.

ooh. I sooo want to snaffle one of those cakes! :O0 xx)

Shelley Overholt

Wow! That is a fun night to reminisce on!!! I think the picture of you should seriously be on the Savannah tourism brochure and in magazines!!! It looks amazing!!! You did such a fabulous job! Please keep us up on our Rosalyn-Sue:)

JoAnn S

wow Jenn, it looks like you gals had a terrific time, love the outfits!! love the pics of vendor night. wish I could have attended. so sorry about Rosalyn Sue, my prayers are with her. hugs JoAnn S


Jenn, you definitely know how to put on an event! Everything has looked stunning! Congrats!

Jennifer Hayslip

Awww....thank you Cerri! I really appreciate your kind words. :) XO


Oh my goodness your photos turned out beyond amazing! What a wonderful time! Thank you again for hosting this amazing event!


Bunny Rose Cottage

Ohhh Jenn!! I have never seen so much prettiness all in one place!! My gosh!! Everyone went above and beyond!! I LOVE your dress Jenn!!! That is stunning! You look so beautiful! I so wish I could have been there with all you gorgeous girls!!
June, I am going to the bakery and I CANNOT wait!!! It looks like such a fun place and those cupcakes!!!YUMMERS!!
I feel so bad that Rosalyn Sue is so sick :( I hope she is okay and able to go home soon!!
Love and hugs and big CONGRATULATIONS on hosting/creating the most beautiful even EVER!!


Jenn, HOW could I ever begin to tell you how SPECIAL you & this event are to me? This was my first & I can say NOT my last! You are a beautiful person inside & out. You have the sweetest spirit! I KNOW how much work went into this event & every perfect detail showed! BEAUTIFUL! That is the only word to describe it all. THANK YOU!!!!! IF you ever do another one PLEASE include me! I would send you a check today! I'm glad I chose to give you the jewel case because YOU ARE A JEWEL! HUGS my dear beautiful friend. REST your body & your soul. Know you are loved dearly! Charlene


It looks like the most amazing time Jenn. Your pictures are so wonderful. And I've been hopping around from blog to blog seeing more write ups and pictures of your special event. I'm so glad it was so much fun for everyone.


Jenn, everything is so gorgeous!!! vendor night looks so beautiful...everyone has such gorgeous displays...you look like a cupcake:) your dress is stunning...is it from "vintage opulence"?...i spend a LOT of time looking at her etsy shop...and your dress looks like one of her creations...

Jennifer Hayslip

Thank you Lori!!! Your so sweet!!! YES! The dress was made by Vintage Opulence! I just adore Sarah and her amazing work. She lives in Atlanta and was suppose to be a vendor. She ended up getting really sick and couldnt make it. Dont you just LOVE her scrumptious outfits. Dreamy!!! XOXO

Jennifer Hayslip

Charlene, I cannot tell you how moving and special your comment means to me. THANK YOU! It was a pleasure meeting you and having the wonderful opportunity to get to know you. Your sweet spirit was very present and your kindness just radiates! Thank you for being a part of the special weekend. I will cherish it always!! XOXO,Jenn

scrappy Jessi

hey doll
eeekkk so much eye candy!!!
everything looks fabulous.
all the girls look so pretty.
im so glad everyone had a ball.
proud of you.

Jennifer Hayslip

Thank you Jessi!!!! I sooo appreciate your love and support!!! Love ya!! XOXO,Jenn

Breezy Weekes

ahhhh...looks amazing! I dream to attend one of your
events in the future. Great pics too, captures all the beauty of the event! :)


Hi Jenn.Where did you get that pink with bows dress is gorgeous? All the pictures are beautiful.

Jennifer Hayslip

Hi Keren!
The dress was custom made by Sarah from Vintage Opulence on Etsy. Her dresses are FABULOUS!!!! Thanks!!! XOXO

britt-sparkled vintage charm

looks like you had bunches of fun!! Everyone looked so pretty!! Gorgeous creations everywhere and those cupcakes lookl fabulous!! hugs!!Britt :-)

Mitzi Curi

What a special weekend you ladies had! I can't imagine how much time goes into planning such an event....you certainly must be an organized person, Jennifer! You also seem to have a magical touch that is very rare.


Thank you for replying to me.Thank you.

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