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March 10, 2010


Account Deleted

Those onesies are teh CUTEST things ever! She will love them, and all the other lovely gifts as well!
xoxo, Tiffany


Hi Jenn! Ahhh, I am loving those sweet little onesies! Oh my goodness, Andrea will love them! So sweet! The little planter is too adorable! Perfect!

Breezy Weekes

Aww How sweet! I'm sure she's going to have a great baby shower if you ladies are putting it on! Cobgrats on the baby girl, I just looooove having my little girl, ti is so much fun and an excuse for me to buy pretty, pink, frilly, girl stuff! Enjoy! Have a great day! :)

The Pink Door

Karla Nathan

Those onesies are beyond adorable!! And she will love filling that pretty pink book with baby pictures!

Heather~Pretty Petals

Jenn, the music is just TOO cute!!

Your gifts for Andrea are just SO DARLING! I love love the baby album... perfect for her! The little baby in the cradle is so sweet. I love the little onsies too! That was a cute idea with the one hundred wishes came true. Adorable!

xoxo Heather

Bunny Rose Cottage

You girls are so sweet Jenn!!! I LOVE every single thing you made for Andrea!! She is going to LOVE it all. The album is gorgeous! And I love how you put One Hundred Wishes Come True on it!! How perfect is that? Beautiful!

Britta Lee

Ohhhh the little pink onsie is just darling Jenn.... if I were Andrea, I would guard it with my life and find it very difficult to use for anything other than a photo prop and pack it away for ever and ever. It is a sentimental gift and so YOU. Just Perfect. I am sooo happy for dear Andrea. She sooo deserves a precious little daughter. She is such a sweetie!! CONGRATS to her and to you for creating the perfect gift:)


super sweet ~ just picked up the WWC Magazine with her and her lovely studio ~ what Sweethearts ya'll are! glitter cupcake love and pink hugs, diana

Rosalyn Smith

Do you make big girl t-shirts too??? :) I am just squeeling over those sweet onesies! What a wonderful friend you are with such creativity! Thank you for inviting me to be part of this special day.


Suz Reaney

Yikes...so much cuteness! I cannot believe those onesie's...they are adorable! The baby album is too sweet. I hope we get to see pictures of the grand opening. I am sure she will appreciate your thoughtfulness so much!


scrappy Jessi

hey there,
this is amazing. i wish i would have known about it.
anyways awesome post. Andreas such a sweetie, i'm so glad she is having a girl. Let the fun begin


Hey My Friend,

You are so kind to do this for Andrea and her baby girl to be. What a wonderful memory she will always have, along with precious gifts made by you. I am proud to call you my friend.

Ciao bella,


Very Cute the whole surprise on-line Shower is a wonderful Idea I think I might have to take that idea and run with it for my daughter Breezy AKA The Pink Door. Darling gifts you gals have really outdone yourselves. Hugs, Diane

gabrielle messina

Love your book, Jenn... she adored it! Those onesies were darling! And the planter was one of the sweetest I've seen! I am a huge fan of the Baby Gardner, as well!

holly abston

As with everything you do, Jenn, you've gone above and beyond to make and give such a special gift to our sweet Andrea. Darling!


So much wonderful sugary sweetness you ladies might send her into labor today. lol
What a lovely gift, I'm sure Andrea will be beside herself with delight.
Have a fabulous day
Cari b.

Lori Oles

OMG...what a great idea to put the logo on onsies. SO CUTE!!!

I wish we could of all been there.


hi Jenn, I think its soo sweet and such a great example of blogland love that you girls surprised Andrea like that! I cant wait to see what she posts on her blog about it. And I did a quick peek at all the gifts.. wow! I'm sure she is feeling so very blessed tonight!


as sweet as sugar! LOVE the onesie!


Amy Powers

I love it all...the book is so sweet...the planter, unbelievable...and the onesies, perfect! Wonderful gifts!

Jennifer Hayslip

You should! You should! I think it's a fantastic idea! Count me in! I would love to participate! Even tho' I've never met her, she is a sweetheart and a joy to chat with! Thanks for you sweet compliments! XO,Jenn

Jenny Fowler

Oh how sweet! I bet she loved everything! That is so sweet of you guys. I love those onesies!! I love the "came true" part. Little girls are the best. I won your bunny oranment from Lollishops. I can't wait to receive it!

Natasha Burns

Oh my gosh how cute!!!! Jenn that album is sweet and those two onesies are gorgeous! Loving the planter too, how perfect is that?! Thanks for organising this sweetie xo


soooo sweet of you girls! the onesies are adorable- she's going to flip!! xo natalea


Andrea is going to be tickled pink!!!

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