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March 22, 2010



OH JENN!!! That looks FABULOUS.... beyond fabulous!! The projects are going to be gorgeous! The 1st day of spring it snowed here... Boo!


I am so excited! Jenn your post is fabulous. Your project is to die for lovely! EKKK I can't wait. xox Cassandra

Ginny at Twinkle Pink

so that is a whole year away, and its warm there at that time of year right ?? hmmmmmmm ???

Valarie Kraft

Jenn....oh my goodness......everything looks so beautiful. I am going to cross my fingers that I can go. Maybe everybody at my house will be healthy, and I will be able to get away. I am still sad that I can't come to your event. Your project looks amazing.
xxoo Valarie


ohmygosh!!! i can tell what your project is *shhh* and i am swooning for sure...i wish i could go just for that Jenn...it is really gorgeous...

Jennifer Hayslip

Ginny....are you SERIOUSLY considering??? Oh my glorious heavens please say "YES"!!!! It would be the cherry on top with you attending! Fingers and toes crossed!!! XOXO,Jenn

Jennifer Hayslip

Thank you Valarie! I hope you can make it too! :) XOXO,Jenn

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Each photo was so beautiful in a wonderful and unique way. This was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed looking.

Deirdre G

Christine Rose Elle

Wow! What delightful event! It is hard to imagine a better lineup! All the projects look positively decadent! Everything just looks so beautiful! I will have to start saving now!!


Hey sweetie ~ Your project is to-die-for amazing!
xo Heidi



This looks like it's going to be so much fun. I hope I can go to it. I don't think I can stand to miss it!

Those little peeks at the projects look awesome. Can't wait.

xo Cath


Wow....looks like it will be a "Ball"! Do they offer scholarships? haha Truly...it sounds wonderful!

I am having a "Blue Monday" giveaway. Hope you can pop over and take a look! So nice visiting your blog today! Have a great Wednesday!

Stay Cozy, Carrie


how lovely.Always so much fun stuff to read about on your blog! And such delicious photos too. :O)

Spring has sprung in England at last. Flowers are out and rain is in the air!!! ;o)


As usual, your pics took my breath away and specially more so since my b.day party will carry a Marie Antoinette theme :)


Hello, I love your wonderful blog and your marvellous works! congratulations!


oh... Im so there! Im so glad this is "out"... its been hard to keep a secret... IM SO THERE!!

Paulette Kinney

It all looks fabulous Jenn ! So happy to see "your project" peeking through there. It was fun to be even remotely included. Wish I could be there !! My Marie's would of loved it. xoxo, paulette

Jennifer Grenko

Hey Jenn, I just wanted to tell you how your creations are getting more and more beautiful. I love the details on this wire balloon creation, like the pink powder puff with the rose pin, the little shoe with rhinestones and millinery flowers and the little gold mask. I also love the pink hair on the little powder tin girl and the purse... charming is a very good word to describe what you do! I love the little details! A very happy Easter to you and your family sweetie!

Kathy Baker

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Hi Jenn.I love your website is so beautiful.I go on it every single day because I can't get enough of it.My favorite color is pink,too.My friends call me Pinky.I wish I could see what your bedroom looks like your have great taste.

Katie Pridemore

Love the changes to the Blog!! You have done a great job!!

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