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January 31, 2010


Jennifer Hayslip


Thank you sooo much for your loving kind words!!! Im SO *appreciative* that youve signed up to make press kitsfor my event. A million THANK YOUS!!!!

Sweet hugs!


Tammy @ tinselshop.com

I just had to tell you how much my girls LOVE looking at your blog (me too!). They are almost 3 and just adore bunnies and ask "Mommy let's look at the bunnies, please" Oh, mommy, that's the bunny lady!". Your collection is just adorable!

Best wishes,

Jennifer Grey

These bunnies are adorable, but I'm especially smitten with Gucci!


John Charles Griffin

Very sophisticated creations you've done Jennifer, and the musical background is very classy. Keep on doing what you do best. Rabbits are sacred little creatures which epitomize innocence, softness, and and the zen of childhood memories in their myriad of mother nature themes and floppy ears. Brer Rabbit of Uncle Remus fame was actually born in Georgia. Wishing you fullfillment of hopes and dreams.

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