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December 09, 2009


Bunny Rose Cottage

JENN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!! I seriously stopped breathing when I saw that working gumball machine with the BUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT IT!!! You are so amazing Jenn, my gosh!! EVERYTHING you have created is amazing!!!! That first ornament is soooo darn cute!!! I love everything inside it, how neat! How do you come up with these wonderful things?? Okay, I am off to RUN to your shoppe right now before everything is gone!!
Love you sweetie,


just fantastic Jenn as always! have a great break away, looks like you deserve it! Rachaelxo


Beautiful work!
Every detail you put into your work is amazing!
Enjoy your trip!


Jenn, everything is so cute!!! and all sold out already i see...congratulations!!! have fun on your getaway with hubby!!!


love them all! I ran as fast as I could to your etsy.. but its all gone now.. i loved that ornament and also I really wanted a pink santa! oh pooh! oh well. they sure were sweet Jenn!
have fun in NY

All American packaging

Your Christmas collection really touches the heart so lovely and much creative.It feels the real taste of Christmas.

gabrielle messina

Jenn, You've created some Christmas magic here. These pieces make me feel like a little kid! Have a wonderful time in NYC!

Holly- Girls at Heart

I'm with Amy, LOVE the bunny! ♥

Have a wonderful week end with your man! You deserve it since you said I look too young to be a grandma!
~ Wink ~


Hi Jenn,
I LOVE, LOVE the Northpole Winter Wonderland...absolutely too cute! Hope y'all have a wonderful trip, can't wait to see you on the 22nd!


Such beautiful creations. Especially the snowman globe and sledding elf! So clever! ~ Angela


hi jenn ~
i've been visiting your blog daily waiting for you to sell your pink santas. i'm so sad to see they're all sold. good for you, though! will you be making any more? if so, i'd love to buy some!

Diana P.

Wow they are all so cute! I wish I had gotten there faster since everything is sold now! Have fun in NYC! I'm not too far from there...in fact I can see the city skyline from my town.

Jennifer Hayslip

Awww...thank you Rachael! I really appreciate your kindness! XOXO

Jennifer Hayslip

Vivian, I will be more than happy to make a Santa especially for you! :) Thank you!!! XO

Jennifer Hayslip

Thank you SO much for your incredible comment! Im extremely appreciative. You've made my day!!! :) XO,Jenn

Jennifer Hayslip

Awesome!! If I can make you feel like a Kid...than I must have done a great job! tee! hee! Thanks for your super sweet comment! XO

Jennifer Hayslip

Thank you Angela! Cant wait to see you too! :) XO

Jennifer Hayslip

Hi Lori, Im so sorry you missed out on the Santas. I will make a few more in a weeks time. I will save one for you. :) XO

Jennifer Hayslip

Hi Diana! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! Im going to make a few more Santas. I'll be happy to save one for ya! WOW! So cool you can see the NYC skyline from your town. I get in early tomorrow and hubby arrives later early evening. Im headed to Tinsel Trading tomorrow. If you are in town I would love to meet ya! XO

LeAnn Mooney


Oh my gosh! I absolutely adore EVERYTHING on your website. I wanted one of the santas, but I missed them by one day. I was wondering if you could PLEASE, PLEASE make me at least one. If you could, it would mean so much, and be greatly appreciated.

Warmest Regards,



wow Jenn! your creations are gorgeous! Love your blog!


Beautiful Twinkle! Just gorgeous

jessi nagy

hey sweets,
eekk you know i love all this sweet eye candy. love pink christmas
talk soon


You're going to Tinsel Trading? Lucky! I still havent been there. I think you should ditch your hubby on Sunday and come to Jersey. You can go antiquing with me and Lisa Kettell. Make sure you see the tree! It's gorgeous!

Brenda Kula

You have such a fun and colorful blog! Full of things to see. It is indeed Sweet Eye Candy Creations. I didn't see your email displayed, but wanted to let you know that on Fridays I like to come up with some blogs I've found while strolling "The Land Of Blog" and that I want my readers to see. This week your blog is one of those. Hope you have a delightful weekend! If you'd like to see, visit: http://cozylittlehouse.com

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