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November 23, 2009


Jennifer Grenko

Oh what fun to read your post! I do plan to purchase two tickets to see Stanislaus... let me know the best way to get them from ya! Just can't wait to see what's new in your shop too sweetie! A very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours Jenn!! xoxo...


Oh Jenn,
you got some fabulous inspirational goodies and you are sooooo right about the wonderful and generous ladies in blogland.
I wish I lived nearby so i could visit your home during the Holidays.
Have a fabulous Thanksgiving.
Cari b.


I'm smiling. You can't help but smile when faced with so much pink, pretty, nostalgic goodness.

I wish I could visit your neighbourhood, but it's a teeny bit too far to travel from England! Hopefully you'll take some piccies to share though?

Have a lovely week, and Happy Thanksgiving.



Oh Jenn!! That's almost too much eye candy for one post!! My eyes almost exploded!! Your happy wall makes me happy, too! I love, love, love Mr. Pinky!! He's the cutest!! You sure got some wonderful goodies from your Silver Bella girlies!! Lucky you!! Have a very happy Thanksgiving!!
Michelle xoxo

Ginny at Twinkle Pink *

Gorgeous eye candy love your post and love love love vivie's little figurine and of course the little southern belle sooooo adorable.

What a fantastic idea to have a candle light tour - yet again far to far away to join in .... Are all the houses on the tour historic, how old are they? Do people just look at the outside lights or do they actually walk round your entire home or just one room. What about security ... am thinking the film home alone ?

Can't wait to see the pics
best wishes as always Ginny .... yes its me :-) way across that cold windy pond ... again LOL xx

Natasha Burns

i wish i could come on the Christmas tour of Stanislaus, I bet your home will be the complete show stopper!!!
Loving all the goodies you found and were given at Silver Bella!!! The pink elephant is so adorable! Your wall is amazing! xo


Jenn, what sweet gifts from your friends...lucky you...i LOVE that adorable pink elephant you found, he really could not be any sweeter!!!

Jennifer Hayslip

Hey Jennifer! YAY!!! Im so glad you want to attend the tour. If you are in the neighborhood do you want to stop by my house and pick them up? I will be around ALL weekend long decorating!!! Do you have my cell#? Just call when you want to swing by. I can give ya a sneak peek. ;) Have a Happy Thanksgiving! XO

Jennifer Hayslip

Hi Ginny! So glad you stopped by! Oh our historic is NOT like your historic! LOL!!! More than half of the homes is considered historic. The land on which our homes is built on is very historic. Use to be a collage for Catholic priest in 1876. The college later burned to the ground.
You actually get to tour INSIDE the homes! How fun is that? 12 homes all decorated for Christmas. Oh I will be home to observe and watch everything, and we have volunteers who help host our home and keep a watchful eye. I'll be showing pics soon! Hugs! XO,Jenn

Jennifer Hayslip

Come! Come! I miss you girlie!!! :))) XO,Jenn

Bunny Rose Cottage

JENN!! Okay, now that I have picked myself up off the FLOOR, let me try and comment on ALL this CUTENESS!!! I dont even know where to start! This post rocks! I have that same ice cream planter!!!! I am soooo in love with your pink Elephant and so glad he is on your happy wall! Which is so over the top fabulous, I cant even stand it!! I see a familiar planer there too :):) (rocking elephant :) I love everything you received for gifts! What sweet girls!! I so wish I could have been there. I cannot wait to visit Macon and Savannah in April :) I am so excited to see your Christmas decor and what you make for your shoppe!! I also hope you do more clocks soon!!!
Love ya sweet friend!!

Diana P.

There was more than enough pastel goodness in all those photos to get me through the next day and a half of work! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


What fabulous goodies! Oh my goodness your "Happy Wall" is AMAZING! Such an adorable cute collection. I just went to a LARGE flea market this weekend and saw all sorts of adorable little trinkets that made me think of you are your cute collection.

Hugs, Happy Thanksgiving!

gabrielle messina

Jenn, what a happy post! Your little wall in your studio would make any person, at any age feel like they were 7 again! What a wonderful feeling! I don't know how you manage everything, But, you go, girl! Your project turned out darling too! I am sure it looks perfect in that beautiful dining room of yours!

jessi nagy

hey sweets,
eekkk so many sweet things,
i love them all.
im so glad you found so many treasures on the bus tour. they all look amazing.
Happy Turkey Day!

Christine Rose Elle

Wow! How did you get it all back! You lucky girl! I love all your treasures! Happy wall indeed! I am dying to see your holiday displays! You are truly the gum drop fairy!



That was the best blog post EVER. I enjoyed every single sweet moment. I couldn't get enough of the scrumptious eye candy. Just love your Inspirational Wall, AWESOME. You really did a great job making it look so sweet and good enough to eat.

Happy Thanksgiving,


Jennifer Grenko

Ok Miss Jenn. I have your cell and will call you on Saturday morning. I pickup my son in ATL late that afternoon but I would love to come by earlier if it's ok with you... You have been up very late trying to get it all done haven't you? Hope you get some needed rest sweetie. xoxo J.

Jennifer Hayslip

Jenn, that sounds perfect! I'll be home working like a busy bee on the house. tee! hee! Look forward to seeing ya! XO,Jenn

Holly-Girls At Heart

I always feel happy as soon as I hop in the door, Jenn! LOVE the train planter and Mr. Pinky the best! Your happy shelves are very inspiring! ♥


OMG!!! This post is really full of sweet kitsches and caboodles.. I don't even know where to start, because everything is just so pretty... Such a pretty post!!!

Sherry Williams

WOW!! Such beautiful treasures to behold! The little pink elephant really cleaned up well didn't she!! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of love and happiness!


super long? maybe.
super cute? YES
a pleasure to read and look at all of the "sweet eye candy!"

especially adore the vintage birthday cards. so sweet.

happy thanksgiving!



Beautiful indeed! Sorry I missed you at SB! See you for sure in April!

sprinkles are my life...

Hi! May I ask where you got those cupcake lights from....I LOOVVE THEM!!

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