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October 26, 2009



hi jenn! what a great time! love your plaid ruffly top, where did you get it?!!! :):):)


Jenn, it looks so gorgeous there at the ford plantation...what a wonderful place to visit...i don't eat raw anything {well, duh...fruits and vegetables only} so i don't blame you about the oysters...i don't even think a cracker and sauce would help me get that down...

Christine Karie

Hi, Jennifer!

Just one word to describe your photos of where you've visited: "Wow!" Stepping back in time, indeed. As a matter of fact, my second most favorite movie is "Somewhere in Time" starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour (following Gone with the Wind). You can see where my imagination takes me - winding staircases, lace curtains, chandeliers, Aubusson rugs . . . . . . (sigh).

Thanx for sharing your trip.

Christine Karie

Bunny Rose Cottage

Jenn, your weekend looks just perfect! How nice to get away with your hubby to such a romantic place!! WOW, the Ford Plantation is amazing!! What a perfect place to have your retreat! Everything is beautiful and I cannot wait to see it with your beautiful decor set up!!!! I would love to go to that bakery!!! YUMMY!

My boys are so excited for Halloween too, lol! That is all they have been talking about. Yesterday we took them to see Where The Wild Things Are. It was soooo good and I cried, lol! It was fun to take the kids out for the day. I hope you show pics of Grant and Vivi in there costumes!!

So glad you had a wonderful weekend!!
Love ya,


WOW stunning photos! Looks like an amazing weekend. I can't wait until April so I can see it all myself EKKKK. And oh my does that cake look super yummy!

Thanks again so VERY MUCH for teaching at my event. I can't wait to get to meet you in April. Thanks so much for the post and lovely photos.

xoxo Cassandra


Hi Jenn, thanks for that. So enjoyed this post,great photos, the moss over everything is incredible, almost creepy looking hanging over the gate like that! Oh to visit the South..... one day... one day...... Take Care - Rachaelxo

Jennifer Hayslip

Hi Ann! I got the top at Arden B. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Jennifer Hayslip

Christine, I love that movie Somewhere in Time! However Gone with the Wind is hands down my all time fav! ;) XO,Jenn

Karen DeCapite

Hi Jenn.
Well you do know how to RE-EXCITE everyone who is coming in April. I've been trying to get it off my mind - but then you had to go and post all these yummy pictures, and now I'm thinking about it again! I can't wait!!! I LOVE history, and the location you've chosen is gong to be so fun.
Photos are gorgeous! But I think you should've shared a bit of that cake with all of us. (pout)
So looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing!

Natasha Burns

oh my gosh Jenn! It looks like the most beautiful place ever!!! Loving your stunning photography too. Yay for Curtis winning golf that day!!! You are looking as beautiful as ever girl!

jessi nagy

hey hey love bug,
gorgeous shots.
what a fab weekend.
curtis looks so happy with those oysters. tee hee.
you of course look fabulous, i recognize that top. darling.
woo hoo on the marie event.
you will have to fill me in on more of the details.
see ya soon sissy


Lovely photos Miss Jenn!

You captured that place perfectly! You should have people lining up for your art retreat next April.

See you and your little goblins soon.

Ciao bella,


hi Jenn..what a gorgeous place. I would love to ramble around there and enjoy all that beautiful scenery. I would have to pass on the oysters and dont even think I could kiss my husband if he ate them!!
anyways.. be watching your mail.. theres something on its way to you!

Rochelle Gaukel

Hi Jennifer!
Wow...love those grounds at the Ford Plantation! Those homes are so grand and the yards are soooo plush.....Oysters, not my favorite! :)

Sheila Adkins

So very nice .. Those trees are just so grand. So many thoughts ran through my head as i looked at your photos.. But at this time of the morning, I just can't think of what to say, So "I WILL THINK ABOUT IT TOMORROW" lol.. love it all.


What beautiful pictures, I enjoy your blog so much.
Thank Yoou!!


it all looks wonderful, very 'Gone with the wind' :) looks like you had a wonderful time.


Desi Anne

Hi Jenn! Ooooh how dreamy! I am in LOVE with the Ford Plantation! What a beautiful and romantic place. I see a building lot awaits you and your hubby for when you build?,...Oooooh my stars! Soooooooooooo dreamy beautiful!,...Thank you for all the gorgeous pictures and details! I love the south!....I just bought Romantic Country Bedrooms. Your home is so pretty and so personal. I wish I could attend the Christmas home tour!,....alas, I am in upstate NY,....but maybe someday!..I just adore your new banner and all the goodies you are creating!..Have a beautiful day! xoxo Desi Anne
PS. Do share where you buy all your gorgeous clothes! I love feminine clothes and jewelry! You always look so pretty!...maybe a post on shopping for outfits? :)


Oh my gosh - these photos are so breathtaking! What a wonderful place to spend some time. Looks very relaxing and magical.

Account Deleted

Seeing these pics, now I really can't wait until Petticoats and Parasols in April!!
xoxoxo, TIffany

Southern Lady's Vintage

Savannah is such a beautiful place and your photos are wonderful!! Sounds like a great weekend!


Fabulous pictures.
What a beautiful place.
Love those gorgeous earrings you are wearing at the oyster dinner.
where did you find them?
Man girl...you are one hot mama!

Amada Lebel

Absolutely love the pictures of the Ford Plantation WOW. Can't wait to see it in person. Thanks for giving all of us Petticoat girls a glimpse.

Bumble Bee Cottage

Hello Jenn, I have nominated you for an award (please visit my blog to find out more). I would like to say that you should not feel obligated in anyway to participate in this if you do not wish to but I was surprised to be sent this award so I thought I would like to let the bloggers whose work I love know that they are appreciated :)


Hi Jenn!
Beautiful photos indeed:)I could only dream to be there and how i wish i am in States *lol* It's great to spent your quality time with your hubby and meet up your friends. I can't wait to see Vivi & your little Prince in Halloween outfits*teehee* they are too adorable kids on earth! And not forgetting the classic beautiful mother Jenn:)

Happy Halloween!

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