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September 27, 2009


gayle olson

Well, I am impressed by the article and your lovely, fun home! Men don't always get it. I love the storybook doll, I hope to win but I would love to buy one in any theme. love, Gayle

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine

Congratulations, Jenn. What an honor!! : )

~ Wendy

stephanie Coop

I am always checking for updates on your blog. What a nice surprise this morning to see a new post. I will head out to Books a Million for sure and get a copy today. I read the post when Fifi came to your house it was cute. I bet seeing your house in a magazine is surreal. Sure doesn't feel like fall In South Georgia how about Macon?


Oh my, I would be over the moon if I won this giveaway. Love your creations. Congrats on being featured in the magazine. You definitely deserve to be in it and your photo in the feature looks fantabulous! Congrats! LindaSonia


Congrats, Jenn. Beautiful article of your gorgeous home.


Congratulations again! My you are quite the celeb. It sure is fun to see someone you
know get so much recantation. And well deserved your home is a perfect fit for Romantic Country. Enjoy all the kudos job well done. Thanks for sharing, you look so pretty in the article too. Hip Hip Hooray!! Hugs & Kisses, Diane

Mary Zywar

Hi Jenn!
Congrats once again!
You do have such a lovely home and I cant wait to get my own copy
(buy it or win it-heehee)
You are so talented and I am very proud of you!


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a copy of this magazine and would display it with my beautiful apron that you made me as a lovely memory of you and your beautiful home and crafts.

Now all I have to do is win it :-(((

Such a lovely rosebud doll too, Jenn.

best wishes always Ginny (yes ..... me in the UK ha ha)


Congratulations!!! Your home is so beautiful, you certainly deserve it!!!


Jenn, your home is beautiful & I love Romantic Country magazine! :)


Jenn.. your house is so beautiful and I would love to win Ms. Rosey.. she is such a doll! :-)


beautiful! i'll be looking for the magazine...many blessings!!!

Dawn Supina

What a thrill it must be for you Jenn to have your home featured in the Romantic Country magazine! When you put so much time and effort (not to mention love) into your home, it's too good not to be shared. Congrats!! Oh, and Little Miss Rosebud 2009 is ever so sweet as well :) It would be awesome to win your giveaway.

Cheers ~

Dolly & Baby Lilly

Miss Jenn your such an inspiration to so many of us
to live a Fairytale, create ,love our home & family
really not just because I WOULD LOVE TO win ,you do
live & share with us your fairytale and we love it. your home is shabbtanstic ,shabbylicious and the best
eye candy dreams.Congrats.


What a great give-away Jen! It was so nice seeing you again in L.A! Timmy Terror says hi :0)

Sandy xox

Jennifer Hayslip

Thanks Diane! You are such an AMAZING & SUPPORTIVE friend!!! :)) XOXO

Jennifer Hayslip

Sweet Ginny, Thank you!!! If you dont win my giveaway I will pick up a copy for you and mail it to ya. It's unfortunate you dont get this magazine overseas. I hope your enjoying your apron. You have NO idea how much I LOVE it and Im delighted you are so happy with it. I want to see pics of you modeling it. tee! hee!

Jennifer Hayslip

Awww...thank you Mary! I appreciate your sweet kind words! XO

Jennifer Hayslip

Thank you Cheryl! :) I got my package Friday! I felt like a child at Christmas busting thru the box. hee! hee! Look forward to seeing you real soon! Hugs! XO

Jennifer Hayslip

No! It's doenst feel like fall yet. I wish it did! tee! hee! Actually this morning feels a bit nice and cool and no humidity. Im sure by noon today it will be in the high 80's. :) Thanks for stopping by! XO


oooooo, so pretty...congratulations on your on your home being in MY favorite magazine, boy do I know what you mean when you get all excited and share with men, usually it's a glance and "umhhmmm" I would love to be entered, come by my blog i am having a give away also, thank you so much


eeeeeeek!!! oh, Jenn:) how wonderful for you...of course you had to be featured there, your home is just stunning!!! and OH so romantic:) i am really happy for you...that is such an honor...i love the picture they took of you drinking your tea, you look like the perfect southern belle...so pretty and sweet...i would SO love to win a copy of the magazine and one of your adorable dolly creations...she is so gorgeous...and you know i will have the perfect pink spot to pace her in...fingers crossed all over the place...



duh!!! new laptop...tricky keyboard...*sigh*


oh the delight of being able to re-live being in your ultimate fairyland of your home again!!! Of course, Fifi saw 'something' in your home... she saw 100000
And I have my fingers crossed about winning!
xoxo lorraine

Lavender Dreams

I'm so happy for you! We all feel excited when one of our favorite blogs is featured in a magazine! Hugs to YOU! And thanks for the sweet giveaway! I would be thrilled to win! Have a wonderful Sunday!

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