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September 16, 2009


Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Jenn! That shirt is the cutest thing I have ever seen!! And it is sooo YOU!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you to have a fun girls weekend :) I wish I could have gone. I cant wait to see all your pics :)

I LOVE your little laptop! Chad got me a *pink* Dell for Mother's Day last year and I LOVE it!! I feel like a princess when I use it :)

My feet get cold too and I have to wear slippers. Only I go a step further and use UGG Carty's for slippers :) Super toasty warm :)

Okay, I am not a big Halloween person BUT, I am in love with Timmy!!!!!!!!! Only YOU could make me fall in love with a Halloween item! You rock Jenn, that is all I can say because I truly LOVE that piece!!! I LOVE Edward Scissorhands too, that is one of my faves :) Wouldnt it fun to do like a legend or unicorn swap or something? How FUN!!!!

Have fun sweetie and please be safe :)
Love you lots,

Jennifer Hayslip

Amy,how could you NOT love Timmy...he has bunny ears! tee! hee! Thanks sweetie! I always appreciate your comments! ;) XO,Jenn

Linda Lilly Cottage

Oh it sounds like you are going to have the absolute best time...just a bit jealous....though little Timmy does look a little spooky to me....good job!
Have fun and can't wait to hear all about it when you return.
Oh and I so love that laptop...gotta get me one of them!
Kiss Noises Linda


hi JEnn.. I'm sure you'll have a great time there. Sandy Camarda is going too.. give her a hug for me please! LOVE those ruffly pants.. how stinking cute they are.. I think youre right though, very tall and skinny! Oh how I wish I was young and skinny again.. Id die my hair pink and wear those pants! any ways.. I also love your ornaments.. how perfectly creepy and cute they are!
have fun!!

Valarie Kraft

Jenn....I am so jealous that you get to go to the fabulous Kim Caldwells event. I know that you will have a wonderful time. Your shirt is freakin adorable. Just like you. I too wear socks at night...I love to sleep in an ice cold room with my socks on. My husband thinks I'm crazy. I cannot believe how cute "Timmy" is...so unexpected coming from you. Your dark side is showing. hehe. I also wanted to tell you that I will mail your prize package out this week. Life has been crazy, and honestly I forgot all about it. ugh. I made some Christmas Glittery houses and posted them on my blog...they remind me of you. Have a super fabulous time with Jessi!!
xxxoo Valarie

Jennifer Hayslip

Vivan, I love your comment. I too would die my hair pink and wear those pettipants if I was 20 again. hee! hee! You got it! I will give Miss Sandy a big hug from ya! ;) Thanks for stopping by! XOXO


what a fun read!

enjoy your crafty getaway with your sister. your little timmy terror is a scream! i think those ruffley pants could work under some kind of empire waisted dress. hmmmmm?

have fun!


Jennifer Grenko

Poor little Timmy... someone's plucked his little eyes out, bless his heart!! He's as cute as a little undead zombie baby can be! I will be checking out those socks at Steinmart as I too get chilly feet!! I guess it's our refusal to lay down wall to wall carpeting in these old houses that makes us suffer so!! Hope you have an awesome time in L.A. with all the girls!


Oh goodness!!! So many wonderful things. It definitely looks like you have all the perfect travel essentials. I just love the adorable T-shirt your friend made for you! I just adore Timmy, he is so wonderful. I too am a huge Tim Burton fan(are you counting down the minutes until Alice in Wonderland? Me too!)Timmy the Terror is perfectly Burtonesque! I hope you have a wonderful trip and it's filled with fun and inspiration.

By the way, I would just like to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me such a sweet comment. I have to admit, I have lurked your blog for such a long time and faved many of your photos on flickr. You are sooo talented and I just love your style! Thanks again!



I love the t shirt and those bloomers (petty pants) ~ do you think I could get away with them doing a jive number .... maybe not lol.

Whenever I hear of these trips I wish I could just go, you girls do so much in the way of art and flea market trips. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Btw I am not so into Halloween but Timmy is cute .... now who wouldn't want to take him home hmmmm ;-))


You girls have fun keep in mine we are going to have some HOT weather here in California this weekend, I sure wish I was joining you all. Breezy Rock Star and Miss Amelie are in town, Panic has a Premiere in Hollywood, they leave Sat. A.M. This Sunday is my B-day and it sure would be fun to celebrate with you girls. Have extra fun for me, if anything changes I'm there! Hugs, Diane


Jenn, your tee that your friend bought for you is SO cute...and SO you...love it...the ruffled pants are something else...i think you are right about the tall and thin thing...i don't think they would translate well on me...LOVE LOVE LOVE your swap ornament...the image you use is really funny and cute...that is a great little assemblage...have a wonderful time at your event!!!


Oh Jenn, that t-shirt is too cute! Made just for you.and those pants...if I wore them it would look like the female version of the Michelin baby. What a sight!!!
I couldn't wait to see what Halloween goody you were working on, I just couldn't imagine which way you were going to go with it, but Timmy is perfect!!! Perfectly creepy, perfectly Halloween.
Have a wonderful, fun and safe trip...tell Kim that the "cottage" girl said hello!hahahahah


I am so lovin the 'T' that you received. Your friends really have you pegged!! Your swap 'Timmy' is perfectly eerie and I know your swap buddies will be thrilled!
Enjoy your sleepovers with Jess and have a fantastic trip with your new pink friend!! Can't wait for photos of all of your antics!! xOxO Hugs, Nerina :)

Princess Crystal

That t-shirt is adorable.
Have a lovely time!
I'm looking foward to seeing your pics when you return.


oh, I love what you made!! Too sinister!! You girls have fun, I wish I could join you!
xoxo, Tiffany

Amada Lebel

Hi Jenn,
So jealous of your trip to LA. I just got back and went to all my favorite shops. I love Timmy Terror and I don't believe for a moment that he will be a good boy! Post lots of pictures of your trip.


Hope you have a safe and fun trip.. That shirt is just the cutest darn thing.. I love that sweet image.. Love the color to.. Love your new pink laptop.. It's amazing how small they make them now..
Take lots of pictures.. See ya when you get back..

Annamarie Florio

ohmigoodness, congrats on your feature in Romantic Homes, You are such a beautiful and talented artist and your passion is displayed in everthing you do!!! I check your blog everyday as it is truly an inspiration! thank you for sharing your incredible world!!!

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Dress is so wonderful and amazing.I like it much.

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