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September 08, 2009


Jennifer Grenko

Oh Jenn, I Heart the collages! They make me go eek! And look at Miss thing Vivi... chip off the old block with her mom's sense of style and all.

Ginny at Twinkle Pink

Oh Jenn that is just sooo lovely, your little viv ~ as we might say her ~ Absolutely Fabulous Darling ~ lol

I think your cake base is a great idea and I am going to see how much they cost here and have a go at something. I love what you did with them and love seeing you getting into the whole Marie Antoinette theme ~ it suits you well :-))

best wishes Ginny


Vivi is really stylin'...she looks like she is having a lot of fun...what a cutie...LOVE the collages...esp the bunny one...they are so cute...i have to know where you got that pleated trim, i have been looking for some!!!


Hi Jenn!
Love your new collages. YOur friend and her daugher will also love theirs. mY favorite is that sweet bunny collage.. how stinking cute that is. And littl Vivi?? She is absolutely preciously adorable! she has grown so much. but I guess thats what they do, isnt it!
have a wonderful day!


I love those projects.. and your home.. Will you give us a tour someday- on your blog.. It looks DIVINE!

PS Martha Stewart is having a blog/twitter/facebook day on the 29th of Sept and she is looking for people to sign up- go to her site and click on request tickets.. its in there.

Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Jenn!! Vivi is soooo cute!! I wish I could come and play dress up with her, how fun! I saw the book Fancy Nancy and I told my boys I wanted it, lol! They said it was perfect for me, lol!

LOVE the collages Jenn! Such a wonderful tutorial. All of the little touches you added are just perfect. I have been wanting that tape from Andrea's shop. I have to get some. The vials of candy are too cute as is the darling pink elephant! I always think of you when I see them :) I am dying over the bunny one Jenn!!! It would be perfect in my kitchen too :):) You make the best things :)

Love ya,


Omgosh!! Vivi is so cute, I can't believe she didn't make Grant play dressup as well...my poor brother never stood a chance, hahaha!! I love the collages and the cake rounds are my favs, I have a cabinet full of them but have never used them for collages....may have to try that for Christmas or ooh, even Halloween. Thanks for the idea Jenn!


Absolutely lovely Jenn! The collages are beautiful and fun and the cake rounds are a great base. Vivi is too darn cute!

Jen Grenko

I am really inspired to try this myself. Maybe for Halloween like someone else said!


What a little Diva!!! I always loved playing dress up when I was little.. Little Vivi looks just to darn cute.. Glad you had a wonderful weekend.. Those types of weekends are always the best..
Your collages are amazing.. I guess you know by now, you're always amazing me..
I love that tape from Andrea's shop.. Works well for so many things..
Thanks for showing the tutorial..


WOW...I miss that my little girl is now 22 and she would rather play with her friends than me. Playing dress up is the most fun a little girl can have and Miss Vivi looks as though she is having a blast and looking quite adorable doing it.
Your collages are really charming!! I think I might even give it a try...you always make it look so easy...I am not fooled!! Thanks so much for the tutorial!
Enjoy the rest of your day!! xOxO Hugs, Nerina :)

Karla Nathan

What yummy collages! Your friend will be so happy to get that thank you gift.

And Vivi's outfit is just perfectly coordinated with that pair of Ariel glasses. If she's anything like my little ones, Ariel is the height of fashion to her.


I want to eat vivi up! TOOO darn cute!!! I have to show kathy your bunny collage, she will die! She brought over the tags you made her today, they are so sweet! I have something for you, I need to mail it!
xoxo, Tiffany

Julie Boyer

Vivi is too adorable!!!
I love your collages especially the one for Caroline. They will cherish it.
Everything is very sweet!!!

Bryanna Lenan/The Polka Dot Parliament

I can't decide what is cuter... Miss Vivi or that little pink elephant... Ok, OK, hands down... It's Miss Vivi (and Cassandra's images are AWESOME, I agree!!!)


Thank you very much for the inspiration! Now I have to make some coffee and sit down at my crafting table and glue! Very beautiful stuff you've made (as usual!)


Your Daughter is an absolute little doll, so so sweet. And I adore the bunny collage, you knew I would : ) I talked to Tiffany today about wanting to make a banner out of the sweet tags you sent me with tissue roses in between the tags. I will take pictures and send them to you when I get it figured out. Thank you again, you are a sweetheart.

Valarie Kraft

Your daughter is absolutely adorable. What a charmer. I love the collages, and yes you have inspired me to make one. I promise to send pictures. Have a lovely day.
xxoo Valarie


Hi, Jenn! I'm a huge fan, having first seen your design talents in the Romantic Homes magazine. Your Vivi looks so cute here, a real bundle of joy. Treasure those dress up times and take plenty of photos! I wish you continued success in all your endeavors, and thanks for sharing! Oh - I've not seen the glue you used on your precious collages - where did you find it? Have a foofy day! ~ Angela

Jennifer Hayslip

Awww..thank you Karla. :)) XOXO

Jennifer Hayslip

Gosh, could you imagine Sugarwings and Vivi together? I know Sugarwings is a bit older, but I could just see the two playing dress up together. Of course we need fairy dresses for them both. ;) XO

Jennifer Hayslip

Thank you Nerina for your lovely compliments and I always apprecite you stopping by. :) XO

Jennifer Hayslip

Kathy is sooo sweet! I cant wait to see the banner she makes with the tags. EEK! Something for ME??? YAY!!! :) Good luck this weekend. Take lots of pics!! XO,Jenn

Jennifer Hayslip

Cant wait to see the bannner Kathy! Im sure it will turn out precious! :) XO, Jenn

Jennifer Hayslip

Awww...thanks Valarie! Please send pics. I wanna see! Have fun! ;) XO,Jenn

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