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August 18, 2009


jessi nagy

so fun
what fabulous pics!
see ya soon dollface.


Jenn, it looks like you had a wonderful time at the jersey shore...how fun that you got to meet up with Jenny...those houses are gorgeous...

Lavender Dreams

What wonderful photos! You all look like models...so beautiful! I sure hope to get to the beach before the summer is over! Looks so inviting!

Amanda Howard

Oh what a wonderful trip you've had. Your photos are gorgeous, such beautiful houses and stunning scenery. Thanks for sharing. Mandy x

Bunny Rose Cottage

JENN!!!! I LOVED this post!! Just so full of fun! You and Curtis are the cutest couple, you just look so in love! And LOOK at Miss Vivi!!! Jenn, she is gorgeous and looking so much older, what a beauty! And of course the adorable Grant who looks just like YOU! What a fun place to visit, I would love to go there. The houses are amazing!!! How fun to get to visit with Jenny and Aaron!! You are all so lucky to have met one another! I would die, lol! My three favorite artists in one room!! What could be better!! So glad you were able to get away and have family fun! You deserve it with all you do for others!
Love you sweetie,


Fun fun fun,
Kids and Adults alike!!
The Jersey Shore is so colorful
and alive.....
Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)

Jennifer Grenko

Looks like you had an awesome last fling of summer!! I thought it was cute that you and Vivi were riding in the pink elephant which reminded me of one you have pictured in your blog before. Mr. Grant got to ride in a Nemo fish.. and how hilarious about Curtis and his wine shop.. Thanks for sharing with us!! xoxo...


Sounds like you had a wonderful time.. The kids look so cute.. I can't believe how big they're getting.. You look like a doll in all of your pictures..Glad your back though, missed seeing your sweet posts.. Good luck with the pile of laundry..That's the stinky part about going on vacation..


Love seeing the kiddies having sooo much fun! Glad the mommies got a break too! Thanks for visiting my blog, have fun creating new goodies,


Kristin Hubick

Thanks for the comment on my little charlotte pieces Jenn!
These pictures were awesome! Looks like you had an absolute BLAST!

Valarie Kraft

Jenn...it looks like you had a fabulous vacation. The childrens shell artwork looked so beautiful. They looked so proud. That's how memories are created. I wanted to let you know that you won the giveaway on my Blog. My niece picked 7-11 as her favorite number, so I am giving away 2 prizes. Just email me your address and I will send it out. I think you will love it. I am hoping to come to your next big event in April.....I am crossing my fingers that our Convention isn't that week. I find out soon. Have a lovely day.
xxoo Valarie


hello jenn,

there is nothing like the jersey shore and i think the sunsets are some of the most beautiful i have ever seen. such a dusty periwinkle.

did you make it over to michelle joy's shop, primrose, in somers point? beautiful and shabby. she had a fantabulous spread in country living a few years ago. there is some great shabby shopping in NJ for sure! and great frozen custard, too!

looks like a blast!



Thank you for taking us along on your sweet family vacation Jenn!
I have always wanted to visit Jersey!
My daddy was born there!
The pictures are beautiful... love those homes and gardens!

What a fun treat to meet up with Jenny, Melissa and Aaron too!



What a great place! Grant is little mister photograph, adorable! And Vivi had my favorite picture of all the barefoot in the sand one, precious little toes! And you lucky one Jen and Aaron and Missy!! She is truly a beautiful young woman! Well I think I need to get traveling now! Even though I have the bridal shower, wedding and returning to school I'm long overdo! I have to email you soon, I have a itty bitty favor! And now heres wishing you the laundry done soon! Love,Lori


Hi Jenn! Awesome Awesome Awesome summer vacation! Gorgeous pictures of family fun...precious memories! You look incredible as usual! Happy Wednesday to you!

Karla Nathan

What a fun place to visit, I'll bet the little ones loved it. And isn't it wonderful to get a night out with adults on a vacation after playing with the kids all day?

Southern Lady's Vintage

Looks like you all had a fantastic time! The little children are all adorable!

susan ericson

It always makes me so happy to see others enjoying the Jersey Shore. We came down here about 20 years ago and never left! Jenny and Aaron are about the sweetest couple that I have ever known as well. You really captured the essence of the Shore with your pictures. Thanks.
♥, Susan


Hello Jenn!!!
I was so delightful to see you stopping at my blog this morning, needless to say you always too sweet and kind to write me comments which make me smile always! Thank you Sooooooooo Muchhhhhh! I really appreciate a gorgeous lady yet you are my idol who too kind to me and leave me a comments.

These pictures from your trip of Summer at the Jersey Shore truly full of *LOVE* So cute looking at little princess Vivi & prince Grant enjoyed their summer fun so much! How nice if i can flash back to be kids again hehe:) I just love the pics of you & hubby and another lovely couple shot taken at home, admiring so much and not forgetting the adorable ladies! Amazing beautiful ladies in these pics:) Oooh...the houses and garden was amazing too! I can hardly see these in Singapore lolo...

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Jennifer Hayslip

Thank you SOOOOOO Much for getting back to me sweetie!!!! YOu are such a DOLL!!!!! You guys are such a cute couple!!!! I cant thank you enough for all the  UBER sweet kind things you say. :))))
Ok....so, I've been researching on Sony's website. Im looking at the model you have and the next one up with is the W.
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Thanks so much Zoe! Gosh I wish we lived closer! Think of how much fun we would have!!!! tee! hee!

jenny holiday

After an excruciatingly long & hot work-week...just that one night...those few short hours out with you and yours...totally erased every bit of stress from our minds and ache from our bones! Jenn...you truly are one of the absolute sweetest, kindest, and most easy to love people I've ever met. And Aaron agrees with my assessment of you 100%. I really can gush about you for six paragraphs...but being that this is just a comment, I'll try to keep it brief. Me, Aar, and Missy can't thank you guys enough for inviting us out to share in your summer fun. For starters, we got a big kick out of Curtis. He is a total crack-up and I bet we only saw the tip of the iceberg! And everything you told us about Dawn was spot-on! She's so easy to talk to and she makes friends with every one she meets! yup...nailed it. And Craig was great...again, much like Curtis, I think we only got to see a hint of his hilarious personality.
My only regret is that we didn't get to meet Miss Viv and that cutie pie Grant. Me and Aar go "awwwwwww" to their photos on a daily basis. Well, hopefully we'll meet them next year!
I just want to say that you captured the Jersey Shore perfectly with your photos. I'd say this is a fab blog entry even if I wasn't a part of it! So now I'm saying thanks not just from me but hopefully I'm speaking for a good portion of blogland that hasn't commented: Thanks for sharing you amazing trip with us! Once again you dazzle us with your crisp images and sweet thoughts. This is what blogging is all about. Thanks for bringing us all to the Shore with you!!
Really, you have no idea how much love we have for you over here. Aaron brings you up all through the day. He's always saying how easy you are to talk to and how you can instantly make people feel like life long friends. Well, I'll save the rest for my blog! Thanks so much again!
xoxo, Jenny and Aaron


What a fun time, it looks beautiful there. I love all the pictures of the kids, adorable.

Joanna {sweet finds}

Hey sweet girl,

your photos are wonderful. Looks like you had a great time! Sorry, I bugged ya right in the middle of all that fun. :)

So, are you & Curtis gonna pack up the family & move? tee-hee. 3rd retreat at the shore sounds lovely!

hugs, Joanna

PS. So jealous... you had dinner with Jenny & Aaron!

Amy Arnaz

Hi Jenn,
I read about your blog in Artful Blogging and I'm so glad I followed thru and looked at your lovely blog. To answer a question you posed above: Yes! You should buy one of those amazing homes -- especially the one with the BIG front porch -- a perfect place to live & love. Amy Arnaz

tricia samsal

WHat a great time you had! Love Love those pics of the homes. I would have been drooling too! Wish a was little closer, AZ is a little far away. Maybe one day I'll get to Georgia.
Hugs, Tricia

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