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August 05, 2009


Sherry Williams

Oh my goodness....this is the prettiest picture of you so far, Jenn!! You look like a princess! I love the beautiful apron...it is so you!! I also love the shadowbox you made.


Wow Holly did an outstanding job on your apron I think she truly captured you. What a darling work of art that Barbie Shadow box is heaven. It seems to me with each and every post you just get prettier and prettier. And congratulations Ms. August you sure make a great foof queen. Have a great weekend sweets.
Hugs, Diane


Jenn! OMG, that is a wonderful shadow box! Is it for Jessi?? If not she'll want one!!! Now about the apron.....AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I can't wait to see Silver Bella pictures of everyone in theirs! You have a wonderful time for both of us!!!!! P.S Are you wearing Betsy shoes???? You know I love her! Wish i could find anything of hers here! Love ya

Ginny at Twinkle Pink

That shadow box is glorious, I LOVE the ballerina's soooooo much !!

Your Apron looks so much fun and so glam for silver bella, BUT Jenn ??? You make the most stunning aprons yourself .... remember :0))

Love your post and congratulations on your glam award, soooo cute.

best wishes always Ginny xx


Wow! The shadow box is adorable! The chimney is my favourite bit - just so cute!

Such a wonderful post (again) - you look wonderful in your apron!



i immediately thought of Jessi too when i saw your shadowbox...if it's not for her, i hope you have supplies to make another one...because she is going to want one...it is SOOOOOOOOO adorable...i love that little bisque doll you have in there, she is one of the prettiest i have seen, her face is just beautiful...and i love how you have her all foofed up...LOVE your apron from Holly, it really is darling...and looks so cute on you!!!


Jenn, the shadow box is soooo freaken precious! someone is very lucky! Your apron.. is perfectly you! and it looks adorable on you. and lastly, you look wonderful in a crown darling!

jessi nagy

Hey sweetie!!!

eeekkk that shadow box is awesome!!!
i love the barbie girl!

YOur apron rocks!! we are gonna look so cute for silver bella.
we need to take a pick with all of us for Holly!

Of course your Miss August, Hello! Congrats doll.
i loved being miss June! Christine is so fabulous!!!

see ya soon!



Oh i love that shadow box!! where or where do you find all those goodies to put in it?? The apron is adorable & i am wondering do you ALWAYS look like such a glamour girl? Please tell me you wear jeans & a t-shirt sometimes :) my mom has a huge collection of those storybook dolls all in their original poka-dot boxes! Guess who the ONLY daughter is? Yep, someday they'll be mine :)
PS i'll be drawing for my cutie~cupcake this weekend- keep your fingers crossed! :)


Hi Jenn!! Hope all is well. I love the shadowbox..the hankies in the background are perfect!!!!!! Y'all are all going to be so sweet in your "Holly-made" aprons...I haven't even thought abt. mine yet, :(.
I guess I better get busy, can't wait!!


I just adore your shadowboxes Jenn - they are always so sweet and perfect! Fabulous apron - so you!


Oh Jenn.... such a lovely post! You look so adorable in the Frou Frou apron... it really is YOU! I am so happy that you love it.

Also thrilled to see the shadow box completed!! It turned out even cuter than I imagined. You are the QUEEN of shadowboxes! ha! And many other things!!!

I am happy to pass the DIY Girl crown to you, Miss August. I enjoyed it so much in July... but it was getting a little heavy! ha ha

Big hugs,


Wow...that shadow box is so freakin cute!! Love how the backs of the boxes are as special as the attraction inside. The beautiful hankies. butterflies and wallpaper are so charming!! The dress that barbie is sporting is so frilly and pretty. Love love ballerinas. One lucky girlie, that's for sure!!
Congrats on being the DIY girl for the month of August, well deserved. Your apron for Silver Bella captures the southern glamour gal that you are, Holly did a terrific job...you must be so excited!!
Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)

Bunny Rose Cottage

You gorgeous girl!! Jenn, you belong in the movies! You are so glamerous. I LOVE that apron!!!! How cute can you get?? And just so perfect for YOU!!

*SIGH* your shadowboxes.... I love them! This one is just fabulous!!! I LOVE the butterfly whisperer!! You know how much I love those dolls :) Everything you create is perfect!! Congratulations on being hte DIY girl of the month! I cant think ofa more deserving person!!
Love you sweet friend,

Julie Ann Grakowsky

What a beautiful shadowbox!! I just love the little birdie with her curled feathers. And the heart pillow with the rhinestone key! And the swan with the flowers!

And your new apron is just gorgeous!! You are going to be the best dressed at Silver Bella!!

Congrats on your title, too, Miss August :)

GirlWhimsy (Debbie)

Hi Jenn!

The shadowbox you created for me looks super delish on your blog! Once again, thank you thank you for bringing my favorite girly and whimsical loves to life! The box far supercedes what I visioned in my head and I will treasure it forever! The ladies in my life are going to be sooo jealous of my shadowbox! I can't wait til' it arrives (I'm doing a "happy" dance at this very moment)! I hope you don't mind if I use some of your lovely pics of the shadowbox to post on my blog, GirlWhimsy. I have to show my readers your beautiful creation. Hugs and Kisses!!

GirlWhimsy (Debbie)

P.S. Jenn -

You DESERVE to be the Dollybelle DIY Glamour Girl of the Month! And that apron looks absolutely darling on you! You go sweet girl!

Jennifer Grenko

Hey Jenn! I so love that shadowbox... most especially the ballerina with the darling ballerina hankie. Your apron is just adorable too... xoxo..jennifer grenko


Hi Jenn,
You have such a one of a kind talent, I love the shadowbox. My favorite part is all the butterflies on the wall, so cute and creative. I love the row of white roses too. You look adorable in your apron, beautiful photos of you!!!


I'm just looooooving the Girly Eye Candy!!! Jenn, you really did such an amazing job. I love all the pretty figurines, they're to cute.. Love the apron to, you look adorable with it on...


Sweetie Jenn!
You looked SooOOoo *ADORABLE* like a little girl happily wearing her girlie apron:) Besides i love you beautifully made nad of cause the most ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥SWEETEST♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ princess like whimsical shadowboxes, Its so cute i have imagine this beautiful shadowboxes just like a smaller version of your fairy house:)

Have a wonderful weekend!


gosh jenn, your shadowbox had the heart of my little-girl self beating like a drum! that is just beautiful.

and look at you in sweet apron and beautiful home. just dreamy!



You look sooo sweet in that apron from Holly!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Christina XoXO


Aawwww the shadowbox is sooooo pretty :-) Is it for a little one? Although I think it'll fit right also for the young at hearts. Yes, i believe it to be so.

The apron is too cute. With just an image of your request, she made it perfectly - very inspired from the photo and perfect for you - You look adorable by the way.

Congratulations on being crowned. :-)


Christine Rose Elle

OMG! You are so totally adorable Jenn! Holly's handmade apron is beyond perfect for you and you look darling modeling it! You new shadowbox is to die for!
You really are DIY glamour itself!
love love love

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