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May 31, 2009


Linda Lilly Cottage

Wow Jen, what a truly marvellous time you must have had and with such like minded arty souls! I adore the gifts you received, they really must have been the icing on the cake for you after such a huge event!
Thanks for sharing,
Kiss Noises Linda


Jenn, your event looks like it truly was a magical place to be...what wonderful gifts from all of your friends...i saw most of the posts about your event...and the attention to detail and the love you poured into it was so evident...i am sure all of the girls who were in attendance felt so lucky to be there...and they were indeed!!!

Jennifer Konda

I was just sooooo happy that you took alot of pictures!!! I don't get to go out of town to often so it was nice to see everything, it felt like I was there. Thank YOU for making us feel like a part of your wonderful day....Hugs, Jennifer

Mary Zywar

Jenn, As always your blog is filled with such totally awesome "eye candy"!!
I am so happy I came across it a few weeks ago.
Little Vivians room is absolutley beautiful-as is your entire home! You sure perk up my day!
:O)Mary (Estesart)


You deserve all these beauties for a job well done!
They are all beutiful! What kind friends.

Jen Grenko

Aww Jenn, you really poured your heart and soul into this event and it showed! It was gorgeous and fun and everything it could have been and more because of you! I'm so glad you liked the dolls. I have some more for you when I find them! Thank you for giving us all a wonderful opportunity to know each other and share in your twinkly eyecandy world...


What a lovely post, so full of pretties.
You certainly reveived some beautiful gifts but they were well deserved, you created a magical event.
I am in love with your paper doll and vintage rubber toys.
Take care
Beki xxx

jessi nagy

Hey there sweets,
what a fantabulous weekend we had!!
you got so many lovely gifts.
it was truly magical!!
i miss ya!!


I hope you don't get tired of hearing...THANK YOU!! I know I threw a kink in things by signing on at the last min.-almost last day- but you were so sweet as were all the girls including me in the swap and just letting be there soaking it all up! I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will get to work on "froofing" up your toadstool before Fifi gets there, I want it to be worthy of Vivi's room. Thanks again and I will call you soon to pick up the fairy toadstool to add the details!


each and every gift you received was magical! beautiful and thoughtful treasures!
xo natalea


YOU are definitely loved, my dear! Wow.... so many special and unique gifts to treasure forever. Im' so glad you photographed them all and shared them in Blogland. How lovely! Enjoy!

karla nathan

You deserve to be showered in gifts after everything you did for us! Thanks again-


Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Sweet Jenn :)

WOW!!! What an eye candy filled post!! What lovely, kind, sweet friends to give you so many beautiful gifts!!! I love each and every one! You deserve them Jenn, you worked so hard to make the perfect retreat! I cant tell you how much I have enjoyed reading all about it on the different blogs and seeing all the beuatiful pictures. You truly created an event full of beautiful lifelong memories, which is the best gift of all! I would have loved to be there :)

I know what you mean about taking a computer break too! I spend wayyy to much time on here! In fact, my son drew a "mom's day" comic strip. I was on the computer in every square, lol!!! SO SAD!! LOL

Love ya sweetie,


Sweetie Jenn:)
Miss Vivi's room so beautiful and filled with so many eye candy stuff! You must be have more rooms to decorate with loads of new coming gifts inn the future. Amzing beautiful house making me scream and dream to have such fairy tale house! *lol*

You are my idol here! Wishing i am leaving in US hahaha:)

Valarie Kraft

Jenn, your event looked so beautiful. I admit I am jealous of all the lovely ladies that were your guests. I loved the flower pot that you made. You should do an online tutorial for it. I know I would pay for that!! Have a lovely day. Valarie


Sorry I haven't been able to write sooner! First off congrats on the beautiful event you hosted and posted! I am in awe of all the fabulous detail! Second, OH MY little Vivis room is precious! And as for all your goodies, one word, " WOW" Have a fine week and wish I were there for the day! P.S Good luck on the photo shot! Lori


You are such a sweetheart, we would have given you the world if we could have! the toys and bag look darling in vivi's room!
Now go relax, you deserve it!
xoxo, Tiffany

Natasha Burns

You are such a gorgeous sweet girl and definitely the hostess with the mostest!!! What a wonderful event you hosted!
Say hi to Dan when he comes over, and Fifi too of course! xo


Ok so I am completely in love with your blog, it's so awesome and pink and girly!!!! And your En Le Jardin event looked like a blast!! My brother went to SCAD so me and my mom are always in Savannah, GA... it holds a special place in my http://labohememagique.blogspot.com/


Ok so I am completely in love with your blog, it's so awesome and pink and girly!!!! And your En Le Jardin event looked like a blast!! My brother went to SCAD so me and my mom are always in Savannah, GA... it holds a special place in my http://labohememagique.blogspot.com/


What lovely gifts from so many special friends. You deserved it for putting on such a great event

Victoria xx


Why do words just INSIST on abandoning me when it comes to your BEAUTIFUL BLOG?!?! Oh my Lordie, I always come here fully knowing I'm going to leave feeling like I'm sailing on Cloud 9 and yet somehow I'm STILL never prepared enough to comprehend all the cuteness and pink and blue beauty a person can be guaranteed to find here when they stop by! How do you even have any soul left inside you when you are constantly uploading such large sparkly chunks of it onto the web? A few moments spent pouring over your blog and little inside peeks at your life makes me feel as though I just stepped out of a Jennifer Haylsip machine in which I was pampered and hugged and spoiled 'til I was practically black & blue (& pink, hee hee) in the face! What I mean is... no other person in the entire galaxy knows how to present gorgeousness AND provide giggles the way that you do! I am so overwhelmed by all the pictures to look at. Absolutely NOTHING makes me happier than to see an angel like you being bestowed one gift after another by other likeminded lovelies who know exactly what a cherub you are! I am flabbergasted by the love radiating from your captions! You are such a grateful person, Jen. Not just generous but truly so appreciative of the love you're given BACK! I swear you do not have a selfish bone in your body. How did we all get so lucky to get to have you in our lives? And Jenn, major exclamation marks and standing O's for what you did to your gandmother's drsser! I am dumbfounded by how darling Viv's room always looks! I wish I could find these mags you are always featured in. You are bonafide celebrity and yet the most down to Earth girl in the world! I feel like the giftie I just sent you in the mail will not even count next to all the glorious prezzies these pretty hearted ladies just showered you with and btw congraulations on the sweet success of En Le Jardin! Not in my wildest dreams could I ever even BEGIN to imagine being in your presence and learning from the absolute master herself! These women must have been pinching themselves to believe it! *Sigh* I'm sure my comment has reached the point of no longer making sense. I'm just a mess of mush right now and wish I could sneak my way into the screen and attack you in that piccie of you with the fairy toadstool! I love you Jennifer Haylsip with ALL my might! xoxoxox

m i c h e l l e

OHMYBUTTONS! The gorgeousness in this post is just beyond words. I swear...I think I woulda paid money to read and view this one! :-) Just amazing and so many beautiful, heartfelt gifts, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing with us!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Jenn.... Your event was truly the most beautiful one I have EVER seen girlie! You are the queen hostess for sure! What beautiful gifts from all of your friends to make it even more special. So glad it all went well!!

xoxo Heather


Jenn, you deserved all those beautiful gifts, it was such a wonderful time, thank you again.
Oh, I love Ms. Vivi's room--darling! I did the same with Tiffany's bag--it's in little Devyn's room-those bags are so sweet.

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