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April 19, 2009


kana conger


Great job with the apron....and I really love the pocket too!

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Jenn, I am so in love with this apron! It is so unique and pretty and happy and just so incredibly YOU!!!! Ginny is so lucky, this is amazing just like everything you do! You are so beautiful modeling this too :):)
Love ya,


The apron came out very pretty....I was waiting to see what you were going to do with it and for someone who doesn't sew... you did a great job!!!.......Jennifer : )

Ginny at Twinkle Pink

Oh Jenn you look adorable in the apron!!! I still can't believe how lucky I was to land you for the creator of my apron (thank you Heather and Stephanie for giving me Jenn). I am so thrilled with it ... every inch of it is beautiful.

True Southern Charm that I will always remember you for.

Best wishes Ginny xx


aww!!! It turned out sooooo cute!!!! I hear ya about the no sewing thing,but lately I actually got my sewing machine out of the box and have been sewing up a storm!! Stuff for the kiddos,for the house, even paper tags! I am actually liking it!! I used to be scared of it. lol. I am not perfect yet by any means,but if I can do it I know for sure you can! :-) I hope you have a great week sweets!! hug hugs!!! Britt :-) xoxo!!!!


Terrific Job Jen. It is adorable.

Debra Abel

Congrats on reaching the 100th. I love the sweet apron, you look so pretty in it too. It is very sweet but much to pretty for cooking in.


hi!!! your apron is just the most delightful confection of sweetness!!!! such a fun blog!


Honestly, I'm speechless. It's beautiful!


Jenn, your apron is totally adorable...even more so when modeled by you:) that pocket you put together on it is THE sweetest thing!!! i am sure Ginny was totally enchanted by your pretty creation...bravo!!!

Tiffany ~ shabby scraps

All I can say is WOW!
xoxo, Tiffany


wow Jenn, I'm in awe! I may have to add you to my idol list.. the apron is truely amazing! I popped over to look at the others.. so much sweetness! I would have loved to play in this swap!


Just darling!! Lucky girl that Ginny! It's Jenn's own unique eye candy! Congrats on the upcoming 100th post!


Oh my goodness you found the perfect apron and then made it even more incredibly beautiful with your gorgeous additions - it's just so lovely! Lucky girl that Ginny :). Well done Jenn!


Elma Riedstra

Oh my that apron is gorgeous!!! Love your blog:)

debi @ life in my studio

Ooooohhhhhhh! Your apron turned out so pretty! I love all the sweet details you put on it...and that pocket IS simply adorable!

Valarie Kraft

Oh my, the apron you did is absolutely beautiful!! It screams YOU!!
Have a wonderful week.

Linda Lilly Cottage

What a beautiful apron Jen!! I swear these aprons are more like ball gowns than domestic aprons...so much more fun....Cinderella could have gone to the ball in this sweet apron....I am sure it will be adored by Ginny!
Kiss Noises Linda


Love the cute apron you've created!


Great job on the apron. I never would have known you don't sew. It's beautiful and fluffy. Ginny is a lucky lady!!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

I love your apron Jenn... you did a PERFECT job creating it for Ginny. I love that you sent her a little bit of American southern charm all the way over in the UK. hehe You look so cute modeling it for us! The color is SOOOO gorgeous... and the sweet embellishments couldn't be more perfect.

xoxo Heather


It turned out gorgeous...so you...I cannot imagine anyone wearing it but you! I have worked out the Amphora day with my girls class and am able to have fun with you guys on Sat. the 16th if it is still an option! I registered for Silver Bella this morning as well...WOOHOO!!!!!


So pretty Jenn. You did an amazing job! And you look beautiful modeling it too! Oh, I'm so excited to be next door neighbors at SB! Thanks for being so speedy at booking a room! xo


Aren't you kidding me you do not sew? It's too GORGEOUS perhaps this is apron is not just a ordinary one its more than that! I would love to wear out on the street *TeeHee*
*Miss Ginny is so LUCKY GIRL*
Looooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Jenn's APRON*lol*

Sheri Ingrande

How sweet is that!!!!

I do not sew either so it is nice to see something so lovely.... and no needle and thread or sewing machine required.

I am on post 91 myself.....100 is coming up soon :)

Can't wait to see what you are giving away!

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