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March 23, 2009


Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Sweet Jenn!!
This is the sweetest, happiest, prettiest post ever!! It made me feel so happy :) I LOVE your Jellybean bunny!! Oh is he ever cute! I couldnt have resisted him either :)

Your latest creations are absolutely to die for Jenn! Your talent gets more and more amazing! You have such a gift! Thank you so much for creating this GORGEOUS gumball machine for me! It is truly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! If I start to feel sad or depressed, I look at it and imagine that I am the little girl inside my own beautiful spring bubble!! It is fabulous Jenn and I am so honored and so lucky to have it!!! I LOVED your signature bunny box so much, that I already went into Lollishops and snatched it up, lol! I bought some tags too but now wish I would have bought the pink and aqua set too, lol! It is all so beautiful Jenn! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the world! It is a better place because of the joy you put into it!
Love you sweetie,


Oh Jenn, these creations could not be any sweeter! All so whimsical! The little green lamb is themost adorable thing! Perfect for Easter! xo


Looking good my friend ~ so sweet and lovely.


you kill me...really, you do...Amy must be beside herself with happiness over the bubblegum~ball machine you made for her...i think that is your cutest one yet...love the bunny box she snatched up too...those girls look so darn cute:)

Linda Lilly Cottage

Oh Jen I am so with you, the colours of Easter are just scrumptious!!!
I adore all of new creations and my two favourites are your bunny box....I so love those white rabbits and your custom order gumball machine it just perfection!
It looks just like a storybook coming to life!
Oh I have another favourite too, the first easter tag is sooooo special!!!
What am I talking about it is all gorgeous!!!
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage


OH GOSH Jenn!!! I love all your new bunnies creations especially the Mama bunny and her daughters *SO DAMN CUTE*
Just so adorable with these whimsical gumball machines assemblage never finish rolling my eyes from top to bottom and again and again and again!!! Killing me with your eye candy stuff:*
Arrrhhhh you already got the beautiful Betsey ring i love too!!! *hahhaha* alright i should tell my hubby why not get me as a Ester gift hahaha or maybe your creations will much great idea! HOHOHO



Keeeeeeeute! I love it all. I think the Easter holiday is just one of the most fun and I always seeing what you'll come up with. Thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful post!


just something nanna made



Jenn, you are such a hard worker. I love everything that you create. Nowadays when I go shopping and I see a sweet little bunny, I think of you...LOL! I bought a couple of bunny decorations for decorating my apartment and I found cute little feathery (boa I think)bunny and I decided to name it Lil' Jenn. I'm saving so I can buy something wonderful for myself from your Lollishops.

Your joy is evident in your work and I for one think you are awesome.

Deanna :D

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

jenn.... you have done it again girl!!! Your talent is amazing. I LOVE the gumball machines and your jellybean is adorable. Happy Spring!!


star trek

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Well I have to say Jellybean is a darling Vintage bunny, I sure can see why you bought him! You sure came up with some wonderful Spring Creations! Hugs, Diane


Jenn, I just don't even know where to start. I'm just totally speechless. You have the most amazing talent and imagination. You have been a busy bee...I love the gumball machines and the bunny box.


I was having one of those "melancholy" overcast days here in Texas until I saw your blog with all the lovely, pastel goodies. Now, I'm all motivated to get out my Easter things and sweeten up my house! Thanks for the inspiration!

Marlene Haveron

Thank you Jenn for showing us ALL of your SWEET creations....they are toooo adorable...I can't wait to take out my bunny collection - you've INSPIRED me...some of my bunnies are from when I was a little gal some 40 yrs. ago, thank you for bringing back some happy thoughts of my childhood...I just LOVE the gum ball machines...so original and again adorable...I hope to attend your Creative Weekend...keep you the work......Grace & Peace 2 "U" Marlene :O)

Shell May

Wonderful creations! Of course anyone who loves bunnies and makes bunny things is a friend of mine!
bunny hugs,


OMg Jenn how absolutely adorable !
You are the QUEEN OF EASTER and SPRING :)
I am a tad late getting to your blog and I see all your lovelies have been snatched up , good for you ...not for me ..lol
I adored your Springtime Chic and girlie bunnie box, so sweet and the Girlie Easter bunny tags , delish!


Beautiful, Adorable, Wonderful!!! I love them all.



These gumball machines are just too adorable for words! And that little green lamb is sweet as can be. I wish i had made it to your blog earlier to snatch up one of these delicious treats. Maybe another time. Your blog will now be a regular.

The song you have playing is as cute as the things you sell. The sweetest thing i have heard! hehe

kana conger

I love your vintage lavendar bunny! All of your creations are lovely, especially the boxes. Thanks for sharing with us.


Hi Jenn! OMGosh your blog is so beautiful, I love everything you have......I love the bumball machine and I have one too so I think it's time to get rid of the gum and get creative!!! I have two blogs, come look when you get a chance! It was nice to meet you!! have a great day! Jennifer (we even share the same name) : )

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