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March 15, 2009


Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Jenn, this is going to be beautiful and such a success!!!! What a wonderful idea :) I LOVE the area you are in and would much rather visit there, teehee! It must be so much fun planning and getting ready!! Congratulations, this is a brilliant idea! Perfect for you as you are so talented!
Love ya sweetie,


Jenn, sounds like so much fun! I wish I lived closer to Georgia! actually I was just in georgia, (does the airport count?) I know your retreat will be a hugs success! there are 6 of us girls in WNY who are also planning a little art retreat of our own coming up in june. we are really looking forward to our fun weekend too!
have a sweet day!
hugs vivian

Kristin Hubick

This is AMAZING news! A big congrats Jenn! I sure do wish I lived closer :). I hope it is everything you dream of :).

P.S. I tried to click on my link on your blog roll to get back and it doesn't work :(.



What a wonderful plan, I love the latest plans Wow what fun you should have a full house. I sure do hope you keep us up to date!
Hugs, Diane


Oh how fun! I know it will be a great success! It an almost (hopefully!) newborn wasn't going to be here I would so sign up! Hopefully you will have a wonderful event and host one again next year!

jessi nagy

hey sweets
i can't wait till this amazing weekend!!!
it is going to be magical!!

Andrea S.

SO excited for you Jenn! Can't wait to get there and share the magic of the event with all of you girls!

karla nathan

I am so glad to be coming!


I think its a wonderful idea!
I wish you the most success and If I can figure out a way to come I will!!!

Linda Lilly Cottage

Right then, I shall be watching this event with great envy from the other side of the world....perhaps it will inspire me to do something over here. It sounds so fabulous and so much fun....jealous!!!
Kiss Noises Linda

Natasha Burns

Fabulous!!! I can't wait to be virtually there, this will be a new and fun experience! ox

Shelley Gomez

Oh Jenn~~That sounds wonderful and I know you'll do an amazing job! I wish I could make it...But hopefully in the future when there is another one. I really am planning on going to Silver Bella this year though... We'll see! Are you going to attend as well?
Good luck with everything! I'll be sending pics of my Daughter's BDay...it's the 28th!

Have a lovely day...Huggs =D

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Jenn, your event is going to be SO stunning! Wish I could be there with you all... I will be thinking of you. WIshing you much success!

LOVE this beautiful song you have playing! so lovely for your flower fairies!

xo heather


I have signed up! I am so thrilled because I follow so many of the participants blogs (as well as Jenn's) and I can't wait to meet and create along with everyone... I hope I will turn into a real crafter...

Sheri Ingrande

Wishing you a beautiful event..I know it will be magical as everything you touch becomes gold!

Wish I could be there~what fun! I will be at my first vintage trailer rally in Pismo and have already booked the dates.

Hope it is so successful that you host next year too...!!!!!

Take tons of pics..I envy you gals that get to attend :(


Do you know how sad i am i guess i'm the only girl in this blogland who satyed so far away just like one end to another end!
....SAD.....I want to go....I guess i'm the most far away from SG TO US...
sad....and i still wanna congrats you on hosting this wonderful event:)

oh..btw thanks for added me in your Fun blog list but did you copied the right address? Coz i just discovered you might be copied wrongly of my address.
So ithis us the correct one:)



What a beautiful event. I just love that invitation, it's just so stunning. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Laura Ingalls Gunn

If only my husband was still stationed at Warner Robins AFB! Have a wonderful time. I will live the event vicariously through your blog.


Love the idea of your art retreat, REALLY wish i was your neighbor now!! Have a fabulous time, i know you will! i am sure you ARE the hostess with the MOSTEST!


I tried everything I could think of to come to your retreat - it sounds like so much fun! But my family is coming for a visit and I just couldn't believe that THEY wouldn't want to change their tickets!!! I want you to put me on the list at the top for next year - I'm sure this will be such a hit that it will be an annual event! I wish you all the best!! How many people are you going to have? I have to second what the last commenter said...you will definitely be the Hostess with the Mostess!


Bravo for you Jenn! You are so "on the mark". We do need more of these events on the East Coast. I so wish I could come as it looks like it is going to be wonderful weekend...a day trip to Savanah...one of the places on my list for must visit someday! I am just drooling with envy for those that will be there with you.


how i just LOVE your blog.
first time her , but definetely not tha last.
Have a great weekend.

Bumble Bee Cottage

Hi Jenn, I wish you lots of luck with your crafting venture. I just wish Guernsey was a bit closer so I could come! The things you are going to make look lovely. Best of luck.

britt- sparkledvintagecharm

what a fun idea!! I would LOVE to come!! I just wish I lived closer!!!! :-( I hope you are having a fantastic weekend!!! huge hugs!!! Britt :-)


more cutie cupcakes added to my blog... IF you'd like to see :)


bet you are a busy bee!! have a great week, hope you get some time for more creations soon!

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