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February 23, 2009


Alice W.

Happy Birthday to you all! It looks like some amazing birthday fun was had! Your children are tooooo adorable...I loved the photos of Grant at school~precious! And Vivian looks like she had a blast on the Tumblebus...I think I saw that on Jon and Kate Plus 8 once. I love all of the creative birthday ideas! {filing in my brain for when I have kids ;)}


That was a fun post to read on a Monday workday...imagining birthday cake along with my lunch...yum!

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Jenn!

My gosh, these pictures put a huge smile on my face!!! You have such a beautiful family and it warms my heart to see you all so happy! You are GORGEOUS Jenn!!! I love your hair :) That necklace is to die for!! I LOVE Betsy Johnson :) Grant is looking so grown up! I love what the school does, so special! And what a wonderful trip to Disney, what more could a sweetie want? And dont even get me started on Vivi!! I could just kiss those cheeks all day, lol! I have never seen a cupcake cake, I love it! I am so glad you all had special days! Happy Birthday to you all!

britt- sparkledvintagecharm

awww!!! what fun bdays!! sooo coll that they are all together like that!! :-) looks like you had a blast at Disney and the tumble bus is the cutest idea!! I adore your jewelry you got!! Especially the Betsy necklace!! She is a favorite of mine too!! I hope you have a great day sweets! Britt

LiLi M.

Congrats to all of you! What fun parties. I love that cupcake topper, too cute, though the little lady herself is even cuter!
Love the photos of Grant in Disney too! And your Betsy Johnson necklace is sooo beautiful!


What fantastic birthday celebrations you've all been having, Disneyland, Tumblebuses and cocktails!!

Victoria xx


Happy Belated Birthday Jenny! I'm so glad you all had a wonderful time celebrating each of your birthdays! I can't wait til my kids are old enough to take to Disney World! I just love your necklace girl!

Hugs! Sandy


I love Betsey too! I had a chance of staying out in her rental home in Mexico; that was wonderful!
The celebration of life is such a great idea. More schools should embrace that.

Ele at abitopinkheaven

Happy Birthday to you and your kiddos! I have never seen a birthday cupcake cake before. It looks fabulous and gorgeous colors too! The topper you made is so cute.


Wow, you really had a busy month. But so much fun and love! Your children are adorable. And I am now craving that strawberry cake you had, lol. Happy Birthday to all of you!


Happy belated to birthdays to all 3 of you! Looks like you and your family are having so much fun. I love the cake topper with Vivian's photo...so precious!


You have a beautiful family! Grant resembles his momma, what a cute little guy!
Vivi is cutie pie. I love her birthday outfit! The cake top you made is beautiful, and so is the cupcake cake. Happy Belated birthday to you! The Betsey necklace is an awesome birthday present. I love it! It has so many cute charms!
Thanks for posting such nice pictures!


happy birthdays to everyone! looks like fun was had by all. love that cupcake cake. Ive never heard of one, but its a cute idea. oh and your necklace?? to die for! have a happy week!


hi jenn! happy belated birthday to you and your beautiful children! hope you had a great birthday month! ~lisa

jessi nagy

o my gosh!!!
where to start!!!
all these fab birthday parties, disney, betsey, drinks, yummy. what a fab month you have had!!
love ya doll


You look really pretty as usual!!! I love how much love you can tell you have for your kids in each foto! We have a lot in comman. My birthday is tomarrow (25) and I was adopted like Vivian was. She is super sweet and was so so CUTE in her little party hat and highchair!!! What a lucky little girl!!! Your necklace is fab !!! Happy late birthday and Grant is super cute at Preschool! What a fun way to celebrate at his preschool!!! Hope you have a wonderful week

Claire Lawrence

Hi Jennifer as usual your site is a ray of sunshine I love it. Love your decor please post more house pics they are really inspiring. Also you look so fab I painted my nails after my last visit this time its the eyebrows which are going to get a trim! Do you do yours yourself you look so well groomed - how about some style tips too.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Sheri Ingrande

What Fun.....I just posted about a B-day too...my step daughters SWEET 16. I made her a necklace but I will share that next time.

My son turns 18 next month....think I might cry!

As always.....you,your family and your home is sooo Gorgeous!

Andrea S.

wow, you have been busy making memories! I love seeing all of these pictures of your adorable children, Jenn!
And I love the necklace and the cake topper too!!!

misschell s.

Oh Jen we are birthday buddies (what date are you?)! i turned the big 4-0 on the 17th... not sure how i got this old, i was only 27 a day or so ago! we were in Maui for 8 days & i wish i could spend EVERY birthday there!!
Loved the pictures & the topper... YUMM!

another year older, another year BETTER!
~misschell (your Michigan pal)


Oh my gosh, sweet Jenn, I can't BELIEVE I missed your birthday! I'm a Febbie girl also, February the 5th to be exact! It makes me quite squealy to learn that we share a birthday month, it does! I must pop something in the post to mark the most magical occasion there ever could be - the anniversary of your birth! Gaahhh! I am sending you great big belated birthday hugs in the mean time, honey! So thankful for yet another doozy of a blog post crammed to the brim with beautiful pictures & info! So much to look at as always, it's sensory overload for the eyes! Little Vivi's cake topper is to die for, (it's almost as big as she is, oh my!!!) your Betsey necklace is making me salivate, I am so moved by the gorgeous celebration they threw for Grant's birthday at his school & just adore the pic of him with Mickey & Minnie especially. Such happy, exquisite children you have, my love! I must also make naughty mention of how delish you look in your pretty pink birthday blouse! My gosh, I'm being WAY too fresh here but heavens, your bosom looks even yummier than that cake! I am oozing with love for you, Jenn, just as much as ever! I miss you so whole heartedly and simply ache to be in touch more than I am. Sitting flat on my butt right now in a complete daze from all the cute I see above! You knock me dead, Miss Jenn, I love you so!

Pat Jochum

Jenn, Happy Belated Birthday to all of you. What beautiful celebrations you all had. We also have 3 February birthdays, hubby, oldest son and daughter. Everything you make or buy is always so beautiful and I enjoy coming in for a visit when I can. Hugs, Pat


Ive read a little bit of your blog, and I have to say I just love it! I really like your photos and your layout too =D Best wishes, Marie


HELLO Jenn, a long distance stopping by from Singapore:) firstly wishing you happy belated Birthday and all your dreams may come true:D I deeply admire on your creative mind and you looked stunning among the rest of your friends in the pic! Such a beautiful woman! and btw Vivi & Grant such a prince and angel looking! I love both of them and i had 2 nephew and 1 niece too somehow they are staying in Hongkong and Malaysia. I stopping by just to say hi and i did add you in my bloglist hope you don't mind.

Will love to visit whenever u post!



Hi Jenn! Wow! What a FUN month with all of those special birthdays to celebrate! Grant and Vivian are such adorable children. :-) I love visiting your delightful blog, and seeing all of the photos you share. It looks like Grant had a blast at Disney, and Vivian was the belle of the ball at her party. And your celebration out with the girls sounds perfect to me. I love your new necklaces too. I knew Betsey Johnson made clothes and shoes/handbags, but I didn't know she had a jewelry line too! I've gotta check it out!

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