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December 03, 2008



Wow, Can I come to your house for the holidays. And what a sweet surpise with all those lovly goodies. Looking forward to the shop update. Always love your work.
Hugs and Love


Oh my gosh! How sweet of that kind woman and what a wonderful stash she had. I cannot wait to see what you come up with using these goodies. Some other great finds here too - I wish we had a Hobby Lobby we do have Michaels though - may have to take a peek for that tree!

Misschell S.

Oh Jenn, it's your little friend from snowy Michigan. You know i live for your blog updates & have been checking like an insane person since the 21st of Nov. What a sweet lady to send you all those goodies- yum!
I can't wait to see your shop update & need to get my shop (chinamommy) filled as well...
thanks for the eye-candy!


oh my gosh SCREAM!!! YOu are someone I really love to read about and get to know through your blog! You have been a huge insperation to me and hit it on the money everytime you create soemthing! Im like praying right now that you pick me for you giveaway! I would be so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


can't wait to see your shop update!
Wow, what a sweetheart this person is to send you all those awesome goodies! and what a sweetheart you are to share with someone else!
What beautiful things you found!
thanks for the chance to win your giveaway!


I so want in on this!!!!! Jenn, when I saw those flocked trees at Michaels, I immediately thought of you, of course my husband thought I was nuts talking abt. you and those trees but somehow I just knew that you would have a pink one! Tammi (the other side of me.blogspot) and I have talked abt. maybe having a one day workshop in the spring, would you be interested? She lives in Gray and is willing to use her studio as the location, let me know if you are interested.


Wow, some people are very generous! Including you! Love your home and your beautiful decorations!

Account Deleted

Your holiday items are wonderful Jenn! I have a coupleof those angels, I didn't know you liked them so much, they are sweet aren't they! What an wonderfully amazing thing for that lady to send you that package of goodies, and for you to share with others! Please enter me in the giveaway, I simply cannot resist!
Hope you are having a wonderful day!


You are so LUCKY! I love your stuff!


how generous and SWEET of her, and generous of you as well! beautiful stuff! :-)


Hi Jenn:

Your Blog is so lovely and I have enjoyed reading it. What a wonderful, beautiful soul this lady was to send all these fabulous things for you to design with. It's even more wonderful that you are paying it forward. You truly are a sweet soul also.



Hi Jenn! How very kind of your new friend to send you all these goodies & how terribly sweet of you to have a giveaway!

I adore vintage Christmas items, even started a new blog strictly about Christmas! I barely have time for 1 blog, here I go with a 2nd one now!

Can't wait to see the pink flocked tree in V's room!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

jessi nagy

hey sissy!!

your house is looking delish!!
i so want to win this giveaway!!
wouldn't that be cool.
hope you are having fun decorating!!
can't wait to see what you add to the shop.


Maija Lepore

Oh my Jenn! Did your head almost explode when you opened that wonderful, kind woman's blog???
Please put my name in the hat for your drawing!

britt- sparkledvintagecharm

oh my gosh!! people can be sooo nice can't hey?!! that was so sweet of her!! I know you will make fantastic creations with it all!!! big hugs doll!! Have a fabulous day!! xoxo Britt


I would love it if you picked me! I love your blog, i get so excited when I see you have updated it. I do not leave comments most of the time I tend to be a bashful blogger! B.

Kelli B

Hey Jenn....I do love your blog. I am much more of a masculine decorator but I absolutely love your spirit. I am still looking for vintage treasures for you here in Knoxville....garage sales, thrift stores...yahoo!! Have a really great week preparing for the holidays and I look forward to your next post. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Maria Rodarte

How sweet is she! WOw! The usneak peak of your update is too enticing.


I know exactly what Ill make with the vintage items if I win!!!

Fleur de Bee

Oh how fun of her and soooo giving to mail you out all those goodies! Jenn you have such a big heart and are so sweet to all your blog friends. I would love to be in the drawing and it is uplifting to see you share so much! I hope whomever wins will create beautiful things also to show this lady her treasures were used so lovingly! Love the Lemonaide. We have a store here that carries that too, but I have not seen the snowflakes on it...how darling!

Have fun decorating! xoxo Molly


Hey Girlie,

Well isn't that so special that your blog fan gave that wonderful gift to you and now you passing it along...now I know why I love you so much!

I dig that hot pink flocked tree too! What a scream.

Hugs and ciao bella,



Hey Girlie,

Well isn't that so special that your blog fan gave that wonderful gift to you and now you passing it along...now I know why I love you so much!

I dig that hot pink flocked tree too! What a scream.

Hugs and ciao bella,



as usual Jenn, love all your pics. wow, what a sweet lady to send you all those goodies. some of them look perfect for your projects and seem to have your name all over them! I miss having small children to enjoy the decorations for christmas.. this year I have no kids at home and it seems so weird! I decorated but tonight I havent even turned on the lights!
have a sweet week!

Yard Sale Mama

You lucky, lucky girl! It's no suprise that this women sent these to YOU, she could see how sweet you are! The pink flocked tree caught my eye at Michael's too, so fun :o)
Happy Hoiday's Jenn!


Oh my those mugs are just to dang cute!
I may have to send my sister over that way to pick up a few for me!
What a sweet lady indeed she was to send you so many wonderful little treasures!
Have a great week!

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