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November 01, 2008


Fleur de Bee

OH MY GOODNESS! What a treat with all the Adorable photos. Natasha is sooo beautiful and you look Fab as always Jenn! The kids are so cute. Vivian's costume is a scream!!

Have a blast!! Both of you!

xoxo Molly


Oh it looks like you guys are having a ton of fun!
Love all the cute Halloween photos , you guys look beautiful!
have fun in NY! Can't wait to see the photos :)


both of you are adorable! great that youre having so much fun.. Jenn I have no doubt that you are the perfect hostess! Im glad Natasha is enjoying herself so much! have fun in NYC! are you going to any shows? you should take her to see a musical or to radio city music hall to see the rockettes!
wish I was going!
have fun! OH! and your kids look great in their costumes!


Jenn, you are really showing Natasha a great time!!! i LOVE the shops you took her to, what delightful eye candy:) what cute pictures of everyone dressed up for halloween...you and Natasha look just gorgeous!!! that little Vivi just cracks me UP...she has the cutest little face and i just want to squeeze that leg chub!!! eeeeek!!! i love the pic of Mr Grant helping his new friend carve the pumpkin...adorable!!! LOVE his shirt too...LOL


How great to see two of you Sweet Six girls have fun together! Enjoy!

~ Hearts ~


What a treat to have Natasha come for a visit. It looks like ya'll are having a FANTASTIC time!! And, OH AM I JEALOUS....a trip to Savannah. That is probably one of my most favorite cities in the U.S. I only got to spend an afternoon there two summers ago as we were heading back to Dallas from Williamsburg. I'm a HUGE fan of the movie "Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil" and made my family stop in Savannah for lunch (She-crab bisque yum!) and a tour of the highlights of the city, to include the cemetary. Next year, when the Cupcake Princess goes to college and I'm suffering from "empty nest syndrome", my husband and I are going to take a trip back to Savannah and really experience it's beauty. Hope you are having a blast in the Big Apple....can't wait to see more pictures!

m i c h e l l e

Your pictures are incredible!!!! What an amazing adventure you girls are having and now going of to NYC? Wow!!! I'm SO looking forward to seeing you both at SB!!! Yeee-haw!!!

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

OMG!!!!! What a FUN post!! You and Natasha look so CUTE for Halloween! Oh Jenn, thank you for showing all these pix for us gals that couldnt be there! I LOVE your spider brooch :) And the shops and your babies, everything! It is so funny because my youngets Gibson was the same thing for Halloween as Grant only with green bones! Great minds think alike :) I love your new purchase too! What a gorgeous house! Carving pumpkins looked so cute! Love all these pics! Have fun in the Big Apple and please be safe :) I cant wait to see more pics!

Love to you both,


Oh, this is pure envy here! lol...
You two look so fine together and the Halloween pics are great! You were both so pretty!
Have fun in the Big Apple and keep posting the pics please!!!! lol...

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

You girls are both the most gorgeous things! I can't wait to meet you both so much. Natasha looks adorable in her millinery confection! The kiddies look so sweet in their costumes... I bet you are having so much fun chatting and living it up in New York right now!! xoxo Heather


Hi girls!!! Waving here from Minnesota:) So glad Natasha made it safe and sound. You look like you're having a grand time! Wish I could meet up with you in Omaha, but hubby and I are headed to NYC for our 10 year wedding anniversary. Have a fabulous time and tell everyone hello!!!
aka ArtsyMama

jessi nagy

hey there sissy!
you all look so cute for halloween!!
Nat fits right in!!!
the pics from vintage are amazing. i love that store!!!
by now you and Natasha are headed to the big apple!!!
now you girls leave some things in the store for all the other visiters. teehee.
have fun
see you 2 soon


oh how fun!! have a great time leading up to SB girls!! see you there! xox natalea

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

Hi Jenn! I had the best time catching up with you again and meeting Natasha in PERSON finally! You picked the best shops in Savannah to visit. I am doing my post tomorrow...so when you get home you will have to come visit and check it out! If you are still with Natasha when you read this give her a hug from me!


And the party has begun!! No better hostess for our sweet Natasha then you! The kids were as adorable as expected! Vivi's little chubby legs and red shoes are so precious! Have a wonderful time in the Big Apple, so many of us are envious of you but wish you both well! Love ya, Lori


What a great post. Your children are soooo cute! It looks like you are having a great time, so much fun!!!


I love that you are playing "A Land Down Under" whilst we read your darling post about Natasha's visit! Can't wait to see you gals at SB! Tear it up in the big apple!


Wow! Great Pix Jenn! Natasha is so sweet and pretty! It looks like you guys are having such a great time! Your kids look so cute too! I hope you got the package I sent. I was worried she wouldn't get it in time! Have fun with the rest of your trip!
love love love


Looks like you two are having a blast! Can't think of a better person to spend your first Halloween with.

karla nathan

You guys look like you are having such fun! I can't wait for my turn to be her host! I am looking forward to Natasha and Heather's arrival.

Barbara Jacksier

Hi Looks like you're having too much fun. Can't wait to join the party in my hometown, NYC. See ya Tuesday!

Heidi Woodruff

LOL The t-shirt Grant is wearing is so funny: Sister for sale... HA!

I feel like I'm following Waldo around the USA... Where's Waldo? translating into Where's Natasha? She's sure having fun, and you showed her great time! I loved all the photos!



Your pictures are incredible!!!!
Very cute!!!
A wonderful encounter.
Always visitos blog of Penny, Natasha and yours. They are very creative artists.
I leave an enormous greeting them from Argentina.

Laura Ingalls Gunn

I lived in GA for awhile and would often head to Savannah. Your great fun makes me miss it so!

Cheryl Dack

Sooooooooo fun! I love all the wonderful photos of you two! And your cuties, too! Can't WAIT to hug you both in just a week and a half. I have butterflies in my tummy just thinking about meeting everyone in person! EEEEEEK! Can't WAIT! Huggies!

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