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November 12, 2008



What a fabulous trip to New York!!! You two are so cute with Natasha's new Besty (squeel!) Johnson boots! Do I see Polka dots!?
And you with all your amazing trim and millinery~both shops look like Artsy Heaven!
What did you buy at Juicy,Young Lady?!
I lurve their everything too!
I cannot wait for the photos of Sb to be posted by everyone~and to see you're gorgeous outfits!
"The Girls" would look fabu in their own little crinoline doggy skirts!
Oops~long comment! This was a fun post, Jenn.


OH MY GOODNESS JENN, I would have loved to meet you girls for lunch while you were here, I live only a mile outside of NYC, right across the Hudson, I could have screamed across the river to you and Natasha I was so close!!! You have a wonderful time at SB and I can't wait to see all you pictures, you never fail us!!

xoxo Catherine
P.S. your package is on it's way to you, I hope you enjoy it!!

Fleur de Bee

What a fun post Jenn!! Fab photo's! I just LOVE New York City in the Fall!! You both look fantastic in your photos! Truly Eye Candy in this post! Have fun at Silver Bella!!!

xoxo Molly


Wow what w whirlwind of travel and loads of fun. What a lucky pair that N.Y. Trip looks wonderful. And I just know you will have a blast with all the girls at Silver Bella. Cannot wait to see the pictures you take hurry back (:
Hugs & Kisses, Diane


your trip to NYC with Natasha looks amazing...i LOVE M&J trimming, i buy from them online and would just faint to get to shop at the store...tinsel trading looks gorgeous, you got some real pretties there...have lots of fun at SB, and a safe tip too!!!


You all look like you had a wonderful time! I live just outside the city and am very fortunate to go all the time but it's never enough! Isn't TT's wall of millinery breathtaking!!?? I am LOL because the picture of Natasha at the flea market in front of those mirrors....We are remodeling our bathroom and I was reminding my husband of those mirrors (we were there a few months ago) and of course he has no idea what I'm talking about. Now I have proof! Have a blast at Silver Bella!!!!!! If you ever want to make a city trip again let me know....would love to meet up!!!!!!!


Holy moly girlie...you were busy!!!!! Wow what fun...so happy to see all of your photos!!!
Love the ones esp. in Central Park...pretty!

Soo glad you got to go to Tinsel Trading (it IS amazing I know!!!) and the overwhelming M&J (you walk in and it's like duhhhhhh!) The goodies you got are soooo pretty! Have lots of fun using them :)
P.S. It was sooo great to meet you too dear lady!! I cannot believe how it was like talking to the virtual prom queen LIVE! :)
have a happy day!!!


Hi Jenn!

wow, what a whirlwind you are on ;)!! and what a Fabulous trip to NY too, looks like a blast!! I love magnolia bakery too, it was closed for a bit and re-opened , yippee :) Im so glad you had such a great time in our city :)!! and isn't Soho fabulous too?!! I've been to that trim shop and you're right, it was like being a kid in a candy store!! Glad you have a wonderful time! cant wait to see pics of Silver Bella too! Have Fun!

Hugs, ~ Cynthia ~

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

OH JENN!!!! What a fabulous time! You and Natasha are so gorgeous!!! I had so much fun looking at these pictures! I LOVE the trim you bought! Natasha's boots are fab! How fun!!!! I LOVE Chicago :)

I cant wait to hear and see all about Silver Bella!! Have a wonderful and safe trip!!



That wonderful photos!
Natasha I visit beautiful places
I like much the giant piano.
We are preparing ourselves for Christmas, master Christmas.
A kiss


So fun to see all of your photos! You had great seats for Madonna. Love all of your NYC photos. It was fun to see Natasha's too - esp. the Election Night videos. Have a fabulous time at Silver Bella. Can't wait to here all about it.


What a fun post! You girls are having such a fabulous time!!! My hubby and I are headed to NYC next Wed. for our anniversary. That's why I'm missing Silver Bella. Thanks for the great tips!!
Have fun in Omaha. Tell all the bella's hello from ArtsyMama!


What fun you've been having with the girls! Looks like you had a blast... so jealous of your trip to NY, this is the first year in 5 years I'm not going to NY Christmas shopping....

Have a fantastic time at Silver Bella, as if there's any doubt! Look forward to the photos!

Victoria xx


OK, way too much fun!! You two girls are so adorable in New York. And Madonna, what can I say other than amazing! Thanks for taking us along on your adventure!

Rochelle Gaukel

Wow! Those are great photos of your adventure in New York with Natasha. Love visiting your blog......your "girls" are so cute playing in the crinoline. I have a little girl yorkie named "lola". She is as spoiled as my daughters are - maybe even more!
I am looking forward to your pictures that you will post from Silver Bella. I never knew about this big workshop weekend until just recently - maybe another year I will attend! I see Sally Jean is going to be there - I took a workshop with her this past summer in Italy making a chandelier. It was a very special trip - one that I will remember for a long time! I am looking forward to taking more of her workshops in Portland - a closer drive from British Columbia!
Have a great time in Omaha!
Rochelle and "Lola"!


What a most fabulous time you are having and it is just great to follow you around NYC on your adventures. Natasha sure looks like she has a lot of goodies to bring home with her and LOVE the boots.

Wish I was going to be at Silver bella but anyway can't wait to see all the glamour and glitz coming from all you girls.

Thank you for sharing with us all.
best wishes and safe journey.

Ginny (over in England) x

Wendy @ Pink Slippers

I loved reading your posts. Like reading a great book. So much excitement. You guys look great. And I just LOVE you bunny tag. SOOO cute, I could cry.

Susie Vasquez

Hi Jenn... You are so lucky and blessed to be able to see Madonna!!!!
in concert.... What a memorable and fantastic event.....and your outings in New York with Natasha sure do look like a lot of fun...Have a wonderful time at Silver Bella and your brooch is sooooo...so cute... just simply love it all....
xoxo Susie


What a fun post! Thank you for sharing all the wonderful photos!!! I just returned from 6 days in NYC and boy was it lovely there... perfect 40's and I was thrilled to wear my winter coat and boots! NOW... back to the high 80's in Los Angeles!

Take care,

glenda sellwood

there is a surprise on my blog for you,,please look.love from Glenda


What a whirlwind trip! NYC looks like a fun place, and it looks like you had a blast. Thanks for sharing your pictures!


I so enjoyed this entertaining and happy post. You're such a beautiful and kind girl:)

Dawn-Hydrangea Home

Looks like you two had a great time in NYC. And if I'm correct it looks like you were there during the Marathon. I was there that day to watch my sil run. If I only knew you two were running around the city! M&J is amazing and I have to get to Tinsel Trading, I have only been to their booth at the show - they have such gorgeous things!
Have a great week.

Laura Ingalls Gunn

Oh how fun! Thank you so much for taking me along.


Hi Jennifer, i came via Natasha's blog as have been keeping up with where she is etc. Lovely to see these photos - i am jealous, what a fabulous time you've both had. It was great to see all the piccies of your adventures. Mel xxx

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