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October 22, 2008


vicki grobels

o so fabulous - what a lucky little girl - you are very talented!!!!


Wow, Nicole sure will be a very happy birthday princess with all those gorgeous goodies -- i only wish i was going!

My favourite is the gorgeous southern belle centerpiece -- its perfectly delicious. Thanks for sharing and have a great time at the Madonna Concert and enjoy Silver Bella


WOW!! You are so talented! What little girl woudln't love having a party with those favors??


Nicole had to be over the moon when she saw all of your yummies!

Christa from Chloe Rose

Everything looks fabulous! The centerpiece is gorgeous.....you are very talented. Enjoy your trip to NYC and Silver Bella. I hope to make it there some day.

Chloe Rose


Jenn, again i have to say that i am just blown away by the goodies you made for that lucky little lady's birthday party!!! that centerpiece is totally TDF!!! how you work with that chicken wire it truly beyond me...and finding all the perfect little bits to embellish it too!!! all i can say is "WOW"!!! gorgeous work!!!

Wendy @ Pink Slippers

Nicole is going to have the perfect birthday...A magazine should be there to take pictures. I love EVERYTHING in all the pictures. All the little pretty thingies? OMGosh!
Have FUN at Madoona--I know you will!

Sara's Sweet  Surprise

Jenn~ I just came from Cheryl's.... you girls are amazing! Such incredible talent and sweet generosity!!!I can't wait to see your Lil' shop goodies. Please let me know when the doors open. I would love to get those cuppy cake invites!
Madonna was a fav from my American Bandstand Days! Enjoy!
*Sweet Wishes*!

Sherry B.

Everything is sooooo beautiful! What a lucky little lady!

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Jen! I want to be a little girl so bad, lol! But I can act like one, cant I?? My gosh those children are lucky to attend this party!! I LOVE your bear favors!! PLEASE come to my blog and see my sweet shoppe kitchen! If yo scroll down a couple posts, you can see what I am up to. Can I commission you for a special piece for my kitchen?? It would mean so much to me being such a huge fan of yours! I know you are busy right now, I can wait a few months. But I definitely NEED a Jenn piece for my kitchen redo :)

I LOVE old school Madonna too!! I grew up loving her, lol! You lucky girl going to see her! You always do the best things!!

Love ya,

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

OH MY GOSH, how could I have forgotten to add my love for the centerpiece to my comment, lol! I am just delirious from the beauty I guess! That is one of the most beautiful things I have EVER seen! How do you come up with all of these gorgeus things?? I LOVE the bunny details :) :) :) You cant go wrong with bunnies, they just shout happiness!

Big Hugs,


Oh Goodness......Love all the pics!!! Simply Adorable!!!!!
Have a Wonderful time.....ps.....Love the Madonna music :)

Cheryl Dack

Hey, Sweets! It is all sooooooo darling! I am so impressed! Beautiful!!!!!! Have fun at Madonna, too. ;) And thank you for the sweet words about my book!
cheryl :)


Jenn, everything is so perfectly cute. but that center piece is really over the top and out of this world wonderful! wow oh wow.. is all I can say! and I'm so jealous that your going to silver bella!! Maybe next year!

Jaime Compton

I can't decide what my favorite is. All of it! That little girl must have been in heaven when she received all those goodies for her party.

Love the birthday book too! Have fun seeing Madonna!


I knew you were performing sweet magic again! Just when I think you've made the most dazzling,sparkling and sugary work of art....you make another Heirloom!!!
Rosanna and Nicole must have been thrilled at your Southern Vintage Princess Centerpiece! Your imagination and creativity soars,girl!
You put in a ton of work on all of those yummy birthday treats~but I can tell you did it with love and joy!
Have fun at Silver Bella! Take lots of photos for us to see!
Have a blast at Madonna's Concert!
heehee Love her songs from the 80's and 90's!
Thanks for sharing!


Well again you have created another whimsical piece, that little girl is sure Loved! You girls have loads of fun! Chicago is a great Place! And you and "N" should have great fun in N.Y. Best wishes,
Hugs, Diane


Beautiful work and totally over the top in the best, sweetest way! Thanks for sharing (made my way over to your blog via flickr). Rosanna is wonderful and I'm sure Nicole will have an unforgettable party!

Sheri Ingrande

I remember..I first thought you were an event or party planner.
You are just a cutie with a creative mind!
Have fun at the concert and have a blast at Silver Bella too:)

CARRIE West~Lola Enchanted

Wow, how sweet!!! Everything is GORGOUS!!!~
You are the Queen of Beauty!!!~

Enjoy your weekend!


What an awesome party for that lucky little girl. So sweet!

Have fun! Old school Madonna is the best.

Natasha Burns

Jenn your creations for Nicole are simply amazing! Rosanna must be so over the moon ~ they are full of sweetness and are totally wonderful!

Have the most WONDERFUL time in Chicago (and tell Madonna her fans here were very cranky she snobbed Australia on her "world" tour when she said she'd come! I have a very sad friend, lol!).

Can't wait to SEE you in 6 days!!! Eek!!!! And look out NYC, we're coming! xoxo

karla nathan

What an amazing party that will be! How beautiful!!!

Mary Ann

You did an absolutely fabulous job on everything!!!! I think you are very talented! This little girl is going to have such a lovely party! I can tell you put your heart into all of it!
Many blessings to you,
Mary Ann

Maija Lepore

PLEASE can I go to Nicole's birthday party??!!

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