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September 25, 2008



Hi Jenn,

The poodle dog is so adorable. I never saw
one like that.

I love your birdcage and the lace candle holders. The last one with the baby on it,
is so cute!

Great post, thanks for sharing your collections.

Have a great weekend,

Jaala Allen

The candle holders are so freaking cute! They are just awesome! Love the blog! It makes me very happy to read it!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Love your blog sooo sweet I will be back!!!


We should start a support group, like AA, we could have the 12 steps, the first being acknowledgment of the addiction . . . Rachaelxo


You're not alone in your addiction! I really enjoy visiting your adorable blog... must say that the Pink Poodle is simply precious! I have a teenie collection of them, but not one like that! Just love her Cuteness! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to many return visits. Please know that you're welcome at my lil blog home anytime... I'm in the middle of a series of Vintage Eye Candy posts featuring Vintage Halloween post cards... Thanks, again, and I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful weekend...

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Jenn! I am exactly the same way with collecting, lol! I have no room for any more but I still want, lol! I LOVE that Sweet Shoppe piece!!!! I am redoing my kitchen in a sweet shoppe theme right now and about fainted when I saw that!!! Are you creating any more items for your Etsy shop soon? I really would love to have one of your pieces but always end up too late :(

That birdcage is so sweet! I love birdcages. And those jars are gorgeous Jenn! What a beautiful idea!!!

Big Hugs,

jessi nagy

hey sissy!!!
it's ok, at least it's not crack tee hee.
i think we al have some sort of addiction.
hope all is well,
and yes that necklace would be fab for prom night.


hi Jenn!!
Geez!! I scrolled down your posts and noticed that I have visited in awhile. Sorry! All your posts and creations are FABULOUS as always sweetie!! I hope you have a fantastic day!! big hugs!! Britt :-)


Ooo - I have to get over to Sweet Six right now for your candle holders! This has been such fun!


Jenn- your candles are wonderful! I think I'll borrow your idea (if you don't mind) and make a couple with black lace for my Halloween party. Thanks for the inspiration!!


I LOVE that Sweet Shoppe piece! Your projects are wonderful. I love the birdcage.

Shabby Shan's Cottage

Hi Jenn!
Just wanted to drop in and tell you how much I enjoy your blog. That is the cutest poodle I've ever seen! I completely understand your addiction, my house is so full but I just keep on hauling more stuff home.
Have a nice weekend!

Sheri Ingrande

OMG!!! That PoOdLe! I love and want it~ LOL
I was hoping to attend Silver Bella next year....but I really want a Vintage trailer so that is first on my MUST HAVES.

Pretty things to see today~Thanks

Jennifer G

Jen, I went to an auction last week and it was just embarrassing how much I went home with... all beautiful things, all good prices, nonetheless... I couldn't believe it.. A week later, I look at the stuff and feel completely fine... no remorse whatsoever and I am looking for estate sales to visit tomorrow... it is a sickness!


OK, my friend, how come you did not tell me you bought that "stinking" GORGEOUS rhinestone and pearl necklace. You will have to share that with me!

I'm so sorry to hear about your addiction...If I can figure out a cure, I will let you know. In the meantime I will see you at our next "meeting."

Love the black lace candle idea! Wicked.

Sadie Lou

Oh Jenn!! I really, really love those votives with the lace!! Pretty!! You girls are so stinkin' clever!
I also have begun quite the froufrou collection--my husband hasn't said anything about it yet--think he'll notice??


That cage is very cute. It was pretty fun to look at the cards and realize I designed most of them ;) What a fun inspiration piece!


When you decide to have your declutter sale please be sure to tell me a different date so I don't go hoarding yours or anyone elses stuff! I am an addict too LOL! Fun projects, can't wait to see everyones takes. LOADS of talent with everyone it is so special to see! Finally have my designs etc in place for my new blog. I just linked you :)


Maija Lepore

You're so funny!!!!
Great stuff to collect!

Jennifer L.

Oooo what a good idea for old Jelly jars and such! I might have to try my hand at it! Next time there is a sorta Sweet Six event Ill have to sign up! && You know I love that birdage!!! Anything Candy-like grabs my attention for sure! Ill surely be here when you declutter LOL!!!! Love the necklace its soo gorgeous!




Where to begin? It's all so beautiful! Love the cute poodle, the sweet shop, the birdcage, and oh,my, those candles!! Such a clever idea!
Your blog is always such fun to visit.


Well Ms. Jenn, there certainly are worse things in the world to be addicted too. I think yours is Beautiful. Loving that Rhinestone Necklace, Gorgeous...

Jaime Compton

Just love your new additions! So addicting. I've been adding to my collection but too lazy to take pictures and post.

I must do your online retreat if you offer it again. I just had too much to do with halloween around the corner. Your candle vases are just wonderful. I love the glow through the lace. The baby one is precious too!

best wishes,

Pat Jochum

Jenn, your blog is so much fun to visit. I love the lace jars and I have a zillion yards of lace every size and color from my moms with ribbon to match.
Now real serious question---is that really candy on the birdcage or beads that resemble the candy necklaces? I also love the lollipop shop---great artists. Hugs, Pat


Those candle holders are sweet and so simple too~ I finally got some jelly jars cleaned out so I can make a few for evening dinners on the patio .

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