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July 18, 2008



I am a huge fan of Penny Carlson's work and I am just L-O-V-I-N-G!!!!! that stunning mosaic buffet! Wow, soooo pretty. And those photos of Laura with her bunny box just made me smile. Too cute!


What a lucky little girl to receive such a precious box. You did a spectacular job as always and a what a wonderful mother she has too to recognized such an important moment in her life. I'm sure she'll be talking about the beautiful box she received as a child when she is older as she recounts this day to her grandchildren...doesn't that just amaze you that you will be apart of this little girls legacy. You Rock!


oh my! all so wonderful and precious! thanks for sharing!!! many blessings!

Ele at A bit of Pink Heaven

I adore the side board made by Penny. She is fabulous. The swan box is beautiful. Great work as always!


That bunny box is darling. I bet the little girl felt so special to receive it. What a lovely keepsake.
LOVE the buffet.. I'd love to have something like that in my home! Wow!!


Two lucky girls,, well lets say All of the girls here are lucky, talented in various arts!!! Great Moms too!
I love everything and thank you for sharing!!!


oh my goodness!!! That ballerina bunny box is magnificent! You did a wonderful job... I can see why she's happy with it... it's stunning!

Dolly @ From my cherry heart

What a lucky little girl!
That bunny box is soooo precious!
Jenn you made such a wonderful treasure for Miss Laura!
She looks so happy to have it!

Ouuu I have the perfect spot for the beautiful buffet if you can't find one you can send it my way! :-)
I love it!!!!
Penny is a wonderful artist!

I am still drooling over Miss Vivs cherry swimsuit! :-)
I want one for my grandbaby!



Ahhhhh you are so lucky that you got to see Sita's booth in Atlanta ~
She is a friend of mine and I was dying to be there ~
What fun !!!


The box is beautiful!!What a lucky girl :)


Ok now Jenn, soooo... much to comment on, first off the "Swan Lake Bunny Box" is just to die for, you are are such a talented one. It is just perfect, you have a very clever mind (: And the new buffet is a charming cottage chic piece, where is it going??? You must share a picture when you decide. And I just finished my Real Estate Exams...
passed all five and now I am good for another 4 years, thanks for your positive wishes. Your site is always great Thanks for Sharing
HUgs, Diane


Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures - I loved your bunny/swan box and it was so fun to see how much the recipient loved it! Your new piece from Penny is fabulous! I'm sure you will find the perfect place to show it off...as usual, I am leaving your blog feeling very inspired! xo, Nan

Joy at Cupids Charm

Hi Jenn! Wow, it was one cute picture after another! I loved EVERYTHING! Pennys cabinet is really beautiful. I am so glad it went to live in a special place. I just love your blog. It makes me happy to visit! Have a wonderful weekend. ~ xoxo ~ Joy


Girl your creations are so magical! I love your bunny box and even your dolly ATCs! How sweet that Jessi sent you those items. That's what 'big sis' are for:) BTW, I posted your doll pin on my blog.Tootles!

Sandy XOX

Heidi Woodruff

Beautiful swan creation for a sweet little girl. She's holding it so proudly. How fun to meet some onliners in person! Pretty mosiac!




What a gorgeous swan lake box! Such a lucky girl!

Sounds like you had a great week! Love all ur creations and ur sweetness. Jessi is a doll too!
Pieceful Bits

Jeanie Collins

So great to see you and Grant while you were in town!! Hugs to you all!!!


Boy oh boy do you ever know how to brighten up my day! I must say I got a little teary-eyed over this one (the symphony playing in the background definitely contributed!). This is the most charming, special piece for the sweetest little girl. My goodness, I am so impressed. Thank for sharing everything here today. What fun!

Have a wonderful weekend,



I have been reading your blog for the past few months. It is always fun and soooo beautiful. In an older post you spoke of teaching etiquette to children. Is there a training course or book for that? I have a friend that is a foster parent and we were throwing around the idea of mini kid-friendly workshops. Any ideas you may want to share?
Kiss your family and take care,

Paper Cat Designs

The bunny box is just precious!

It sounds like you had a great time in Atlanta and Sita's items are exquisite! I will be sure to have a look at her site. ; )

Thank you for sharing your little slice of heaven. It has been my pleasure to visit.

Cheers! =D

Sadie Lou

I just love your Swan Lake Box! I think my favorite part are the sweet ballerinas skating on the mirror ponds!
So delicate and pretty!
I *LOVE* custom orders!
Don't forget the Christmas in July event the CSST is having!
Maybe you could make something sweet and Christmas like?
Love your Christmas goodies...
~Sadie Lou

Jenn and Jacqui

Helloooo Miss Jenn! Jacqui and I are just loving the music on this post, so perfect and very emotional! Little Laura is such a cutie and you can see how much she adores your STUNNING piece! Exquisite lovliness Jenn, we adore it !! Jessi is such a honey sending you those pretty things, she is so sweet! Penny is an amazing artist, we love her, and that piece is a treasure :) Our favourite too! Perfect in color and style for your beautiful home. Loving Sita's booth, my gosh I wish Jacqui was a baby again! lol Such a gorgeous post Jenn and lovely to visit, we had to come back twice! tee hee! Huge hugs! Jenn and Jacqui xoxox

Angela Harris

Love the itty bitty book pages. What a simple concept.

Pat Jochum

Jenn your Swanlake box is beautiful. And the sideboard is to die for. I also love old containers---I have a metal Johnson and Johnson baby powder with the powder still in it. Beautiful blog, you are truly gifted. Pat

Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Jenn! That swan bunny box is absolutely gorgeous!!! Laura is beautiful and looks so sweet in the pictures! What a lucky girl to have such a special piece made by you!

Your new pretties are gorgeous! I LOVE the sidebaord by Penny! You are so lucky to have gotten together for lunch, how fun!


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