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April 06, 2008



Hey sweetpea, I've always liked your hair just the way it is. I love "big hair" and always will!! Hah. You're just too cute no matter what anyway.

Ana Barrett

HELLO JENN! i love both the hairstyles, but i must say i like the second one most... and that blouse is so adorable! your collection is awwing! AND I CANT wait to see what you finish making for the vintage swap!! have a wonderful week sweets! lovely post! (as always!!)
ana <3


Love love your hats!!! See, if you don't like your new haircut,just put one of those on! I'm sure you'll look great with any of them.
Cute doll and your blog is really cute!


Hi Jenn:) you look so cute and spring~like in your pretty yellow blouse...that is a hard color to pull off and you look gorgeous in it...your millinery collection is wonderful, i like the lace hat from Heather best too, she is really something that girl!!! and i just adore that doll, her dress is so very dainty and sweet, she is darling!!!

Joy*The Vintage Rabbit

I am thinkin' I need a different cut also! My hubby like's my hair long too! But I like the 2 styles that you have chosen...hmm...who knows maybe we will be twins!! Can't wait to see what you look like!


You will look so cute with a bang!!! I love bangs~ so modern and hipster cool nowadays. Oh and am gushing over your dolls and flower collections~ they're just FabUlous darling...


Lovin' both hairstyles. You would be super cute no matter what!!! Can't wait to see the new do! The doll is gorgeous and love those sweet little baby booties!!!

Melanie S

All your hats are lovely.


so????? did you cut it? i'm dying to see your new hair~do!

Jenn and Jacqui

Hi sweetie!

You have such an eye for gorgeousness that is for sure!! We love your hat collection! They are truly divine!! The Victorian era was quite something!! And we love Madame Alexander dolls too, they are so sweet, such s lovely tradition to hand down to Miss Vivi!! Have you see the Southern Belle, oh she is simply divine! Well our sweet friend we are sooooo late in posting a comment on this post, you will have well and truly settled into your new hair doo by now! Can't wait to see the piccies!!

Huge hugs and kisses,
Jenn and Jacqui xoxox

Sheri Ingrande

Your a doll...any cut you choose will look great! Love the room you are standing in and I want your blouse! LOL

Sandra Evertson

Oh my gosh! Love your self portrait! You are too Gorgeous!
Sandra Evertson
Love your dollies too!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

Hi Jenn!
Love the sweet yellow blouse! And you will look adorable in either of those cute hair cuts!


Hi Jenn! Ive secretly viewed your blog for a while ;) Your creativity is amazing, and your family is soooo adorable!!!

So, I definitely know what you mean about the long hair. My husband will NOT let me cut mine either! I think you'll look fab with bangs though for sure.

Your birdie planter is adorable! I love her cheeks & lovely lashes. I bought two lamby planters a few days ago. I need to take photos!

I had your blog up last night so I could listen to the songs while I 'worked' on my blog. Fun, fun, fun!

Can't wait to see more!


Wow, you take such great pictures!!
Love all your collections, everything is so pretty.
I just got a new doo a few weeks ago, I finally got tired of my long locks that I have had for 30 years and went with a semi-short layered bob...and I love it. Cant wait to see which one you pick!!


Hello, I'm new to your blog but wanted to comment on the hair cuts!. I just got my bangs cut like the second picture and got some fun layers put in through out my long hair. Anyway the bangs are a fun twist and adds a bit of edge. It's just the little bit of change I needed. Anyway I just wanted to encourage you to try hair style number 2!.

Good Luck,

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