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April 01, 2008


jessi nagy

Hey cutie!!
WOW!!!!is all i can say about that poodle.
congrats on your winning! how fun!!
love you little box too.
so darling!!!
have a great week


the poodle is scaring me for some reason...not sure why...congrats on your first blog giveaway win, isn't it fun? LOVE the collage from Ginny, i remember seeing her gorgeous pages when i was over on flickr, or maybe on her blog...anyway, she does gorgeous work:) LOVE Miss Georgia, she is adorable!!!


How cute is that kitty teapot!!

Congrats on your giveaway win! And how kind to think of both of your children,

Best wishes

Victoria x


Congratulations on your big win! Wow, Fabulous goodies. The Blooomsoms outside your door are so Amazing... the Pink Poodle is the best...

Natasha Burns

Yay you won!!!
loving the beautiful gardens and flowers, it looks so beautiful there. The pink poodle is hilarious!
The box, wow the box, is divine!!! How do you come up with these fabulous ideas? I would never have thought of a bunny catching butterflies, so sweet, they will adore it!
Ginny's collage is incredible. I'm lucky enough to have seen her work in real life and it is amazing, that's definitely a piece to cherish xo


Hi Jenn! congrats on winning! I love Jillian, she really is a sweetie and is also very talented! Georgia looks like a beautiful place to live and I've always said I wanted a cotton candy colored poodle!


You know, your posts just make me happy! Congratulations! Love your bunny as usual and your view is incredible.


Hi Miss Jenn~Congrats on your wonderful winnings!
I am so loving your Miss Georgia Bunny~ she is super sweet~the butterflies really look as if they are fluttering!You would be a wonderful author and illustrator for children's books~Keep spreading your magic!
Have a super week!


Hello! I stumbled upon your flickr account quite by accident and instantly fell in love with your stunningly beautiful home! There are so many sweet details, I wouldn't even know where to begin if asked to describe what exactly I love about it so much. Suffice it to say that you've done an absolutely MAGNIFICENT job. You are an inspiration for me. :)

Also, I must add that I think you have a lovely personal style as well! Not only can I look to you for interior design inspiration but I can also look to you for fashion inspiration as well!

Thank you so, so much for sharing your beautiful home and projects with us. :)

I don't have a "TypePad" account, but I do have a LiveJournal if you are interested in visiting my little "home" on the web. Take care!


You have found the perfect spot for Marie, thank you for all the sweet comments about her, I really appreciate the feedback.

I love all your photo's, only you can create such interesting bunnies:0)

but oooh the poodle, poor poodle LOL.

Thank you again Jenn x

best wishes Ginny

Jenn and Jacqui

Hi Jenn!

How absolutely stunning are the blossoms, what a beautiful sight to wake up to! Gosh we HAVE to go Georgia in Spring :) Congratulations on your win, that is wonderful! Such fun ! The poodle is truly amazing! Perfect color for a Cherry Blossom festival for sure although it's a little scary! lol Ginny's work is beyond amazing, so so gorgeous! And Miss Georgia Bunny, well we do declare, she is soooooo adorable and we KNOW she will be soooo loved !! tee hee!!

Happy Spring Jenn!!
Jenn and Jacqui


Jenn, you just made my day! Thanks for being so sweet! As always, you have the most delicious post, poodle and all! I'm VERY jelous of the beautiful trees and weather you are having. Could I order some of that on etsy?!!!
Hugs & Kisses


Congrats on winning the giveaway! The pictures outside your house are beautiful, I just wanted to climb right in!


I have to say I'm feeling a little bad for that poodle! Your hometown is so gorgeous. It must be wonderful to walk the streets with all the lovely blooms. Such a darling bunny box! Love the little butterfly net. Your goodies for Vivi and Grant are too precious and the Marie collage - jaw droppingly gorgeous!


Jenn, What a delightful and colorful visit today! Congrats on winning, it's so fun! I have to say $10 for the set is remarkable, I love it! Oh your newest project is absolutely adorable! You are so darn creative!! I love the bitty butterflies all over it! Thanks for sharing the glorious view outside your door! I so long for color in my Indiana yard! Have a peachy week sweetie, Lori

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Jennifer! Congratulations on winning! I love that bunny plaque!!! SO CUTE!!

The Marie Antoinete collate is AWESOME!!!!! LOVE THAT!

And oh my gosh, dont even get me started on Miss Georgia!! I WANT ONE!!!! Do you always take custom orders?

Gorgeous trees, on I cant wait for Michigan to get pretty, lol!


Ana Barrett

WOW JENN! So happy that you won such a fun swap! Miss georgia bunny is soo adorable! You always create such amazing work!! :)
love all your sweet pics! soo jealous of your beautiful weather! GREAT POST HUNN!
have a wonderful week filled with smiles!!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh, I love that kitty tea pot set! I just love visiting your blog. It really is a sweet eye candy creation!!


Jenn, The Marie Antoinette collage is 2DIE4, but your Bunny Box, OMG!!!!!!! I am in love. She is absolutely beautiful and oh so springy. Once again I have enjoyed all the eye candy here at your blog.

Warm wishes coming your way Ms. Twinkle.

xoxo ~ Cathy


The bunny you made is so sweet! Such wonderful detail, I can see how it would be hard to part with!


I love the marie antoinette collage. Lucky girl. Come for a visit.


Love your kitty teapot and cups and all your beautiful springy eye candy photos! Your bunny box is SO sweet!!


hi me again Jenn.. Im doing a give away on my blog for my 100th post.. check it out!!


Cute cute cute kitties....and your new butterfly catcher is the sweetest thing I've ever seen. It is truely eye candy with your art and great photos.

Marion (from Brazil)

The Marie Antoinette collage: A-W-S-O-M-E !!!!!
Miss Georgia is soooo sweet! I love every small detail.
Best wishes from Rio!

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