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April 16, 2008


Natasha Burns

Jenn you look gorgeous with those bangs!!! THey are hard work but they are so so so cute on you, just perfect!
Loving your gorgeous vintage party creations, oh my Heather is going to FLIP over them!!! I can't believe you did that with all that honey! i hope you guys like to eat honey, lol!
How sweet of Suzy to send you that beautiful mosaic piece, she's so talented and so kind! Love the action heroes and Grant's face is a scream!
I owe you an email, i'll write to you tonight i promise! (going out now xoox)

Diana Cooper/ Diana Lyn

Hi Suzy,
I am new to the wonderful world of blogging,fell out of the creative touch for a while ,then my friends showed me the blogging world and let me tell you, You gals are getting me on fire, How fun, Your site is Beautiful and Uplifting, You are Darling, love the bangs! have a wonderful week! Diana Lyn


I agree with your hubby, it does make you look younger, and the ponytail gives you that cute "Sandra Dee" look.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the birthday box, but I think I would have to be selfish and keep those bears for myself and put them on a shelf.
Grant looks pretty excited with his package!!
And the mosaic is gorgeous!!!


What's wrong with looking 6 years old?!!! If that's all it takes to look younger than I'm heading upstairs to curl my bangs under super tight!!! hee hee!! You look absolutly adorable! Love the cut! Your party swap gifts are crazy cute! Wow, that's alot of honey. And the mosaic is wonderful. What a pretty post today!!

Jessi Nagy

Hey cutie!!
your hair is fab!! bangs darling! yes they shave off 5 years, and my hairdresser says the stave off botox.
I LOVE all your creations. darling. i love the candy bears. yummo!!!!
you sent your buddy such fab junque.


you look wonderful! Love the hair! and wow what a cute swap, your partner is gonna adore your creations! what will you do with all that honey-lol


You look amazing Jenn! You were just lovely before, but that is just the right do for you! So cute! Your birthday party stuff is all so darling! I love it!

Ele at A bit of Pink Heaven

I always enjoy your post so much. Your creations are always amazing and you are just gorgeous. The bangs look great. I'm with you on th pony tail. That's been my do lately!


Your hair looks great! Love the bangs. I love all of the swap goodies. Heather will be thrilled - I think I'm partial to the Sugar Bears for obvious reasons!


Oh, my! You are soooo cute! The bangs, the smile, the skin, the cheeks, the talent! I am so impressed with the party kit. I am hosting a family party on July 4th for my grandaughters' birthday so I am on the hunt for empty honey bears, I don't have the ambition to empty and wash all of the containers. When I think of all the bears that I have thrown..not to mention the vintage Betty Crocker party book. I have 3 homes and am thinking of downsizing so I am afraid more treasures will bite the dust. Every piece of junk must look like a future treasure to you! Thanks for the fun. Love, Gayle


Jenn, I just LOVE your bangs! I may be biased, but seriously, they look great!!!!
Those honey bears are too adorable! Did you sit there for like 3 days pouring out honey? Holy smokes! That is the best idea for treat container! Love it!! Hope all is well! xox natalea


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your bangs. You look like a Pinup! & What a stash of birthday fun! Im sooo jealous! Great idea with the honey bears! Ill surely have to use the gift bag idea when my daughters birthday rolls around :D

Have a great weekend Jenn!


Jenn, you look great! I agree it makes you look younger! I also love your mosiac, and swap items! TFS!
xo, Tiffany

Michele G.

I really like the new dew. It really does make you look younger.

Bunny Rose Cottage

You are so gorgeous! Just like a movie star! I LOVE the new style!

OHMYGOSH to your swap goodies!!! Jen, that is fabulous! My boys would FREAK! And the honey/sugar bears are an awesome idea! I will have to think of that for my boys next party! I LOVE the box! The dolly and elephants are just so sweet!

What a beautiful gift for your daughter's room! These gals are just too sweet arent they? I am blown away by the generosity! Grant is just too cute with his superheroes!


Shelley Davis

Hi Jenn,
I love your hair! The first time I saw you I thought "why doesn't someone tell Jenn to cut bangs to frame that beautiful face?" Your features are so delicate that it really showcases your face.
Your blog is one of my favorites. You have such wonderful ideas. Thank you for sharing them.
Have a wonderful weekend.


I absolutely love the honey bottle idea, so cute, and the centerpiece reminds me of my birthday parties when I was little(forever ago). Oh how I wish I had been your partner!
I also think your new style looks great on you, after years of trying bangs I gave up because I always seemed to curl them under too much as well.

sweet cottage dreams

Jenn, your new DO is adorable and I do like your bangs! You already look so young!!! :)
Love the plate and how sweet for Grant to get a treat, too. Now I have to tell you that those have to be the very best party favors I have ever set eyes on - ever! I love the graphics - do you have a special software package for the cute lettering? Totally sweet! I have a sweet tooth, too, but having been a dental assistant for years, I try to stay away from too many goodies! Oh well, my hubby can make me a new tooth if it gets too bad! haha.



I just love your sweet creations! I might copy the honey bear favors! Too cute! And your hair is perfect! I do love it! But I dont think any hair style would look bad on you! Have a great night! Julie

Ana Barrett

LOVE YOUR BANGS JENN!! YOU'RE SUCH A DOLL!! and those little bears are the most creative adorable mouthwatering lil' creations! you still amaze me with your work and i cant get enough of all your swap gifts! you've done it again.. AMAZE ME!! lol your so great and hope you have a happy and joyful weekend!! hugs hugs

Simply Me Art

Love the Bangs makes you look about 10 years younger. i have them more now too, it is definately a getting used to thing. The Birthday cake is absolutely Gorgeous. Your Swap partner will Love your goodies. Jamie


Girl you should be a party planner! Heather is sooo lucky! Your new 'do' is lovely!



Jenn, Love the new Doo looks great, and all your wonderful creations what a beautiful talented lady you are, very impressive. Keep the great Creations coming. I t is always a joy to see what you come up with ([:
Hugs, Diane


*LOVE* the bangs! :)


Jenn!! Your new hair is FABULOUS!! Love it!! And that amazing vintage party box? WOW!! It is over the top fun and adorable!! LOVE it!!
Michelle xoxo

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