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March 17, 2008


Alison Gibbs

Grant is such a little sweetheart - so cute in his soccer outfit.
Little Miss Vivian now walks. She may be called Little Miss Trouble now she's walking.
Great post


Wow Jenn, what a talent you are! I really enjoyed this post - I love reading what you have to say (love your piccies too but please continue to write more, it helps all your readers get to know you better!)!!

The photos of your little ones are adorable, don't you love how they give each other hugs?? It's the sweetest!!

Oh I can't believe you are selling your beautiful home!!!! :( Are you wanting to move to a different area, or just somewhere smaller/bigger??

Warm Wishes,
Linda @ Barefoot in the Park


Jenn, the pictures of your sweeties are SO very cute:) Vivi's first steps are too adorable...and Mr Grant helping with the flowers, extreme cuteness, the watering can is as big as he is!!!
you look more beautiful as a brunette, the dark hair with your eye color is much more stunning!!!
and eeeeeek!!! the newest bunny creation is so very sweet, i just love her!!!

Natasha Burns

Wow what a little cutie pie in the garden! And yay Vivi's walking! Look out precious china, here comes Vivian! lol!
You look so cute as a blond but I do love the brunette hair on you, gorgeous thing you are! I could still see you opening up your own tea rooms one day....with foofy bunnies decorating the whole room!


Jenn, Where to begin... I too have the big fear issue, maybe it's more of a failure thing! I have always wanted to own a bake shop, all frou,frou desserts only complete with pink boxes! Just sared too! Vivi walking, how precious! Grant, such a handsome bundle of love! Magazines...Oh my I am such a sickie about them too!!! And hon, love the brunette look! I think I'm probly more excited about your new home more then you cause you'll have it so cute, cute, cute!!! Have a great week, loved the long post my sweetie of a pal, Lori


What a cheerful post to start my day! Thanks for sharing. Could those kiddies be any cuter!!! I remember when Kayla played her first soccer game. She mostly visited with everyone on the other team and then came running over during a play to exclaim, "Mommy, I know that girl from my dance class, we are friends"!!!! (the soccer didn't last much after that, ha!!)
The bunny is cuter than cute!!


You have to work on your book again. What a wonderful dream. I love your French flower pot. Oh no, your house is listed. Does this mean that all of your craft supplies are put away? I love seeing your work.

Marion Armstrong

As you know I'm brazilian and admire everything about you. You're so talented. Dottie is just cute. And so are Grant and Vivian! I think you're great as a brunette. Wish you a blessed Easter too.
Best wishes from Rio!


What a fun post. Your children are sooo darling. I love that you wanted to open a tea room. You know, I was talking to my dad about being a mom and then trying to accomplish some of those dreams that we all have and he said that a person can probably have it all.. but he doesn't know anyone who can truly have it all at once. It's wisdom I often think about. :)

jessi nagy

fantastic post.
i can't believe you were blonde!!!!
brunettes rule. haha.
such cute things today!
i learned so much about my little sissy today!
you are always a talent.
a great mom, and wife,
never fear anything.
life is short, make it an adventure


Hello Jenn!

I've never commented before but I've been a loyal lurker for quite some time now. I just wanted to say hello from Victoria, Canada! So lovely to see a photo of you here. The world really does feel small sometimes.

All the best,



I for one am glad for your long post (it wasnt really long) because it was so interesting to read about you and all your dreams,hopes,fears, you are very talented and I say GO FOR IT! life is to short. if it doesnt work out at least u tried. so many people wish they had a talent that they could go for you have many! I wish you the best!
btw I have the same problem while cleaning out my magazine pile. I hold onto them like they are gold. I have to close my eyes to put them in a donation pile and keep them in the trunk on the way to the library so I cant see them-lol

Cheryl Dack

O.k .now I'm not going to REST until you do something with Dottie!!! ;) Such a precious idea and what dear little drawings!!!
Grant and Vivi get cuter and cuter by the minute!!! So sweet and love all the tulips. Aren't we so glad to see Spring??
And I totally "get" the desire for a tea room, the magazine obsession, as well as the FEAR. I think that's a issue for MOST of us.
I just love hearing more tid-bits about you, Jenn, and if it's possible, I love you even MORE!
Hugs to you...
Cheryl :)


Okay, take it from someone who has let fear rule her life....don't! You need to get going on your children's book - don't wait -and don't be afraid - it is easier than you think...if you doubt me just go into any bookstore and look at all the "crap" that gets published!! There IS a publisher for every book - you'll just need to find the right one and I'm sure you will. And if I can do it, you can too!! I love the pics of your kids - they grow so fast so you can never have too many...enjoy it all while you can! The tea room can wait - but the book? NO! xoxo, Nan


adorable pics of the kiddos as always!! Grant and Vivi are sweeties!! I used to be blond too. I like the look,but the roots are a killer!!
love your new creations! so sweet!!! xo Britt

Ana Barrett

I just love this post Jenn!
I can't believe your selling your gorgeous home! Wish I could live there!! lol :)
Grant and Vivi are soo adorable and just make me smile! I love that you have wanted a tea room, I think that is so so cool! i've always dreamed of a tea room as well!
love hearing from your GREAT post!! happy easter mt sweet friend!
(go for your dreams Jenn! I know that you can succeed) :)


I just love reading your blog! I was wondering what was going on with your new house and I see it must still be a go. I too have a huge basket full of mags that I try to go through but it will take all afternoon. I am a lover of magazines! And the music you have playing takes me back to highschool. I love it! Your kids are beautiful! Keep it coming! Julie

Britta Lee

I so love your extra long posts Jenn!!

Your children are adoreable and so are YOU.

Should you open a tea room in the future, I will hop on a plane and be the first in line!!

Wishing you a Blessed Easter,
Britta Lee


Very fun to see the update on the kiddies, your baby girl walking WOW get ready for fun... And the story of your past ideas of a tea House sounds like fun but yes a LOT of work, and not the same kind of work that comes with motherhood (: wow you has a blonde... Lots of fun
Hugs, Diane


Jenn-Oh, your beautiful home will sell so quickly! You've spent so much time making it so lovely!

Your family photos are so fun & adorable! I enjoy reading your Blog! You probably don't realize HOW many people out there you have already inspired with your talent.

Don't be afraid to take a chance! You don't want to look back and think "what if?" Just "jump right in"! You'll be glad you did! :0)




Great post and thanks for sharing so many wonderful things about you! One day I am SURE of it, you will own your own tea shoppe...yes, I can see it now! Keep those dreams and one day Dottie will be her own book! Keep those dreams alive! Have a super Easter too!


Jenn, I had to visit your blog (to see your cuties) after the sweet comments you left on mine. Our kids are very close in age! How exciting that your baby girl just started walking- Zoey just started crawling last week! After reading just a few posts, I feel like I already know so much about you! It's nice reading with my coffee in the morning. Hope you have a great day, Lisa


i think that i might have left a million comments before realizing that you approve them before they are posted! i really am not a computer moron- it's just still early!! feel free to delete all the comments that you want!! SORRY! Lisa


OMG I'm trained and certified through the Protocol School of Washington as well! Isn't Dorothea the best? I have the Little Book of Etiquette on display in my office. My certification is in Corporate and International Etiquette and Protocol. What a small world!

Love the photos of your little gardener and little Vivi! Too precious. I didn't even recognize you in that blonde photo!


vintage flair

I love when I see photos of your kids. They are too cute!

P.S. You look beautiful either as a blond or brunette.

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