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January 27, 2008


Cheryl Dack

Hey Sweets! OMG...what a lovely home your friends have...that bathroom chandelier has me DROOLING. And weren't the swap hostess goodies simply DIVINE? What sweeties these gals are! And oh my goodness...that towel is just ADORABLE...the pom-pom bootie is toooooo funny. :) Fun to see your pretties...love them all. Catch up with you soon, Sweets! huggies....cheryl :)

Alison Gibbs

What a beautiful home your friends have. Perfect spot for a weekend of R & R.


that towel is too cute...a pom pom bum...how fun!!! i love all your goodies today...your friends home is gorgeous...hope you had a wonderful time...


Such a gorgeous home. Love your new bathroom items also. What a fun blog!!

jessi nagy

jenn, what a fab weekend you had! love the house! gorgeous!!! but i really love you with the wine, and "squirt" the dog, what a funny name. he's cute!
love your new goodies!
fab finds and fab friends!


Oh wow, what a lovely home and fun way to spend some down time! I loved the wine pic with you & Squirt too. :-)


Oh my gosh! What a fabulous home! My only question is what do they do for a living? Sign me up! LOL! I'm so happy you liked the hostess gift!


Jen, Wow, what a weekend!! Curious...do you ever have a bad day? You always look like a beauty queen!!! How's the kiddies? love all the new things in your home, and yes Hobby Lobby sure has some stash there!! Am hiting it again next week for some easter. Did you see the valentines pink garland??? I'm thinking X-mas 08 with that stuff!! LOL Lori


Hi Jenn~
Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! I wish I was sitting fireside with a glass of wine! Glad you enjoyed the hostess gift...I saw the bunny and knew right away who I would send it to! How are things going with the new house? When do you move?

CJ Raymer

Don't you just love St. Augustine?! Being from Jacksonville, I've spent a LOT of time there. You almost made me homesick for Florida. If you haven't already, you MUST walk down St. George's Street on your next visit. (I found the most darling birdcage there once.)

As usual, love your stuff, and, love your blog!



what a gorgeous house! this is their second home? I cant imagine even having one like that!


I am so relieved that I am not the only girl that loves mob movies! The house is gorgeous. There is something so relaxing about staying close to water. It's peaceful.

Glad you had a good time!


oooh, that Avon tin is wonderful & what a bargain! and the "buns" are too funny. Just saw your Valentine shadow box & what a delight. Sweet Eye candy, for sure. :)


What a wonderful weekend. The house is gorgeous. Cute picture of you and Squirt~
Have a great week.


ooommmg jenn! looks like tons and tons of funnn!!! why didn't you take me?? just kiddin!!! that house was absolutely gorgeous! Looks like you and the dog kept each other company!! great to hear from you!! have a great week SWEETS!! thanks a bunch!!



Fun weekend. What a lovley home they have. Can't wait to see your hobby lobby wallet damage goods. I love hobby lobby too. They just built a new one and should be opening soon by our mall here in N Dallas. Can't wait to do some wallet damage myself. When are you mailing your Valentines day swap? Early or on the exact last day. I am almost done and debating whether or not to wait or send it early? It has been a blast putting it together.

Genevieve Olsen

What a dream getaway. Your friends have a lovely home! I love all of your new goodies!
I wish we had a Hobby Lobby I have seen so many lovely things from there. Squirt what a funny name for a dog! I always tend to give my dogs human names: Clara, Jack,Oscar and now we have Ben,all very boring when you consider a name like Squirt hehe! Have a wonderful week!

Pat Jones

Dear Jenn....
OOOh another wonderful time had by all. That house looks like something that would be in a movie. SPECTACULAR. Also I love the collectibles you found for your bath...of real interest to me as I am in the process of redoing a bath. I also love the coverlet with the bunnies...since they are one of my favorites. Love the idea of a very large pillow made from that. Thank you for your comments in my blog. It is always so nice to hear from you.

sadie lou

Wonderful home! Gee Whilacres!
I love the heart Karla made for you--so sweet and girly. Nice to have you back!!
~Sadie Lou

Jaime Compton

Wow, your friend's home in St. Augustine is so so gorgeous! I got married there in the Cathedral Bascilica five years ago. It was incredibly beautiful and we did everything old and classic.

Love your valentine shadowbox


Your friends home is just gorgeous! I just love both of those chandeliers!

Everything you found for the bathroom is perfect.. that towel is sooo cute, and love the hand mirror and powder tin too!


Natasha Burns

Oh my gosh what a fabulous place your friends have!!!! I love those chandeliers, they are divine!!! Everything is fabulous, no wonder you had a great time!!! Missed you xo

Shannon (Paint Mine Pink)

Hi Jenn
This is my first visit to your GORGEOUS blog ! Oh WOW i am at a loss for words. that home is simply amazing...and yes i'd want them to keep that Chandelier switched on as well :)
I love all your new pretties. Your own home must be so sweet.

Im popping back for sure !

Shannon (in australia)


What a beautiful place to get away, wow I am sure you both came back relaxed.



Hi Jenny, what an amazing home! I could never leave if it were mine!! When are you moving into your new house?

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