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November 20, 2007


Maria Rodarte

Look at you Jennifer, you look so pretty!. What a deal that dress was. And yes diamonds are indeed a girls best friend. You have my vote for Prom Queen.

Karen Young

Love your blue outfit You look so wonderful. I also liked you prom dress it is fantastic.


Cheryl Dack

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so cute in your prom dress....well both of them! Love it, Sweets!!!!


Hi Jenn~

Your 90's prom dress was too cute! I'm sure you were the hit of the prom!

Annnnd, your dress today is absolutely dazzling! I *LOVE* your gloves and corsage!! SO pretty!

Have a blast at the prom!

Be home before 1am!


jessi nagy

so cute!!!
dont get to tipsy!
your prom pick from the 1990 carcks me up! iha my senior prom in 88! Huge hair , tons of make-up, loud colors!!!
your package should be there tomorrow!
talk soon,
jessi nagy


Oh that is a great post, I love the blue dress, and the 80's hair do. I had one of those LOL.
Oh well it was the height of fashion then and that's what matters.

best wishes Ginny

m i c h e l l e

Jennifer you are SOOOOO cute! Love the current prom dress with diamonds and a martini for good measure! Yay! And OMG that purple prom dress circa 1990, and your date's coordinating purple tie and cummerbund? CRAZY!!!! :-)

PS...You were gorgeous then and you're gorgeous now! :-)


I love the blue dress for the virtual prom! You look so beautiful in the last two with that dress on. And the old pics are a hoot! :) You date reminds me of Slater from Saved by the Bell.


Oh Jenn-this post is so much fun...you look AMAZING in your blue dress, although, for the time, you were rocking the purple too! (and your date was kinda hot!)I vote Jenn for prom queen anyday!
xo suzanne


You look fabulous! Looks like you had a great time. Love the pictures of you at your actual prom with the big hair!! I would have loved that dress too if it was mine haha!!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

OH you look so pretty Jenn!! I love that gorgeous blue dress!

I am laughing at your prom pics! I can SO CLEARLY remember that style of dress being so popular!!! haha!!! It is fun remembering though isn't it?


You look so beautiful in your vintage dress! Great photos! I liked seeing your prom pics too..... stop by my blog for my step back in time..... (I had to step a little further back than you did!! ;)

Jenn and Jacqui

Hi Jenn!! Oh Miss Jenn Jenn Jenn you look DIVINE! You have our vote for Prom Queen, no doubt! That powder blue dress and accesories are perfect:) Lovin' your '80's photos, such fun to look back :) You looked great then and you look great now sweetie! Shall we have glass of punch whilst the band has a break, our feet are killing us from dancin'!! LOL Jenn and Jacqui


Great post and great dress! I was in high school in 1990 as well and where I grew up it was ALL about the big New York hair :)


you are cracking me up!! you hardly look one minute older now! how do you do it? And i didnt know big hair was out.. i better change my do now.


Jennifer you are just too darn cute!! I don't know if you remember me from Silver Bella, we crossed paths a few times, but I was sent by Lorraine and had to take a peek. Your vintage dress is da bomb!! As long as we're having a prom party...I'll take my martini a little dirty, please. You get my vote!
~ Iva


Jenn, what a fantastic prom post!!! oh you are just so cute i can't stand it...my cheeks hurt from smiling...i love your prom dress, you look just gorgeous in it!!! and the corsage is TDF!!!
your mile high hair is a classic, i remember that...mine was a little earlier that yours '83 and '84...

Natasha Burns

Oh my goodness Jenn you are such a hoot!!! I just love how you look in your beautiful dress, it's perfect for you! And your dancing photos, the hand jive!!! When I was looking for Grease pics, I remembered that song and I always thought it was "Born to hedghog baby", lol, didn't realise it was hand jive until I did a little goggling.... lol!
Thanks so much for joining in the fun, you are wonderful!!! I'm updating the list now, it's taking me a while!!!


You are gorgeous both then and now! You put together a great prom post!

Kathy ~ Shabby Roses Boutique

WOW Jenn, you look amazing! That blue dress is just so beautiful and that bag...everything's perfect!!
Your gravity-defying high hair is just amazing! I never could get mine that high, although I did try!!
See you at the prom!
Kathy xo

Diane @ Petticoat Junction

HI Jenn
I think you stole the show! Your post was fantastic and you are just a doll! So glad I found you!


You've got all our votes, I'm sure! Too cute! It's great when the girls really know how to make virtual into reality! I love your pictures, now and back when big was still meant tall hair up-dos!


You look gorgeous, Jenn!!! And I think you look great in your school prom pics, too... big hair and all!

*Hugs* Dara

Holly Doodle

OH, LOVE your vintage dress.... I cannot believe you got it for ten bucks! Lucky girl. You look just gorgeous in it, as usual. I'm crackin up at your REAL prom dress... it's so funny our hair back then! mine was so tall it wouldn't all fit in my driver's license picture! LOL Love all your fun poses, I'm hand jivin with you now! XOXO Holly

Sadie Lou

I love your picture where you said the drinks have gone to your head! *laughing* and the 90's Prom picture is a riot! I love that Big Hair look!

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