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October 20, 2007


Beth Leintz

Your vintage pink Christmas creations are YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY! Just so sweet- love the details- and the circus box is the perfect combination of pieces- I especially like the red white & blue background paper on the box. Your creations are such FUN!!

Junie Moon

Gosh, all your beautiful things are so amazing!

Natasha Burns

oh JENN!!!! What wonderful EYE CANDY!!! Your name is so appropriate! The divine bunny boxes, well you know my thoughts on those beauties, they are just as gorgeous as ever! And those skirts, amazing! I wish I were coming to Silver Bella, I could wear my green skirt like your pink and white ones! You look so cute! You could wear your beautiful vintage bling too!


oooh!! I ADORE all your pics sweetie!!! so cute!!! wow!! the jewelry is fabulous!!! you look so pretty in your pic! I am beyond in love with the boxes!!! Seriously LOVE them!!! The bunny box is adorable!!! I could not love it more Jenn!!


Your creations are just wonderful! ALL OF THEM : )


Your creations are just wonderful! ALL OF THEM : )

Jenn and Jacqui

Hi Jenn, oh my goodness, simply adorable are your creations, we love them both!! And the skirts, they are so so pretty! Such a pretty pink colour! And loving the blue pleated dress behind you!! Wish we going were going to Silver Bella too!! Take care, hugs and hugs, Jenn and Jacqui xo


I love your bunny boxes, especially those pinks!


I'm head over heals in love with the bunny box!!!!


Such cute & creative boxes...the circus one is adorable. You've got some sweet vintage finds like the pink santa & reindeer...I think I'd have a really hard time selling any of them. :)


those bunny boxes are SOOOOO cute!!! i am very VERY MUCH in love with Miss Christmas Bunny!!!!! oh, she is sweet! you are just adorable in your dance slip!!! and i love your vintage bling, it is goegeous!!


Such a cute skirt :) I have one in light pink from the brand noa noa! And your first picture is also very cute, the line on her dress is dutch. I'm from Holland so I was surprised that there was something Dutch written on it. It means 'Happy birthday' but I'm pretty sure you figured that out already! By the way, I just love your weblog and your house! It's too cute to be true! xxxxx Les

Cheryl Dack

OH Sweets! You and all your treasures are just as darling and SWEET as can be, as usual! I think your girl bunny box is my favorite that you've made so far and the circus boy box is just TDF!!!!


Love those bunnies! They are perfect! The dance slips are gorgeous!


Such lovelies!
Loving the bunny box , adorable!

Pinkie Denise

Oh my gosh! They are just so darn cute! I love all the detail you put into them. You are going to look great and have so much fun dressing up in Junk Gypsy style you pink skirt
is great. Have fun and thanks for sharing with me I enjoyed your blog so much Pinkie Denise

cathy nash

Fun, fun blog! Love the bunny fairy box.
Best wishes~Cathy

Lennea Truesdell

I just discovered your blog from the polkadotbarn blog. What a beautiful blog! I used to own a shabby chic decor and gift boutique - you would have LOVED it!

suzi finer

That circus stuff just rocks my world.


Hey Jen!
OMG! I love your bunnies... as always! And I WISH we were neighbors! I need a slip like that for my costume! I'm going to be a 50's pin up type cowgirl for Halloween and I got a tourqoise hat, and pink glasses and pink guns... now I need the clothes! LOL!

Britta's Victorian Tea Parties

Oh so love your beautiful creations! I have been following your blog for a few weeks now and can't get enough.

You absolutely positively need your creations featured in a magazine like Mary E!!

My hat is off to you. Your pieces are very unique.

Best Wishes,
Britta Lee Zweibohmer


Hi Jen,
Thanks for making me a contact at Flickr...I added you as well! Your work is adorable...and I love this circus piece!

Aren't you just a cutie...I LOVE that frump-a-licious pink skirt!! Have a great time at Silver Bella, your gonna look great!

Cathy Scalise

Keep this perfect lovely, but make more to sell, so your fans can have one or two! I love your beautiful creations. So fun and pretty and so creative. Love them all.

kari and kijsa

Okay...I just had to comment....as I'm scrolling through your post my 5-year-old daughter was standing here going....I want that...I want that (she loved the pink Christmas Trees).

smiles, kari and kijsa

Pearl Maple

As always you have been creating the most amazing things in all shades of pink but that vintage jewelry is enough to make a girl jealous.

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